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Teenage Brat Becomes Step Mommy's 8 Year Old Princess: Part 2. Now We Are 3
3 Year Old School

The big sadistic nurse helped me from my crib and I crawled behind over to the changing table. I had’d walked upright for four weeks. In nursery the rule was that sissy babies crawl the don’t EVER walk. I’d reached the point where, in my few coherent moments, I wondered whether I’d remember how to walk if I were ever again allowed to stand up.
The large and sadistic nurse lifted my up onto the changing table as if I wighted nothing; although in all honest the limited baby diet I’d been on for the last four weeks meant that I had lost quite a lot of weight and I was now rather skinny. My dirty dirty was removed and after nurse had cleaned me up i was fastened into a new clean diaper. I don’t know if it was one last chance for her to hurt me but she ensured that my diapers were fastened on incredibly tightly before covering them with clean plastic pants and redressing me. Similarly she secured my pacifier in place with an incredibly tight and painful velcro backed leather strap and then said “stay there, don’t move an inch I’ll be back when the ladies from the 3 section come to collect you”. “It’s been fun baby I’ve loved every minute of tormenting you and making your time here as harsh as I could”. I’m really rather hoping that you fail to come up to the standards that your Step Mother expects form an 8 year old sissy and that you are returned here to start your training all over again”.

At that moment her words were just meaningless noises so well had they broken me over the previous four weeks. It was only later that I managed to make sense of what she’s said and how she hoped i would be returned to her sadistic care somewhere down the line. But for now my ability to think had been taken away from me and I was nothing more than a little baby who followed the same daily routine day after day as the nursery staff unrelentingly removed my mind and made me forget about who I had been before I entered this hellish establishment. They had succeeded in very way they said they would when I first arrived. They had made me into a blank unthinking slate and now they would write what the wanted on that slate and turn me into whatever they wished. This would be the job the the 3 year old section would start and it would be built upon in the later years until I became the perfectly behaved 8 year old sissy that my Step Mother wanted me to become.

After what seemed an age, I’d lost all sense of time by now, the big sadistic nurse returned accompanied by two quite large and very formidable looking ladies. “Here she is” said the sadistic nurse “all ready for you to work your magic. I’ve never seen one of our subjects so completely regressed to babyhood before but then again she’s the first sissy who’s ever had a four week stay in the nursery. I just hope she isn’t too far gone that you won’t be able to bring her back so she can learn to be a properly behaved three year old”. “Oh there’s no need to worry yourself about that” said one of the ladies “ we’ve lots of experience in bring broken babies back to the reality of their new three year old existence. Ironicall rather than a week we’ve got her for three. Same idea as her extended nursery time. Her programming must be very deeply embedded so there’s no chance of it failing as she goes through he hormone nightmare of puberty. She must become and 8 year old girl and remain as such until she reaches her 18th birthday so every year group will be getting her for longer than usual to make sure that's what happens.

I was told to sit up on the changing bench, which I did, and was once more strapped into a set of bright pink baby reins. Automatically I climbed down for the table as I had been taught and began to get down on all fours ready to crawl where ever the wanted me to go. “No No” said one of the ladies “you are a big girl of three now you don’t crawl anymore you walk. I tried to stand up straight but seemed unable to do so until eah lady slipped an arm under mined and lifted me. I wobbled thinking I was going to fall. Nursery had had even managed to make me forget how to walk. With the help of the two ladies I was slowly marched out of hell and toward the exit. Halfway there my bottom exploded uncontrollably. This was now so common and occurence that I hardly noticed it had happened. Over the previous four weeks it had become normal to be wearing a fouled nappy most of the time. The nasty nurse had told me, before my mind went away, that she had made sure to always add some additional laxative to my bottles so as to ensure I spent the majority of my day hot, wet fouled and smelly. She said it gave her a real buzz to smell my shit and know the awful discomfort I was experiencing. The small part of me that still existed prayed that this would be the last time I would ever have to lay eyes on her and that same small part resolved that I would do whatever was required of me to become the perfect 8 year old sissy my Step Mother demanded. I didn’t realise then that this was exactly the reaction that their harsh treatment would provoke in me. In order to avoid a return to the nursery I would be a willing participant in my own sissification. I would help them turn me into a little girl!!!

The Year 3 Section

My first few days as a new 3 year old sissy toddler passed very much in a haze. My mind was still locked in its nursery phase and I continued to be doubly incontinent and unable to do much more than lie in my new cot babbling away like the true baby they had turned me into.

However, gradually, with the help of the staff and some powerful drugs my mind began to return and by the fourth day of my stay I was starting to be able to use a few basic words and understand most of what was said to me. I was taught to say potty if I felt like I was about to mess myself and despite the fact that in the beginning I rarely did this qquickly enough as time passed more and more of my messes were now done into a potty instead of in my diapers. I was slowly being remodeled; I was the clay in their hands and they could sculpt me into anything they desired.  They had never dealt with a sissy who had spent a whole month in the nursery and who had been so thoroughly regressed back to infancy so some of this was new even to them. But their perseverance and hard work was beginning to pay dividends and very gradually I was getting to the point where they could meaningful start my little girl training and get me started on the road toward my final 8 year old fate. After four weeks of nothing but pureed mush to eat It was very strange having to relearn how to chew my food. At first all my food was cut up into small pieces and I was feed by one of the nurses who kept a close eye on me to ensure I didn’t choke. Between meals I would be shown cards with simple drawing of animals and everyday items on them and encouraged to try and say what they were. This was the start of my training to learn to talk again. At other times I could watch Children's cartoons and other programmes, like Teletubbies and In The Night Garden. All of these procedures were designed to resocialize me and undo some of the most severe baby conditioning. I fell in love with Rug Rats and would want to watch the adventures of Tommy and his big cousin Jessica over and over. I think subconsciously she reminded me the the Superior Female Master that I still knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, it was my ultimate destiny to serve.
When I had first arrived, although I had no memory of this, my baby dress had been removed and instead I was dressed in a short tartan skirt and a Mr Man tee-shirt (my diapers of course remained in place) and my hair, which was fairly longish to begin with and which had not been cut whilst I was in the nursery, was gathered up and put into ponytails one over each year. I was also dressed in short white frilly ankle socks and a buckle up pair of one inch heeled pink Mary Jane shoes. Once I had been successfully re-toilet trained my diapers would be replaced by a pair of fairly plain girlie panties, in a variety of colours, and for all intents and purposes this would be my normal form of dress whilst in year three. My clothing, when I moved on, would become much frillier and much more sissy specific but for now this uniform was most practical as I embarked upon my journey to become the best little sissy girl I could be. Two very important things happened as I gradually emerged from my baby personae and starting getting to grips with living my life as a three year old. First I was advised that Step Mommy though my pacifier looked really cute and that in future, except when eating, it would remain permanently in place and secondly I was introduced to Dolly who would also now be my ongoing permanent future best friend. From now on, unless my hands were otherwise occupied,she would always be in my arms being hugged and loved by her best little sissy girlfriend. Once my recovery was underway the staff started on my training and I was informed about new new daily timetable. Like the nursery this was utterly inflexible regime and each and everyday would be exactly like the previous one. I think the idea was that strict routines were the best way to burn sissy behavior into my psyche and make this unnatural behavior both normal and habitual. Eventually my reflex reaction to any event would be the appropriate sissy reaction. All my former male reflex behavior would be eradicated from my personality bit by bit until there was none remaining.

7.00am … Woken by alarm stand next to bed and await inspection to check if overnight diaper remains dry (all 3 year old wear overnight protection in case of accidents.) . Nighttime elasticated pacifier replaced with non attached daytime pacifier which sissy is required to ensure remains in her mouth at all times. Only to be removed for eating or if a staff member speaks to her and expects a reply. Immediately replaced.

7.17am … Accompanied by Dolly sissy goes to the nearest bathroom and showers, brushes teeth, brushes hair, arranges new day’s ponytails and puts on deodorant. Returns to bed. Gets dresses in standard day uniform then make bed neatly using hospital corners as previously shown. Check in mirror that uniform is all in place and finally put on little girls straw hat.

7.45am … Breakfast:
One small bowl of porridge
One poached egg and bready soldiers
One small glass of Orange Juice
One large glass of milk.

8.00am … Take dirty dishes to kitchen area and place in sink. When older sissy will wash here own dishes until they gleam and then dry them and put them away in correct cupboards but at the moment she remains too young for that kind of responsibility.

8.15 … Sissy recite the morning sissy prayer: This ritual prayer recited every morning for the reminder of sissy’s life.

My Holy Mother
Who is from Heaven
Worshipped be thy name
Thy Wishes done
By Sissy who is dumb
On my  hands and knees
As I strive to please
Forgiveness you say
If I fail you; no way.
Locked away from abuse
my defect no use
Just learning to work faster
For my Female Master.

This has to be repeated ten times and must be absolutely wordperfect; before I am allowed to get up off my knees. I then have to repeat, again ten times, the daily sissy devotional:

Dearest Most Perfect Goddess
At the start of this new day
I once more pledge my utter devotion to you.
I acknowledge that woman is the superior gender
I acknowledge that my birth defect means I’m inferior
I acknowledge that my needs and wishes count for nought
And that I can never ever be equal to or as important as a female.
I acknowledge that my proper role is to serve
I acknowledge that my proper role is to obey
I acknowledge that all women are my Female Masters
I promise to obey every Female Master
I promise to carry out any Female Master’s orders
I promise 100% commitment to meeting their wishes
I promise to understand that I’m only here to serve
I promise, no matter to carry out every order given
I promise to take no account of my discomfort
I promise to take no account of my humiliation
I am a sissy and sissies serve only one purpose
Total dedication to their Female Master’s happiness
It’s only when each of these has been recited perfectly ten times that a sissy may get up off her knees and stand straight. Because of my unique circumstances and extra line had been inserted into my devotional:

I promise to take no account of my humiliation
I promise I will always remain your 8 year old sissy daughter
I am a sissy and sissies serve only one purpose
To be whatever their Female masters wish them to be
Sissies no longer have any intrinsic worth; they are now toys
Sissies have no more rights than any other toy and Females
May play with them in ANY way they wish. I am a sissy
Therefore I am a toy and as such except that as a toy I
Have no rights and exist only to enhance my owners pleasure.

These would be repeated every day until eventually what I was saying seemed perfectly sensible and combined with the nursery conditioning this indoctrination was profoundly the way I saw females and how I envisaged I should interact with them. It became more and more difficult, and eventually impossible, to see them as simply my equals. No never could a pathetic creature such as myself, condemned at birth to inferiority by my birth defect, ever see any female as anything other than vastly superior to me in every way imaginable. So it seemed to make more and more sense that my sole purpose for existing was to serve this superior race of beings and to put aside any ideas that I deserved any pleasure in any shape or form other than the pleasure I would derive from faithfully serving all of magnificent womankind.

Time passed and everyday was the same. Slowly my mind, much changed, returned and I learned to use my potty and eventually accidents were few and far between. The indoctrination worked it’s way deeper and deeper into my every conscious thought and with every passing day I came to the of womankind as superior to all pathetic males and more and more my only desire was to serve them in whatever way I could.

Finally one day, i don’t know how long I was there as in the end as I completely lost track of time, an instructor approached and after she was satisfied with my curtesy and my humble demure attitude she informed me that tomorrow was to be my 4th birthday and I would be moving on. But that’s another story for another time so for now

The End of Part Two.
I like this thrilling story and hope to see as he will grow to adult eight year sissy. Wink
wheres part one please
(07-06-2018, 11:58 AM)babyian Wrote: wheres part one please

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