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The Sissy clitty pole could be restrained inside of a pipe allowing for the full erection potential yet being such that touch or other measures would prevent
any level of satisfaction being obtained.
Such a pipe would be always on full display like a dildo harness with no regard as to a choice of clothing although a hoop dress with petticoat might be
enough to cover this ensemble.
It would be vented at the end to allow urination and allow for hygienic cleaning.
The pipe would be fastened to a chastity belt harness but instead of having the penis forced downward into a tubular chamber the opposite would happen.
In the flaccid state the penis would be forced to lay in the pipe at a horizontal leaning to a vertical state - when erect it would fill the pipe to exact dimensions
of the pipe interior - all fully erect and no where further to go and untouchable !

This design would have some draw backs in that moving about in tight quarters the penile pipe may cause things persons objects to get bumped into - thinking
that with a small micro proximity switch - this bumping could lead to electric shock - LED lights being lit - audio alarms sounding to warn off this activity !

Just one of the imaginative ideas of what to do with Sissy's appendage !

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