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Right Or Wrong?
Strange question for a petticoating site but I will ask anyway.

The famed British "Madame", Cynthia Payne was very much against male maids. She would have male slaves, houseboys etc, but not male maids. The reason was because she got fed up with them never doing any housework because they were always more concerned with what they are wearing and prancing about in front of the mirror admiring themselves.

Was she right?

From personal experience the first thing that most male maids want to know/ask is what they will be wearing and most do seem disappointed if it is not short or frilly.

Maybe she had a point.
Dear Ms Yvette-Louise,

A male maid is a male maid 24/7/365 regardless of their attire at any given moment. 

When appropriate, in the home or at another safe place they will be dressed in whatever uniform is appropriate for the task in hand. Normal in day domestic duties are obviously not going to be done properly by a sissy wearing an outlandish over the top French maids outfit. 

In Day a maid should be dressed practically for the practical domestic servitude that is their daytime lot. Female undergarments, selected by their female master, will of course be worn under their work uniform and may vary from the comfortable (bra, panties tights, to more strict and uncomfortable items such as corsets, the ever effective corselette, stockings, bloomers … basically whatever their Female Master stipulates.

Over these items should be worn a practicable day dress, such as those worn by hotel cleaners, plus and apron and possibly an additional water proof apron to be worn during those dirtier jobs and some form of headwear. There is no need for the sissy maid to waste time on make-up and wigs etc (unless the Female Master requires these) as this part of their day is dedicated to servitude. Upon awakening the sissy maid should shower, shave, brush and floss and then immediately don their uniform and commence their daily drudgery. Whenever they pass a mirror they will see only and obvious male dressed in the practical uniform of a female domestic servant. 

Should the Female Master require the maid to emulate a 19th century Victorian maid this will make using the toilet a very time consuming procedure in which case perhaps it would save time, thus allowing more time for chores, if the sissy were diapered and required to do their business in their very own portable potty. Footwear would be practical e.g. low heeled court shoes etc. The In Day maid is a working domestic unit and at all times should be aware that they are not wearing sexy clothes simply their now permanent everyday working clothes. 

In the evening the sissy maid will dress entirely at the Female Master's discretion depending on whatever plans she might have to utilise or amuse herself with her sissy toy. Perhaps a traditional French Maids outfit with full make-up and wig and high heels might be the appropriate wear when the sissy is serving her Superior's evening meal. 

For the remainder of the evening, unless her Female master has other plans, the sissy might stay dressed as they are and carry on with the usual evening cleaning tasks (light dusting, general tidying, serving refreshments and so on... staying silently in her mirrorless corner when not actively required). Of course this will only be the sissy default state if her lady has not special plans for the evening. as

Sissy's Superior may have plans that will require a change ( or even changes) of outfit(s). 

Perhaps sissy has earned a school girl punishment and so before a caning or line writing session they must, of course, change into an appropriate school uniform. 

Perhaps their lady thinks they have been a little lax lately and some remedial education is required. This might involve the sissy changing into their baby clothes, toddler dresses or any other outfits worn during their training days.

Finally there is the dreaded situation where the Female master will be entertaining guests. 

Initially the sissy may just greet visitors, take coats, fetch drinks and nibbles whilst dressed in her normal evening outfit. However, after this it all depends on what the Female Master has planned. 

If it's just a social evening with friends then sissy may continue to serve in their capacity as a maid but if its a humiliation fun with sissy night then multiple changes of outfit may be on the cards. 

Ballet costume … so sissy can dance for the ladies
Little girls outfit... so sissy can sit and play with her dollies for the ladies amusement
Baby clothes... so poor sissy can be regressed all the way back to infancy allowing the ladies the delightful fun of feeding and changing their sweet baby girl.
School uniform … because a naughty girl has earned a thorough caning from everyone present. 

The possibilities are endless and sissy will wear whatever they are told to wear and comply with the stipulations of their assigned role. 

Finally when the ladies have left and sissy has performed any bedtime services her Superior may desire it's finally time to don a practical apron, do the washing up, if not already done, have one final tidy up, remove make up clothes heels and accessories dress in their regulation nightwear, attend to their toilet requirements and set their alarm for the morning when they can recommence their regular daily duties once more. 

So it's horses for courses and dresses to suit every occasion... the only constant item of clothing is sissy's chastity belt that always remains locked in place 24/7. 

Under such a regime and with severe penalties for not getting their jobs done on time and up to standard the sissy maid won't have time to worry about how they look in their outfit... especially not during the long cleaning day ahead each day.

A busy sissy has no time for vanity only time for dedicated, faultless and near perfect service. 

I remain Ms Yvette-Louise you most humble and obedient sissy,

Sissy Connie Pickles
I remain as always

Your Deeply Obedient Ever Worshipful Sissy

Sissy Baby Connie Pickles
You make a very good point Maitresse Yvette Louise and not a strange question at all, males who have the privilege to serve as maids tend to go overboard with making sure we present ourselves as feminine as possible. We spend too much time admiring ourselves in the mirror because this is where we get to see ourselves full length in our short dresses, shaved legs and high heels and in doing so forget the real purpose of all this which is to serve. It's no wonder you prefer maids in classic Victorian uniforms, it focuses the sissy on her duties and not how she looks as well as empowering a woman to stand firm on what she expects. Having said that my Mistress/Wife finds my dress very emasculating and amusing so it works both ways.
I’ve only actually worked as a maid for a few months. I always made sure I looked neat with my stockings straight and high heels cleaned before I started. Once I was working I’d smooth down my skirt or straitened my apron if I needed to. Otherwise I was fully focussed on my work.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart
For someone that has not worn a uniform before, I'm sure you would have a point Maitresse Yvette Louise.

I feel that i would be distracted by a sissy maid uniform, But I'm sure that with time I would learn to live with it. After all, if a superior lady wants me to wear one then she knows best.

sissy oz
I wholeheartedly agree with the need to be practical, I find it much easier to work in the house in my plain housemaid dress and low heels, with correct underwear and security naturally.



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The whole point of dressing a sissy-maid in as feminine, sensual and sexy a way as you can is to get them and keep them as excited and frustrated as it is possible to make them. Your sissy maid will then always be desperate to get out of her securely locked stainless steel lingerie and will do his utmost to please you in the hope that, one day, you might consider allowing him a few seconds of freedom.

A bored maid who has exchanged male drab for female drab will never be as willing to please as an excited, desperately frustrated maid dressed in exotic, erotic, arousing frilliness.
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.

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