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(06-26-2018, 02:18 PM)belinda_t Wrote: Just to clarify. I almost died due to an issue with blood clots. I was on estrogens which may have been the cause of the blood clots. (Known to be an issue with HRT).
Estrogens killed my erections and gave me my breasts.
Now I'm waiting on the doctor to clear me to go back on a mix of blood thinners and estrogens.
Or if I go off the estrogens I will get my erections back. Something I'm not looking forward to.


Especially seeing this is life threatening, I personally think it is Cute to have a Totally feminized male that does get excited, but is controlled by a Strong Woman.  That way it is obvious that the man is indeed a feminized man.....which is imperative, in my mind, in creating the "New World Order" of Female Control and Femininization, and submissiveness of men and boys.  Just my thoughts!
Feminine men make the best spouses for independent women. Feminized  Male wives for Empowered women is the future!

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