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Punished by Miss Jean Brodie
Hello Everyone.

I was delighted to discover that the film "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" was on the "Talking Pictures" TV channel last night. I love the schoolgirl uniforms - grey gymslips, blazers etc. One of the main characters in the film the schoolgirl Sandy was of interest. As I wear glasses, I saw her onscreen and could well imagine myself in her place. There is also a wonderful end-of-term sequence where threw girls pupils are at a dance and wearing pretty, feminine dresses.

In my fantasy version of the film, the girl pupils  would in fact, be all sissy males. (Including myself). We would all be under the firm control of Miss Brodie, who would use the cane, birch, tawse and paddle to reinforce  the fact that as males, we were totally inferior to females.

I must get DVD of the film. Then I could enjoy a pleasant evening  watching it whilst dressed in my own gymslip. Smile

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