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Overnight at 'Aunties'
Hi everyone.

One thing that I forget to mention when I have discussed things about my 'Auntie' , is that I once stayed overnight at her flat. (This was before she moved into a nearby city).

My visit began with the usual things; being made to dress up in my girl's clothes., etc. When it came to bedtime, Auntie made me change into my pyjamas. I cannot remember exactly which pair they were. They were either a brushed cotton pair (jacket & trousers) with a cute teddy bears and hearts design, or a pair similar to a jogging suit. This pair was white and blue with a teddy bear design on the front. Whichever, both were very childish in design.

After tucking me in bed, Auntie & I looked through a children's book before I settled down to sleep. (I think I had a teddy bear. I certainly sucked my thumb).

The following morning , Auntie was a bit grumpy , and I think that she had changed her mind about my overnight stay. (Auntie was definitely not a 'morning' person!). Despite this, I still enjoyed being put to bed like a little girl. I found it very comforting and enjoyable. Smile
Did your Aunty pop you into a nappy under your jim jams?
(08-15-2018, 08:14 PM)Ali Wrote: Did your Aunty pop you into a nappy under your jim jams?

Sadly no. But it would have been nice if she had! Smile
That is a shame. It would have been a quite logical step. I'm surprised she didn't think of it.

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