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That Natural boy look
I've noticed that when a male give up his 'boy' clothes to a Female and then puts on their skirts and dresses that they almost always pose in certain number of ways for the camera, it almost becomes instinctive for them.

Boys here just loving their dresses/skirts and looking so comfortable and natural in them

These boys seem to love their new clothes and pose with a certain pride at just how good they look in their dresses/skirts, you just know that they don't want to take them off and go back to dull traditional 'boys clothes' and deep down are thinking that they should have done this years ago   Wink .

[Image: kgNZnS6.jpg]
[Image: yFYhahL.jpg]

[Image: P3jpDlc.jpg]
[Image: W1dTuNJ.jpg]

[Image: Gnv4YLg.jpg]

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