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A Dream or A Nightmare? Sissy's New Life Starts Today! 3,500 Words
Dear Sissy, 
You have completed your initial three month sissy induction course and your performance as my 24/7 baby was adequate. While there is still much for you to learn I have decided that  it is now time to start you on the road to your new life of permanent and utterly devoted servile servitude to the Superior Gender. However make no mistake that if I feel you are not doing your best and attaining the required standards within the required time periods I will not hesitate for a single moment to regress you once more to permanent babyhood and this time it will be for a minimum of six months.!


So read very careful what I have written below because I have outlined, in some detail, the way you are to spend every single day of the remaineder of your life!!! This is total 24/7/365. There are no off days, there will be no holidays and no special treats. You are no longer an individual you are now a cipher. You no longer have any needs or wants of your own. Your happiness or pleasure is now of no concern to anyone. You have no more right to consideration of your wants or needs than does the vacuum cleaner that you will soon become so familiar with using. You are a household utensil. You are a non-person without rights just duties. So this is the way things will be for you in the future:

Every morning, at 6am, you will wake and start the new day. 
You will change out of your dirty diapers, baby night clothes, shower, dry then make and drink your Coffee- one cup daily just to remind you sissy of what you're now missing! 
(You'll also do one other thing every morning whilst drinking your coffee but I'm keeping that as a surprise for later. I guarantee you'll both live it and hate it!)
You will then get dressed in your gym clothes (the closest you'll ever come to wearing nasty male clothing ever again).

6.30 cycle to gym and do following as an absolute minimum:

20 kilometres cycle
2 kilometres walk
Photo evidence is always required.

I am in the process of arranging, with a friend of mine, a dominant lady who owns her own gym, to get you enrolled in the ladies only morning fitness club. 
Once these arrangements are in place you will forever lose even your masculine gym clothes. 
Instead you will cycle there wearing a skin tight pink latex body suit and frilly ballet tutu under your track suit. 
You will immediately remove your male outerwear upon arrival before joining the ladies in the gym. 
You will cutesy respectfully to everyone present and then, in your very best sissy voice, will say the following:

"Dearest Most superior ladies I am a soft sissy baby who had just started their new life as my Female Master's full time 24/7 sissy. She has instructed me to ask you all, very politely, whether you would be willing to allow me to join your morning class. She feels that it is very inappropriate for a sissy to spend time amongst alpha males at the gym as this might give the sissy the silly idea that they may one day be allowed to become a man again. Of course this will never happen but my Female Master thinks I would benefit far more anyway if my exercise regime was under the control of members of the superior gender such as yourselves. She believes that under your stern supervision I will more quickly archive the slim girlish figure she requires of me. My Female Master has told me that I must obey any instructions that any of you give me and that failure to do so will result in her being sent a report cataloguing my failures and she will ensure that I am severely punished for each and every one of my transgressions. So please ladies, everyday push me to my limits, and beyond, so that I can become a proper sissy girlie as quickly as possible."

If the ladies agree to you joining their session you will immediately begin your daily routine plus carrying out any additional exercises they may  tell you to do. 
When you have completed every task and are ready to return home and start your day you will say the following before you put back on your track suit and leave for home:

"Dearest ladies from the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you for all the help you have given me here today. I cannot express how grateful I am that you, members of the Superior Gender all, could find the time to help a pathetic former male, such as myself, to become the best possible sissy girlie that they can." The courtesy five times.

8.30 Cycle home and shower you have ten minutes.

8.40 Breakfast

Every morning your breakfast  will consist of Cold Porridge, made with water not milk which you will have prepared the previous day during your maid at service time. 
You will eat a double portion as this will be Sissy's only meal until evening. 
Your new diet, along with the assistance of the ladies at your new gym class, will ensure that you soon acquire the slim girlish figure I  require you to have. 
Your Porridge is to be washed down with a baby's bottle of tepid water. 
Ice cold water is far too pleasurable a drink for a sissy and is now forever forbidden!

8.45 Change into your Maid at Service Uniform.

Uniform details are listed below however until sissy has earned a carrot (no promises) all outfits will ALWAYS include diapers, plastic pants, lockable pants, your big PVC baby pants, one of you frilly baby petticoats and your pacifier which will remain in your soft sissy mouth at ALL times! 

Then it's  morning Corner Time, in platform heels, using the virtual corner time program to monitor you until:

9.15 Remove your platform heels, lock on you silver house work heels, and commence your daily cleaning rota (four days four rotas - see separate lists below). You will upload a time stamped photo every hour on the hour, throughout the day, so that I can, at any time, check that you are always dressed in the appropriate clothing at the appropriate times.

11.15 Rehydration break...tepid water

11.20 Recommence your cleaning rota. No further breaks allowed. ALL toilet activities to be performed in your sissy diaper. We can’t have you wasting valuable chore time using the Big Girls toilet now can we? 

2.15 Remove your Maids Uniform and dress in your School Girl Uniform ready for your daily lessons.

2.30 English Lessons. 
Begin your daily lines and do not leave your seat until your full daily quota has been written in your neatest sissy hand writing.

3.30 -4.00 if your Diaper is soiled (not just full of sissy wee wee) you may remove it, shower and then immediately replace it with a clean one. Soiled diapers may only be changed between 3.30 and 4.00 and your change cannot begin until all of you sissy school girl lines have been completed (time stamped photo required). So; if Sissy is still writing lines at, let's say, 3.50 then there's going to be insufficient time left to remove, shower and change so your sissy diaper gets to remain in place until bedtime.

4.30 Embroidery Lessons. 

One whole hour of embroidery required. Sissy must meet their daily Stich Quota so no there's no time for slacking. The Stitch Quota will increase in line with sissy's needle skills. (again time stamped before and after photos required)

5.30 Kitting Lessons. 

Two hours of knitting and again your daily quota must be met within this time (again time stamped before and after photos required)

7.30 Change out of your school uniform and dress in your full baby outfit including your latex baby face mask.

7.45 Prepare your dinner. In future your menu will consist of either

Luke warm store bought baby food 
Cold liquidised meat free adult food (ensure your food blender is in perfect working order at all times). 

Plus 2 Bottles of extremely sweet baby formula (use sweeteners not sugar because don't forget you are now permanently dieting. I would suggest that six sweeteners will be enough to make your drink adequately sickly so you will always use a minimum of eight!)

8.00-8.15 Eat your baby dinner (video required)

8.15 Two hours colouring. Your PVC sissy mittens may be removed during this assignment.

10.15 Remove your baby outfit and remove diaper if soiled and shower otherwise leave in place until morning.  
Dress in your baby nightwear (pink ankle length heavy duty rubber nighty). 
Prepare two more bottles of formula, laced with laxative, and drink both during your pre-beddibyes corner time. 
Now put on your six inch platform shoes, start the virtual corner time program (set it so it ends at 10.43) and get into your corner. Nose pressed against the wall knees and ankles together.

10.45 Sissy Baby Bedtime. 

Dolly to be cuddled all night with your 24/7 pacifier tied in place. 
Once you are in bed sissy baby you may, under no circumstances, leave your beddiebies until morning. 
I don't care how hot you get you stay there! 
Your baby cam automatically switches on at 10.44 and runs all night long so I'll know if you've cheated. 
If you do then it's mustard powder talcum for ten days.

6.00 Alarm, wake up, be out of bed and standing at attention by 6.01 (remember your baby cam runs until 6.15) remove your dirty diaper, shower and then get dressed in your gym wear.

6.30 Cycle to gym and join the ladies when you've returned home repeat your daily maid, schoolgirl and baby timetable exactly as you did yesterday. 
So, aside from a different daily cleaning rota and possibly different  school girl lines, from this time forward your daily routine will be exactly the same as it was the day before and the day before that. 

Welcome to your new sissy life! 

This will be your sissy training regime on your every non working days (four out of eight) until such time as I, your Female Master, see definite signs that you are becoming the total 24/7 sissy I require you to be.
Until then you will will be denied all pleaures and your entire focus will be on showing total and unquestioning obedience to my wishes. 
You will follow your strict unchanging daily regime to the letter and as you get quicker at carrying out your duties more tasks will be added giving you an increasingly hard, strenuous and tedious workload. 

You Male Birth Defects are never to be touched ever again and to ensure that is the case they will remain indefinitely locked in a tight and very confining chastity. 
Your nice new tight, permanent and tiny stainless steel chastity will automatically punish any attempt to become aroused and the pain of trying to erect will further serve to discourage you from having any male sexual thoughts in the future. 
After a time you will find that this conditioning will result in you no longer being able to become erect even when released!
Below are your dressing instructions for each of your sissy iterations.

1. Sissy Baby Outfit:

Chastity Belt 24/7;
Diaper and soaker pad;
Plastic Pants;
Trainer Pants;
Second Pair of Plastic Pants;
Lockable Third Pair of Waterproof Pants,
White 100 denier panty hose.
Finally you brand new heavy duty baby patterned PVC Pants will complete your new and now permanent wearable and portable sissy baby toilet. 
Two Very Frilly Petticoats (pink and purple) 
One Tight Underwired Bra worn over the top to your petticoats to stop them from slipping down your sissy chest. 
One Blue or Purple Satin Baby Dress;
A PVC Bib;
Your Latex Baby Mask with attached Pacifier;
A Wig;
Your Pink Baby Bonnet;
Your Platform Shoes locked in place with your lockable ankle straps;
And finally
Your PVC Sissy Mittens. 

2. Maid at Service Uniform 

Diapered as above;
Corselette or Rubber Corselette or both if Sissy has earned a punishment or I fancy a laugh;
Extra Large and Very Heavy Silicon Breast Forms;
Locked on Working Heels;
One Baby Petticoat;
Working Maids Dress;
Bright Orange Apron;
White PVC Apron;
Maid's Cap;
Any other make up stipulated by me your Female Master. 

3. School Girl Uniform 

Diapered as above;
Bra and Breast Forms;
Knee Length White Beribboned School Girl Socks;
One Baby Petticoat;
White Button Collared Blouse;
School Tie;
Navy Blue School Girl Tunic/Dress;
Platform Heels and Ankle Straps;
Straw School Hat;
Light Make-up. 

4. Cleaning Rotas

Day One: 9.15am - 2.15pm
1. Kitchen, Toilet and Hall Floors to be scrubbed on hands and knees and dried by hand. 
2. All dirty clothes put in washing machine and subsequently put over the clothes horse to dry over night. 
3. Kitchen to be given a total clean. All cupboards emptied and cleaned. All dishes and cutlery to be washed, dried and put back in the newly cleaned cupboards. Fridge freezer to be defrosted and cleaned inside and out. All cupboard exteriors to be cleaned. Kitchen windows to be washed and dried. All cobwebs to be dusted away. All skirting boards are to be rubbed down. 

Day Two:
1. Kitchen, Toilet and Hall Floors to be scrubbed on hands and knees and dried by hand.
2. All washing done on Day One must be ironed, neatly folded and put away. You will then iron all of your male clothing, including teeshirts, underpants and socks, before returning them to their appropriate places where they will remain, unworn, as a permanent reminder to you of what you've now lost. 

Day Three:
1. Kitchen, Toilet and Hall Floors to be scrubbed on hands and knees and dried by hand.
2. On hands and knees, using only a scrubbing brush and a bowl of  hot water and cleaner, you will scrub every inch of the carpet in the main room.
3. Dust and Polish every exposed surface until they are spotless. 

Day Four:
1. Kitchen, Toilet and Hall Floors to be scrubbed on hands and knees and dried by hand.
2. On hands and knees, using only a scrubbing brush and a bowl of  hot water and cleaner, you will scrub every inch of the carpet in the bed room.
3. Perform an end of week inspection and note any and all cleaning failure in your punishment book. Cobwebs missed, dirty marks not completed removed...the tiniest mistake must be recorded if you are ever to become a fully competent maid. 

5. Sample School Girl Lines

Baby, Maid or School Girl Sissies may be seen but must never be heard. 

As a sissy I want to beg my Female Master to never let me wear male clothes ever again. 

Sissies should always be diapered so that no chore time is wasted with unnecessary toilet breaks. 
I'm a very lucky sissy because I'll never have to touch my filthy and disgusting male Birth Defect ever again. 

My perfect life would consist of twenty four seven three hundred and sixty five servitude so as to ensure the pleasure and comfort of my Female Master. 

I'm such a lucky sissy to have been taken under the tutelage of a member of the Superior Gender who is determined to ensure I'm never a male again. 

6. Off Days.
Diapers and plastic pants will be locked in place from the moment Sissy is home from the gym until their pre-work shower. 

The toilet at home remains out of bounds 24/7. Sissy will use their locked on portable toilet exclusively. 

Diapers will be changed a maximum of three times per day on off days (but only if soiled) but NEVER during work days!

I demand your obedience and require you to strive to do your very hardest to transform yourself into the 24/7 sissy I want you to become.
I insist that your only desire becomes to serve myself and all other members of the Superior Gender in any ways we require of you.
If you do this and convince me of the sincerity of your efforts then you may find (no promises) that your initially very harsh training routine may start to contain the occassional carrot to reward you for your best efforts. 

This will NEVER include Manual Masturbation as 
First this shows a total disrespect towards the sissy's Female Masters and
Secondly your chastity will have soon ensured that you are now impotent.
However, very good behaviour may result in the occasional milking which might, at least slightly, ease the permanent sexual frustration I fully intend for you to suffer. 
However should a mercy milking be permitted then any and ALL emissions resulting there from will be consumed by and recycled inside of you sissy.  

So in Finishing:

It must be so wonderful to be you knowing that you are about to embark upon a whole new life that there's no coming back from;

You are such a lucky sissy you know;
You are beginning the first long full month of your now total and utterly unending sissy servitude;

You are about to begin living the life you've always dreamed about;

You are going to learn the difference between  your disgusting male fantasy and the reality of permanent servitude to the Superior Gender.

It must make you so very very happy to know that henceforth every single day of the REST OF YOUR LIFE will be strictly regimented and will consist of nothing more and nothing less than the following:

Five hours of unrelenting servitude and every increasing housework dressed very practically and very uncomfortably as a working sissy maid (there will be no frilly French maid’s dresses for you);

Five hours of lines, embroidery and knitting dressed as a very naughty sissy school girl and;

At LEAST Three hours of humiliating and totally degrading babyhood (perhaps with visitors present) every evening;

Your birth defect being tightly and permanently locked out of harms way 24/7/365;

Constantly wearing wet and soiled diapers knowing that are now your new, permanent and only toilet;

Only ever eating (using your new plastic baby spoons)

Cold bland watery porridge 
Luke warm baby food or
Cold liquidised, meat free, grown up food.

Only ever again drinking (aside from your single morning weak reminder coffee) Tepid Water and Formula;

That your new sissy diet includes all of the following:
No salt
No pepper 
No spices
No meat
No sweets
No desserts
No treats
No Tea
No Coffee 
No Alcohol
No Soft Drinks

Food, for you, is now just there to replenish your energy so that you are able to continue your unending servitude;

Know that you will never ever eat for pleasure again;

Having, every week, to wash and then neatly and perfectly iron, all the male clothes you may no longer wear; 

Knowing that they are only there now to act as a reminder of your former life. A delicious tease to bring home to you the full reality of your new life and what you've forever lost!

So sissy it's time to being and let's hope (for your sake anyway) that you don't discover what people mean when they say 


because there's no coming back from where you are about to go! 

Oh. and before I forget, remember I promised you a surprise, there's just one last thing.... Throw away that packet of cigarettes I know you have because, of course, you've also just given up smoking!

So now you're not just about to begin a whole new lifestyle but you're also going to going through nicotine withdrawal too!!! 

Perhaps I'll let you have one daily smoke with your one daily coffee... Surprise! That's what I'm going to do. Just the one so that you never get through your withdrawal. 

Just one then a whole 24 hours of cravings!!!

Oh it's so much fun making a sissy suffer for my amusement. 
I'll only check up on you once a week (unless I fancy a laugh) but I'll know that whilst I'm having so much fun the rest of the time that you remain all dressed up, confined to your flat constantly performing all your dull, repetitive and tedious but exhausting tasks! 

Oh dear poor you a future lifetime spent on doing nothing other than these endlessly repeated boring repetitive tasks!

Over and over simply because I've told you to. 

For my five minute weekly laugh you have to spend seventeen hours a day slaving away before you can go to bed in your diaper and have a little hot uncomfortable rest before your servile drudgery begins all over again tomorrow!

Oh sissy by the end of the month you will hate your new life and your poor birth defect will be desperate for a release but unfortunately, for you anyway, that's quite irrelevant. There's no escaping your fate now sissy....No Never Not Ever!!!
What a life!  Poor sissy.  But then, she has no one to blame but herself for her weak nature and need for the very strictest discipline.  

A wonderful picture you paint.  

I would add a heavy, grey, handknitted cardigan to her school uniform though, at least for winter.  But then, I'm a little biased that way Wink

Thank you.

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