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Mummy says that the penis is the best lie detector . You may say you don't like something but your penis will say something diffrent and give your deepest secrets away .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
An update. We, mistress/wife and I have decided to continue with the estrogen. I hate erections. Mistress/wife loves my little soft clitty.  But, as it is, she can still wake my clitty up when she so wishes. Albeit a rather pathetic erection!
Doctor is pleased with my progress and thinks the estrogen had nothing to do with the DVT/clots.

So for the time being I'm on a half dose until further notice.

Thanks for all the best wishes.

It has been a wake up call for us. As much as we would like to live the ideal life, life deals us a hand that often dictates our priorities.

So glad you're well, Belinda. A Mistress should always have the final say. xx
(06-25-2018, 09:29 PM)belinda_t Wrote: My mistress posed a question to me that I don't know the answer to. So I'm looking for some thoughts.

Should a sissy clit be a limp useless item that is a constant humiliation to the sissy? Or should a sissies clit be fully functional but never used?
Which would be the more humiliating? Something that can't work or something that can't be used?

The reason I ask is that I have just had a life threatening event which will mean one or two medical decisions that may permanently affect how my clity will function in the future.

I believe that the sissy clit should be locked up in a chastity device. That way it is only of use to the female superior who decides to let it out of the cage!
As for the male birth defect, I generally find it disgusting. I would like for all of them to be locked away!

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