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Jack, the Reluctant Sissy Stripper F+/M
Jack leered at the strippers undulating on stage as he downed the last of his beer. This was his first visit to this new nude dancers bar. He was intrigued by the fact that all of the employees of this club were beautiful women. All the bartenders, servers, and of course the strippers. 

He had run up a sizeable tab, ordering how many, 10 or 12 beers? He had long ago lost count. He was getting tired, an alcohol-induced drowsiness was beginning to take hold and he decided it was time to call it quits. After all he had to be on the job bright and early at 8:00 am which was only 7 hours away. Snapping his fingers he gained the attention of one of the waitresses. The last show had just ended and the dancers were mingling with some of the patrons. A tall and shapely blonde, the waitress found his tab and told Jack how much he owed. Jack's was suddenly shocked from his drowsiness when he realized that he had absolutely no money.  He had intended to stop off at the ATM machine earler but that had slipped his mind. Well, there was nothing to be done but to explain the matter 

"Hey, look. I screwed up. I'm sorry. Then I'll just have to bring you your money tomorrow" 

The waitress was not amused. She made a signal and an older woman, apparently the manager of the club came over. 

"What's the problem here, Suzie?' 

"This bastard has a fifty-dollar tab," Barbara, "and now says he has no money." 

"Oh, another one of those.," mused the older woman who was brunette and about 5' 8". "Well, we know how to take care of this, Suzie." 

Barbara began making vigorous hand signals In seconds Jake's lone table was surrounded by eight women: strippers, waitresses, bar maids & Barbara the owner. 
"Let me explain something to you, little man. In most clubs when a jerk like you cannot pay his tab the bouncers will kick his ass and throw him out. I do something a little different here. When someone cannot pay in money I take payment in another form. I have the culprit provide entertainment." 

"What do you mean by provide entertainment?" 

"Well in many restaurants you would be required to wash dishes to pay your bill. But since this a strip club you, will strip for us, whether you want to or not.” 
Now the other patrons of the club were curiously watching the scene. 
“No way. That is crazy,” jack angrily replied. “I’m not taking off my clothes in here.”
“Actually, you don’t have to take off your clothes,” Barbara laughed. “We will take them off for you and then help you with your performance. I think there are more than enough of us to handle you. 

Jack look around nervously at the flock of grinning women surrounding his table.  Then reassured himself that these were only women.  

"OK, ladies. You know what to do," Barbara mused with a knowing look that said “What an idiot to think he can take on all of us.”

The women now grinning evilly in the dimmed light of the club began slowly closing in on the lone man. 

Jack jumped to his feet certain that he could fight off these women. How wrong he was. 

They easily blocked his punches and many hands grabbed him. As the table and a couple of chairs were knocked over Jack was shocked to discover he was no match for so many women.  Combined, their strength and weight were too much.   He struggled like a wild man jerking his arms as hard as he could but to no avail.   He tried kicking out but a number female knees had pinned his legs from all sides making that tactic useless. His anger boiled over and he pushed and pulled even harder but still made no progress what-so-ever toward freedom from the now laughing women.

Eventually his manly but useless fight ended suddenly in complete exhaustion and he sagged in their grip, wheezing like a bus.

“Now where do you think you’re going, fella? You haven’t given us a show yet,” Barbara softly whispered In his ear as she painfully gripped his face.  He twisted his head to relieve the pain caused by the tight hold of her fingers.  But to no avail. Obviously she could grip his face as long as she wanted.

But he refused to surrender.  In fact, once he had caught his breath he began fighting again.  Because the women had relaxed their hold on him when he seemed to be subdued, he actually broke free for an instant and even punched one of the bar maids in the stomach.  As she sat down in pain the others seized him again and quickly ended his bid for freedom.  Again he pushed and pulled as hard as he could and even roared like a lion.  But one lone lion is no match for so many lionesses.  Once again he was rendered helpless by their numbers. 

“I won’t dance.” He asserted. “And you can’t make me.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that.  Ladies do you think we can make him give a strip show?’ Barbara mused. They just smiled.

Jack’s struggles were again useless as he felt himself lifted into the air and held in their arms in a sitting position his arms gripped tight by many hands. He looked like a trophy.  In this way his struggling form was carried past tables and chairs and onto the stage where the humiliating procession stopped.

Still held in the air between them, he was summarily flipped over onto his stomach.  He felt hands unbuckle and pull down his pants and briefs to his knees.

He fought to make them put him down but because he was pressed so tightly between the women he was locked in place and could only wiggle. 

Suddenly. "SMACK" 

Someone had slapped his behind very hard and it hurt like hell. Then many hands began spanking him rapid-fire on his butt and the back of his thighs. 

At first he tried to bravely stay silent and not give them the satisfaction of hearing him cry out. As if he was a heroic captured spy who refused to talk under torture. 
But Jack was no hero.  As the relentless slapping hands continued their frightful work, Jack, knowing he could not stop this gang spanking or get free, began to break.  At first he yelped “OW” intermittently. A few moments later be was openly crying. At five minutes he was screaming and squirming uncontrollably, the sounds of his screams mixed with the cheering of the crowd.  But the avenging hands kept slapping. His wild struggles now more an automatic reaction to the horrible pain than an attempt to muscle himself free.

Then mercifully the slapping hands stopped.

“Now, are going to cooperate and give us a strip show,” Barbara asked matter-of-factly

Sobbing uncontrollably, Jack did not respond.

Instantly the spanking resumed and seconds later Jack expressed total surrender.


The spanking stopped again. “Gee, I knew we could make you an offer you couldn’t refuse,” Barbara mused.

“OK, ladies it’s time for this stripper’s debut. He’s a little shy so let’s help him out.
Jack was still sobbing as the women lowered him to his feet. They then surrounded him on the stage, blocking the crowd’s view.  Someone brought out stripper garb in the form of a skimpy French maid outfit.  

Jack was totally docile as those hands now so gentle might start spanking.  The women proceeded to strip and dress him up, holding his arms and deftly changing hands to keep him in their grip and control.

First he was forced into a pair of pink silk panties. It took several slaps to the thighs before he reluctantly stepped into them.  Black net-style see-through tights were then forced on his legs.  They were followed by silky, white garters with large black bows around each leg.  More slaps to his thighs encouraged him into a black laced mini-dress that covered from his armpits to mid-thigh. Then they tied on a tiny laced white apron covering his crotch and not much more.  Jack could only sob and close his eyes.  Next his feet were forced into shiny black high heels.  Finally, a cute maid’s hat, black with white ruffle trim.  The eye makeup effort failed due to his ongoing sobbing but they were able to apply a bright pink shade of lipstick. 

Their work complete, the women left a befuddled, sobbing dolled-up and humiliated Jack in the spotlight.  He noticed that his captors had moved rather far away from him. Through the glare of the stage lights his squinted eyes noticed that there was a clear path to the exit.  He decided to make a run for it.  He could kick off the heels, grab his clothes, including his car keys in his pants pocket, and sprint for freedom. The women were too far away to intercept him.  If he could get out of the building which looked promising he would be safe. They wouldn’t attack him outside. That would be too risky. There might be witnesses. 

Although it was difficult to see the exit due to the glare of the stage lights in his eyes, he saw enough to burst his balloon.  Although Barbara and her female crew were not blocking his escape path he saw that at least twenty more women, apparently patrons, were manning the exits, arms folded.  (Apparently, their male dates had from the beginning decided not to interfere.)  When these female exit guards noticed that Jack had spotted them, they collectively grinned in his direction while slapping one palm into the other.  Obviously it was a warning.  They were looking forward to watching his little show and would not be disappointed.  If he tried to leave they were ready to overpower and subject him to more spanking.  His heart sank.  Cruel reality set in. There would be no escape.  It was put on a show or suffer more spanking. 

Then the DJ put on a tune.  Oh God it was the Can-Can theme.  Jack stood there looking around hoping for a miracle. Silently, he actually prayed for one.  And he thought he heard a soft voice in answer.  It must have been God. “Sorry my child, you made your bed.  You will have to lie in it.  You stole and you must pay.” 

As Jack hung his head in defeat, Barbara, stood beside him with a mic. 
"We have a special treat for you tonight," announced Barbara as she gripped one of Jack's wrists. 

"This little guy ran up a tab and did not have any money. We frown on that kind of thing here. So this fella is going to pay for his drinks by giving you a show." With that she slapped him hard on the thigh resulting in a sissy-like squeal.

As a grinning Barbara looked on, a somber Jack took off his heels and threw them into the laughing crowd. After a female patron rushed up and placed a twenty dollar bill under one of the garters, he sullenly pulled off the tights and garters and tossed them. With no place to put the twenty he tossed it too.  He pulled up the mini-dress to his shoulders but before he could pull it off Barbara stopped him. 

“This is not a good performance,” she announced to everyone. ”It’s boring. It is not sexy and has no energy.  He is not even smiling. He needs a little more incentive, don't you think?"

She nodded to her band of women who had returned to the stage.  “Ladies, lets give this reluctant stripper a little more incentive.” In a flash they quickly mobbed a struggling Jack.  Up in the air he went again.  Face down and helplessly pressed tight by a mob of female bodies.  Held like that all he could see was the many shapely legs of his captors.  He had barely felt the cool air-conditioned breeze when they pulled gown the pink silk panties to display his ass and upper thighs for their avenging hands. 

“Oh God, no!!  Somebody help me. PLEEZE!!!!! HEEEELP!!!!”

Again, a dozen female palms began slapping his squirming butt and the back of his thighs.

He resumed his screaming and pointless thrashing to get away.  But he could not get free.  Or make it stop.  It would only stop when they decided to stop it.  He had no say in the matter . . . except for his heartbreaking screaming that echoed through the room.  

“Are you going to try harder?” Barbara whispered in his ear.  He vigorously nodded his sincere assent. Then they stopped.

After the panties were pulled back up, Jack was put back on his feet and released. He immediately went into what turned out to be a Broadway-grade striptease routine that only a threat of more spanking could inspire.  Out of fear he tried to look sexy.  He leered suggestively and provocatively.  He tried to mimic what he had seen strippers do innumerable times.  The crowd roared with laughter as he tossed them the mini-dress. Then the hat.  All that was left was the panties. He hesitated.  He just did not want to be publicly nude.  For a few moments he stood frozen like a Popsicle.  But when he saw the women returning to the stage he bit the bullet and slowly pulled the panties down and finally completely off.  He twirled them on his finger before letting them fly to the cheering patrons.

When the jeering and cheering had finally quieted, Jack started to walk off stage in hopes that the nightmare was over but was surrounded again by Barbara and her female team.  Held tight between them he was dressed again in the French maid outfit which they had re-collected..

Before Jack could catch his breath they bodily lifted him into a sitting position once again.  Like a great prize they carried him from the stage and through the tables to the female patrons that had earlier blocked his escape route. They were still by the exit. He now could see that they were old ladies. They had to be in their sixties and most were fat and there were at least thirty of them now.  Barbara and her party held him naked in the air and in that sitting position, legs apart and genitals on full display, before the visiting ladies for their examination.  Jack then found himself subjected to a round of humiliating fondling. Many hands handled his penis and probing fingers invaded his rectum.  Held in place by so many women he could do nothing but close his eyes.

After all of the matrons had a turn, Barbara and her ladies set Jack on his feet.  Hoping he was now allowed to leave made his way toward the spot where his clothes lay on the stage.  He had barely gone three steps when he was suddenly surrounded by the bevy of elderly and giggling female patrons.

 “Congratulations ladies,” laughed Barbara. “He’s your little sissy boy-girl for the evening. Have fun.”

Then looking at Jack she added, “Now be a good little sissy boy for your new mommies.”

As the grinning crones closed in he swung at them in desperation, but missed.  Then he was mobbed before he could draw back another punch. Their bodies pressed tight against him from all sides, he was helpless to resist as they pushed and pulled him in his cute French maid’s outfit onto the dance floor. His gentle struggles only amounted to a cute amusement to the ladies.  On the dance floor he was made to slow dance with one old lady after another until the music stopped, while the rest formed a circle around the dancers to assure he did not get away.   

From the dance floor he was pushed and pulled to a dark area in the back. One of the women produced a large glass jar full of small pieces of paper.  She put her hand in, then swirled and mixed the tiny pieces of paper, before pulling one out.  It was apparently some sort of drawing.  

She read the writing on the selected paper. “And the winner is . . . Myrtle!!”
A short and fat gray-haired woman dressed a tank top and tight jeans clapped her hands and sat on a chair the others pulled out for her.  Obviously, Myrtle.

“BRING ME THAT SWEET LITTLE SISSY BOY!!” she bellowed, her big belly shaking like a tub of Jello.

Seven of them grabbed Jack’s arms and pulled him toward Myrtle. His high heels scrapping the floor as futilely tried to hold his ground 
When he was before Myrtle he noticed she had donned a clear plastic apron. Before he could assess that strange site he was lifted, turned around and placed on her lap facing outward with  the many others tightly gripping his arms to keep him there. 
Myrtle’s left hand reached down to pull down the cute pink panties and his penis plopped into view.

Myrtle held out her right to a grinning woman who lubricated it with baby oil. Now the reason for the plastic apron became clear.  He was going to be forcibly masturbated.
Those holding him in place began removing the rest of his costume, pulling the mini-dress over his head and the panties over his legs while switching hands keep him in place.  Soon he was being held naked on Myrtle’s lap.

as the lubricated hand grabbed his penis, Jack began to pull his arms violently to escape.  But he was not strong enough to break free of the grips of the older women holding him in place.  Even if he could pull free there were plenty more of them to help out. He had no chance and they obviously could spank him as well.  So again reality set in and he once more surrendered to female numbers. In the hands of these older women he felt more helpless than before.  In defeat, he laid back on the lap, his head cushioned by Myrtle’s pillow-like bosom. He realized he could not prevent this forced milking any more than he could prevent a thunder storm.  He closed his eyes and waited for the humiliation to be over. 

Then Jack had a clever idea.  He could still thwart them bu refusing to have to have an orgasm for their entertainment.  So he began to think of math formulas, baseball scores, anything to distract from what these women were doing to him.  He told himself that he would hold out until they gave up.

But then Myrtle’s other hand reached under Jack’s bottom and her index finger then invaded his rectum.  He tried squeeze and push it out but to no avail.  A sphincter is no match for a determined finger and his sphincter was quickly defeated.  At the same time the ladies holding Jack down began to kiss and lick his mouth, neck and ears.  Soon his senses were overwhelmed and he could no longer concentrate on baseball scores.  The relentless milking hand, the probing finger and the kissing mouths were too much.  Soon he was he was involuntarily humping the hand and the ladies had hold him tighter while he helplessly emitted soft, barely audible moans and breathing heavily.
In defeat he came. His powerful forced ejaculation shot cum all over his stomach and chest and brought forth a loud cheer from the women.

“Can I get dressed and leave now,” he whimpered.

His question was ignored as his exhausted form was lifted off Myrtle’s lap.  They carried him to a nearby table and laid him on an adult diaper which was quickly taped up.

Lifted again, he was placed on his knees in front of the still seated Myrtle.  He tried to rise but many hands roughly pushed him back down.

“Well, sissy boy,” he heard Myrtle’ say, “I made you cum now it’s my turn. You are going to make me cum with your sexy little tongue.” 

Looking up, his eyes grew wide in terror.  She had stripped off her jeans and panties and was sitting with her legs wide open, her fat ass and smelly pussy on display.  
The women dropped their guard just enough for Jack to make a move.  Before they could stop him he jumped up ran.  He grabbed his clothes and keys and sprinted toward the exit.  But then saw that about many of the old ladies had beat him there.  Then he headed for the bar. Maybe run through the bar and escape through the delivery door. But he would have to get by Barbara and her cast of thousands. There was no way out.  

So Jack had one option left.  He quickly hid in a corner, threw away the diaper and got dressed in his own clothes.  Then he ran from table to table begging for help. But the patrons merely laughed at his comical pleads, Even the bouncer refused.

“THERE HE IS, THAT NAUGHTY LITTLE SISSY!  LETS GET HIM”  “OH NO,” he screamed. His matronly pursuers had spotted him and the chase was on. Though there was nowhere to run to, Jack ran wildly around the club trying to avoid capture.  He ran around and jumped over tables as patrons jumped and ducked aside.  But to no avail.  The ladies soon cut off any escape and surrounded Jack.  

As they closed in he desperately tried fisticuffs. But there were too many of them.  He was quickly subdued, stripped naked again and then, struggling helplessly, he was carried back to Myrtle and placed back on his knees in front of her throbbing pussy.  This time they made sure he was adequately guarded so he would not be able to get away again.  




Jack put up another valiant fight but nine of them dragged him over to Myrtle and wrestled his struggling form face-down over her lap and held him there.  Then Myrtle began hand-spanking the naked and helpless Jack on top of his already spanked butt and back of his thighs.  The pain was unbelievable.  Jack screamed and tried muscle himself off the lap but it was hopeless with so many women holding him in place. 


“NO. NEVER!!” 

They ladies knew that It was only a matter of time before the helpless man would surrender.  The spanking would not stop until he did and he could do nothing to stop it.

Then after about ten minutes . . .



The slapping palm stopped its painful work.  After high-fiving each other the old ladies lifted the sobbing and defeated Jack from Myrtle’s lap and placed him again on his knees before her. 

Reluctantly Jack put his mouth inches away from her pussy.  The stench was nasty.  It reminded Jack of rotten tuna fish.  Grossed out and slightly nauseated he hesitated.


As he felt their hands on him again, ready to put him back over the lap.
He closed his eyes, held his breath and stuck out his tongue.

Tom Lott
Well...it seems Jack was a sexist pig that did not understand the power of Women...hopefully he's learned a lesson and will stay out of strip clubs and reform into a sissy maid in the service of his Superiors.

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