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Living the sissy chastity challenge August update
Living The sissy Chastity Challenge, August Update

This is not my vivid fantasy, it is reality

The last few weeks have happened a lot in the relationship between me, sissy caja and my Mistress, Mistress Natasha. But one step after anonther.

The second month of our challenge is over. One reason to celebrate this, yes my second month Anniversary. Well, Mistress Natasha has become much, much stricter and more consistent, but I have asked for it. So it is no wonder that my weekly score on my general behaviour, appearance and clothing has worsened week by week. It is currently at -14 points.

So I will not come out of my daily thick tights so fast. The promise was at 10 plus points, I am allowed to ask for thinner stockings or nylons with suspender belt. Mistress Natasha still keeps me in consistent chastity, and request now regularly photos "her property" and her "key". Of course, Mistress' key is sealed, but seduction remains and the longer my chastity persists, the more enticing the key becomes. Now Mistress Natasha is working against it with obedience training.

About two weeks ago Mistress asked me about one of my nightly dreams. I said that I dreamed that Mistress Natasha asked me to postpone or cancel my release date something like this: "sissy bitch, today is your release day, I could lock you off today and give you an orgasm, but, I want you to ask me to cancel your release day and ask me to keep you longer in chastity. "Oh please Mistress Natasha, cancel my orgasm and keep me 14 days longer locked in chastity! "But you can do it better sissy bitch!" "Please, please Mistress Natasha cancel  my orgasm today and spank my butt instead and please keep me chaste for a month longer." But you can do it even better sissy! "Oh gracious Mistress Natasha keep me for another two months for Mistress Natasha and Maitresse Yvette-Louise in my steel cage and whack my butt every day for my expectation to have an orgasm "" Well, bitch, because you ask so nicely, I would like to fulfill your request and keep you under my lock and key for another two months!" 

Now Mistress Natasha found my dream so interesting that Mistress sent this dream to her Mistress friend Maitresse Yvette-Louise. Before that, I had my fears, because I imagined Maitresse Yvette-Louise wanted, because of her very strict forum statements, would demand this dream of mine. Fortunately, it was not, but I'm still a bit worried.

A few days later Mistress Natasha had the idea DTT. It means double tights on Tuesday. Mistress "conveyed" the idea of how wonderful it would be to wear double tights on Tuesdays.

After the idea of DTT was introduced into my new life I knew that it would be only a matter of time until other rules were added. My thoughts on this proved correct. With Mistress Natasha’s perfect logic she decided that I would need shiny painted fingernails over the weekend. Knowing her as I did, I knew that that would humiliate me when I am together with my friends or only to go shopping. Constantly try to hide my fingernails.

A few days later, I thought it would be a natural first step to sign a sissy chastity challenge contract.  The contract sets the rules according to which I submit as sissy caja to Mistress Natasha. I am firmly committed to the rules, cannot change or terminate this contract, while Mistress Natasha can change or terminate the content of the contract at any time. But if I feel overwhelmed or if I tell Mistress Natasha for health reasons, then she will decide.

It was a deep need for me to sign such a contract, it gives me a feeling of dependence and submission, the feeling that I can no longer escape from this dependency and Mistress Natasha now has the feminine power not to let me off the hook until the end of this challenge. This is a milestone for me as Mistress Natasha sissy and I am very thankful to Maitresse Yvette-Louise, she created that challenge. In my opinion every wannabe sissy should undergo this challenge to proof their sincerity.

One of the points of the contract says Mistress can mark my sissy clitty as her property. Well, I'm wearing now a little silver heart with a bordered yellow stone and the name Madam Natasha as the property of my Mistress Natasha. I was able to please Mistress Natasha with it.

Now a few days ago Mistress Natasha allowed me to play with her "property" for thirty minutes, of course the chastity cage was not unlocked for this purpose and an orgasm was strictly forbidden to me anyway - only just play!

The morning after, Mistress Natasha, whom I may now call Madam or just Mistress, asked me what I was thinking while playing with her "property". Well, I found it very erotic Madam in a tight leather skirt, with nylon-covered legs, high heels and a whip in her hands, in my mind, to see.
Madam teased me all Monday and Tuesday long and she also told it to Maitresse Yvette-Louise. I can well imagine how the ladies enjoyed it.

On Tuesday I received a message from Maitresse Yvette-Louise and asked if it was true that I have a soft spot for pencil skirts. Because Maitresse Yvette-Louise happened to wear a pencil skirt, Maitresse Yvette-Louise, wondered why Mistress Natasha asked her what she was wearing. Now it made sense Maitresse Yvette-Louise wrote me and had an idea.

Maitresse Yvette-Louise asked me if I would like to choose her work clothes on certain days. It would be a great honour for me to take on so much trust and responsibility for Maitresse Yvette-Louise. I agreed happily and proudly after Mistress Natasha gave her permission.

Maitresse Yvette-Louise sent me a list of her clothes and I was allowed to choose her clothes. Of course, I am aware that I am not could make any serious mistakes or I will be in serious trouble.  Well, Maitresse Yvette-Louise has praised me, which I am very proud of.  I made only one small mistake and chose a wrong fabric for her blouse. I am excited and look forward to please Maitresse Yvette-Louise. Maybe I am allowed to choose some of Maitresse Yvette-Louise leisure clothes too. Of course I would highly appreciate  it.

The day Mistress Natasha put me in chastity and tights is the day I started in this direction. I have lost my right to play with my sissy clitty, which is now Mistress Natasha's property,  lost access what to wear and I have lost my male privileges. And all I can do is to be still more obedient, more submissive and much more attentive to please both of my Mistresses.

I will write my next update in September, but I would be glad to receive your constructive suggestions.
sissy caja
Thank you for the monthly update and your help on other issues.
I was wondering if you're still venturing out more and more en femme,
isn't that one of the long term goals?  It may good to remind us of Mistress's
and your goals in the 'Challenege', especially in that regard.  With the contract
and the new tighter requirements, I have no idea of what more can be done 
to improve upon it.  Stay focused and obedient and I'm sure you will achieve 
your goals.  best wishes, slave nido

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