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My Past, Present and Future SissyBaby Diaries.
Hello all but most especially All Superior Female Masters, 

Anyone who may have read my previous post knows that I have now been instructed by MsFM to no longer send her my daily diaries by personal message but rather to post them here in the public forum for everyone to share in my humiliation, punishment and training. 

Below is a record of today's events and once I have edited my old Diaries for confidentiality purposes I will also post them here as well as all future diaries as Ms FM as instructed. 

In addition, if she gives her permission, I will also post any stories she has required me to write. 

So below is what happened today:

12.00... Slept late as I up very late last night due to attendence at a previously arranged engagement. 

I realised almost immediately that I had, because of an Amazon delivery mix-up and long planned evening engagement already mentioned, failed to carry out yesterday's mandatory daily assignment of two hours of colouring in my little girl colouring books. 

I immediately PM'd Ms FM to confess my failure to carry out this mandatory assignment. 

She decided, while she thinks up a more specifically appropriate punishment, that today I'd have to make up yesterday's time as well as doing my normal two hours colouring in plus an additional hour because of my forgetfulness. 

So today was going to entail a full five hours of colouring but in addition before starting and at the end of each hour I must experience 10 minutes of corner time in my 6 inch platform heels (which are to be worn all day) whilst being supervised by the virtual corner program. I'm to photograph the VCT report and upload it so that Ms FM can see that each corner time has been carried out. 

In addition, to ensure that I could not forget that I'd gone wee wee in my Diaper I was ordered to pour a teaspoon of Dried Mustard powder into the front and back of my Diapers. 

This dryed mustard will become active and start to burn front and back as soon as it comes into contact with my wee wee. 

I then set up a small play pen area in an isolated sector of the main room where I was unable to see the TV or any other distractions. 

14.30... Commenced my afternoon of punishment with ten minutes corner time which the program extended to 18 minutes went it detected me moving. 

14.55...In playpen to start my first hour of colouring in. 

15.00...Started first hour Colouring. 

16. 00... First hour Colouring done time for ten minutes corner time. 

16.06 ..Soiled my Diaper 

16.10...Corner Time 2

16.20...Colouring in

17.20...Corner Time 3

17.30...Colouring in

18.30...Corner Time 4

18.40....Colouring in

19.40...Corner Time 5

19.50...Colouring in

20.50...Final Corner Time 6

21.00...First meal of the day... Commercial baby food and two bottles of formula. 

This was how the afternoon was supposed to have gone however the timer on my phone kept freezing and then resetting back to the start and so I ended up doing much more than an hours colouring on most occasions.. This all added up and I didn't finish my final corner time until well after 22.00. 

By the last corner time my feet were in agony as they had been confined in 6inch high platform sling backs the entire day. These are held in place with lockable ankle straps. I somehow hold on and stayed in place with gritted teeth because if The Virtual Corner Time program detects movement it adds additional punishment minutes which it had already done once today. 
22.30...writing up daily dairy (see above) now there's still 30 minutes before I can remove my pee and poop filled diaper. 
11.30...edited for typos etc. 
w I was punished full feeling yesterday to carry out a mandatory daily assignment
That’s quite a severe punishment.

How painful was the mustard powder once you’d wet your nappy? How long did you have to stay in your wet and stinging nappy?

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