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sissy to rent or lend
If a Mistress does not have time, because she is on vacation, or tired of her sissy, would not it be a good idea to lend or rent her to another Mistress? That could also work with an Online Mistress. It would also be good for the sissy to have to submit to another Mistress at times. Mistress owner could recover. Mistress who rents or lends could enjoy and sissy suddenly had new tasks and or new punishments to endure.

sissy caja
sissy caja
I can certainly see the value in a sissy being "loaned" to a friend of the Superior who does not have a domestic servant...this would be advantageous to the person because She would be able to get chores accomplished and be relieved of the tedium of doing them Herself. Of course, the sissy's responsibilities in her Superior's home would not diminish due to the added work load...she would just have to work all the harder to maintain her Mistress' or Master's home!
Indeed, a sissy is in every way a sex slave and he should obey his mistress when its about have sex with others womans.
Years ago my wife decided to host a Halloween party at our house for her church choir and some of our friends.  Since she wears the pants in our house, she picked our costumes and she went as a butler.  She dressed me as the maid and I spent the entire night mincing around in high heels and a short frilly french maids outfit waiting on everyone and obeying the butler's orders.  Before leaving one of my wife's girlfriends asked if I was available to rent.  I ignored her as my wife responded "She sure is"

With Oct 31st  falling in the middle of the week that year, people celebrated Halloween on two different weekends.   To my chagrin,  the next weekend my wife took me to her friend's party where I spent the night working as Fifi the Frilly Rent A Maid.  My wife dressed as a witch and told everyone that I was under her spell being punished for being a lazy husband.
In most Gynarchist families, holidays are to be enjoyed by the Mistress and her Girlfriend, while their slavemale is sent for further training by Mother in Law or Mistresses' sister. In either case, it is likely to be a 'reverse holiday' for the male, being more harshly treated than usual, and being constantly reminded that his beautiful Mistress is enjoying sexual fulfilment and happiness that the subjugated male is unable to provide.

In some cases, the slavemale can be returned to his own Mother or Sister, although there is always the risk that they are softer on their kin. It can work extremely well, however, with the potential for substantially increased levels of humiliation and embarrassment.

In time there will be 'reverse holiday camps', where slavemales are given courses of training and punishment as specified by their Mistresses. The combination of enhanced Gender Studies, Household Skills and Shame and Pain punishments will mean that the male is both more eager and better equipped to serve his Mistress and Girlfriend on their eventual return.
There is no question that “holidays” for sissymaids, are not holidays or vacation days, rather they are “working overtime” days. Cooking, cleaning, hosting, serving - and trying to look our best. And all the while “catering” to special “requests” of the guests, that seem to pop up as alcohol takes effect. There are occasions when we visit another home on a holiday, and I am a guest. On those occasions, I can relax a bit for brief periods, but in most cases, I am instructed to assist the sissy that is hosting the party.
As for “lending” out a sissymaid, in addition to situations like I just described, this has happened to me a few times. My mother-in-law (for whom I am a live-in 24/7 sissymaid), has friends who own a small Bed & Breakfast Inn. On several occasions, I have filled in as a maid there. My only compensation was room and board while serving there, and the gratitude of the owners.

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