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Career Choices for Feminized Boys
(08-19-2016, 08:22 PM)Julie Wilson Wrote: So what would be a good career choice for a teenage boy who is living as a girl? Mothers who are raising their sons as girls can often overlook this question, but it would be beneficial all round to steer her into a feminine occupation.

Interestingly, a popular choice for transsexuals is nursing. But what if our hypothetical new girl is not all that good at school?

One obvious possibility is to become a hairdresser. Most of her coworkers (and probably her boss) would be women. That would be a good experience for her. She would also be spending most of her time serving women, which would be another good experience.

An even more intensely feminine lime of work is cosmetology. She could be spending most of her time giving women manicures and pedicures. This could be a lot of fun, especially when a bridal party books the salon.

Then there is maid work. There is a community college program here in Chicago that trains women in housekeeping and gives them a certificate which would help them get a job.

What about keeping them living as women after they leave home? Mothers can get their would-be daughters cosmetic tattooing. This consists of tattooing lipstick, eyeliner etc. on her, a treatment which would last several years before it needed touching up. If the daughter were contemplating rebelling against her mother to live as a boy again, she would realize she was stuck.

I believe owning/operating a bed & breakfast or small hotel/motel would be great for someone in the sissy life.

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