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Booked in with a dominatirx
decided I really need for somebody to see me dressed as sissypink.
So I have booked in to see a mistress.
I can’t wait!, so excited!
I will post lots of photos.

Later in the year, if it goes well I’m going to attend this event

Luv your pics Sissypink and so nice to hear of your progress.
You're 'bound' to have a great time, I went to one a couple of years ago it was fantastic. 
She dressed me up in a white frilly onesie and made me stand in her window (a couple of scally lads walked past as I stood there, unfortunately/luckily they didn't look up), then she took me into her garden (overlooking a school) and chatted to her neighbour as I stood hidden behind the fence dressed in a blue frilly satin dress, lol.

Have fun, looking forward to the pictures.

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I seriously can’t wait! Worked out now i am at my most content dressed as sissypink x
You’ll have a lovely time! I visit a lovely lady ocassionally who knows exactly what I like and what I don’t. It’s a lovely couple of hours.

It’s really important you tell her exactly what you like and don’t like. I promise you she won’t be offended or shocked, and you need to enjoy it to the max!

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