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At what age should mothers introduce boys to dresses
I was introduced to wearing dresses at age 11 but my mom thought all boys should wear dresses from birth.  I do know of a few mothers who agree with the latter statement.  These mom shave told me if girls can wear boys clothes then the same should be for  boys to wear dresses and skirts, some ay also panties and bras when old enought. 
I was wondering if others here have introduced their sons to more feminine finery.
Please state your opinions and feelings on this subject.
Over the years I have worked and talked with mothers who have used petticoating from birth and all the way up to starting in the teen years. Every situation is different the little ones raised from birth tend to be raised like modern girls while the mothers of older brats usually find stricter petticoat necessary. Recently I have started interacting with a large group of mothers raising their daughters and sons using a more gender creative/fluid approach. In most cases this was done right from birth and the child was free to select their gender when they were ready. This is a growing trend and opens up many possibilities for mothers to freely use petticoating.

I think as the lines between genders becomes more blurred, we'll see an opportunity for Moms to dress their boys in any attire they wish. Truly, the male/female clothing protocol is an unnecessary burden and forces children to live up to roles they might not be comfortable in. Forcing a boy to be "masculine" also makes him feel obligated to engage in "masculine" behaviors (including aggression) that are not always nice!

I love that society is moving toward greater acceptance of the "softer" male...the transgendered person LGBTQ in general!

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