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I am looking for a Life!
Madam, or Master:  I have served ladies and men and I have kept silent and obeyed society.  I am now in my 60s and looking for a life as I have always imagined it. YOU make the rules, I follow them.  It is that simple.  A maid for you.  In Western US, but looking to relocate to where you are.

I have limits as does most people.  I have the clothing the need and desire to perform and be what you want.  The control of my life is what you supply and , as I have often said, you give me the decision to serve, then, YOU make the decisions.  As I said, I am older and very submissive.  Single and hoping to enjoy life.  The way I think it should be.  Thank you.

WE all read the letters here about the Ladies that take a male and Lead him into a life of femininity and subservience. That is the life I seek. I am an older person, so I suppose I am seeking an older person. A LADY OR gentleman THAT KNOWS AND HAS KNOWN WHAT HE OR SHE WANTS. I am not new to this life, I have wanted to be a girl since I first learned that I was NOT a girl. So, I ask, are you looking for a servant? That you can start the process that you have read about and thought about? In South USA.

This is your chance. AS well as MINE. Thank you. Curtsey

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