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Australian Schoolgirl Uniforms
There's no doubt that putting a boy into a little schoolgirl's uniform, whether that's Australian, Japanese, British or whatever, can have a very significant effect upon him.

As a child I was made to wear my sister's school uniform as a punishment. I always found it utterly humiliating - not only being made to wear girls' clothes, but having to wear school uniform out of school time.

I remember one time my mother made me come with her to fetch my sister from school after she'd had netball practice. I sat in the car hoping against hope that none of my sister's friends would see me in my little gym slip, blouse and knee-length socks.

What I hadn't registered was that Mum's car only had two doors - so I had to get out and climb in the back when my sister arrived. Of course she had half a dozen friends with her, and they squealed with delight as I inadvertently flashed my knickers under my little skirt as I climbed in the back of the car.

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