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Olympic Observations
Watching the equestrian events, I noticed that most of the horses are geldings.  "Geldings are preferred over stallions for working purposes because they are calmer, easier to handle, and more tractable", according to Wikipedia.  Don't these traits seem an awful lot like those that we, as sissies, should strive to acquire, improving our value as submissive servants?
Your logic is quite sound, sissy Renee and I appreciate the analogy!
So is there a suggestion that sissies should also be gelded?
(08-19-2016, 06:06 PM)Richardto Wrote: So is there a suggestion that sissies should also be gelded?

Honestly, I think it depends on so much, our behavior and attitude, as well as and most importantly, the desires of our Mistresses.  Perhaps it should be kept back as a potential disciplinary measure to keep us biddable, and only used for those of us who find it impossible to adapt to our feminine roles, while there are some of us for whom it would be a reward.

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