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New Student
    Here's a new student at a private school. One that accommodates those with special needs. In this case, the young man has potty problems. His doctor can't find anything physically wrong with him, so it was agreed to send him to this school until he outgrows his condition. One can hope, at least!
He is embarrassed so much, he bursts into tears, when a fellow student helps fit him for a school uniform. Off go his street clothes, and lo and behold, the senior student can't hep but chortle at the new-comers babyish underpants.

"SOB! SOB! Please don't tell anyone else about m-my-SOB!"
"Baby pants?" Bobby laughs. "Well, don't worry. You're not the only one here who needs them still. We have four others in the Big Baby Nursery."
"SOB! I'm n-not-SOB! a baby anymore! SOB! I c-can't help it!"
"We will teach you to go potty properly."
How exquisitely humiliating for the boy!

And is that a little skirt he’s being put into? It would certainly be easier to check and change his nappy if he has a skirt on, although his embarrassment will unfortunately be hugely increased.

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