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Tan Lines
Updated pictures sweetie??
Hey gurls!
     Time to work on those sissy tan lines again!  What better can you do that sit in the sun during this time of social distancing  and work on your sissy tan lines so you are ready to show off or be shown off when all of this is a memory?
In 2020 this will be all but impossible. Lockdown probably until June
Heart Heart Heart
Not entirely impossible --is there not a sun, a backyard and lawn chair available for Female Masters to order Her malette in scant bikini to lounge on?

So what if the embarrassed male gurl is shamed being seen from neighborhood windows - perhaps other Women might then follow and do the same.  The benefit there would be some networks of Female-Led families emerging later to gather together once this pandemic fades in history.

If one wants privacy, sunlamps suffice.
Another alternative is the Sun Tanning Spas - while not cheap $$$ the tanning is quicker than the sunlamp method.

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