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Female Owned Security Business?
I began to think about the Swedish "Statement" Concert (and the rise of female-only workplace collaboratives as well), and wonder if a good business opportunity exists for a woman who is interested in providing a form of endorsement security at female-friendly events.
Given the increasingly wired nature of the world we live in, we could offer males the option of an imbedded microchip that would track their attendance at restricted-access events and instantly reveal both their presence and identity to any interested party. The chips could be sold by a feminist group that would offer a certification service. A male would buy one and have it installed, and the group would, for a regular fee, conduct regular background checks and collect periodic endorsements from women who find him trustworthy. A male who passes would be allowed continued admittance to female-friendly events, gathering places, dating services, employment, schools, etc. Males who fail would either be barred, or could simply have the chip removed and lose the privileges it allows.
I think the long term future will see single-use chastity devices, made of mylar or an inexpensive plastic, that can be snapped or sealed shut and will emit a "safe" signal if worn and a "danger" signal if tampered with. Smartphones and screenline scanners at event venues could read the signal, and convey both the wearer's ID and location if the device were removed.

Such devices already exist (the Dreamlover 2000), but they rely on a belt and battery, and are at present mostly suited for committed couples. They also are active, and can deliver punishments if needed. A cheap device for targeted use at concerts, schools, workplaces, gathering places, etc. would be passive and could use only a very small power source. They could easily be cut and disposed of when no longer needed, perhaps on a daily basis.

What parent wouldn't want a daughter's boyfriend to wear one of these on a date, and what sort of decent boy would refuse to wear one? Employers could simply hand out one a day and make wearing it a condition of employment. Colleges could do the same.
i think the single use chastity is an excellent idea!!!!

i sooo hope it does take off and sky rockets with popularity. would defo make events/music festivals Safe!
id be first in line!!
It's a good idea for business, but I don't think that you will have a lot of customers, because there aren't many female-friendly events.
Interesting concept .. Where can i invest?
I love this idea!! finally something new and unique. I would love to see it happen and being put into application. I know a company, digiscorp, that can help you with developing this project. I really do hope you succeed with it because this is the first time I heard of something like this. We need more female-friendly events and this is a good place to start using those devices. I think misogynists won't like this business idea, but this would be exactly the reason we do need them.

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