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I want to be a Sissy Girl (poem)
Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy this poem which I have come up with:


I want to  be a sissy-girl, I really must confess
I want to suck my thumb, play with dolls, wear a pretty dress
Have pretty satin ribbons tied in my hair
Skip, play  and gambol without a care
Wear a gymslip as my uniform to school
And pink swimming costume at the swimming pool
Do Ballet in leotard, tutu and tights
Sleep in frilly nightie on hot summer nights
I really want to be a sissy-girl if I can
Because you see, I DON'T WANT TO BE A MAN!
Nice poem Leslie, here's mine

I'm really such a sissy, who likes sissy things,
I love my gorgeous dresses, and lots of apron strings,
I'm really such as sissy, a sissy I was born,
I'll play with my dollies, while sitting on the lawn.
I'm really such a sissy of that there is no doubt,
So I'll wear my lovely dresses day in and day out.

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