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(07-06-2018, 06:52 AM)closetedsissyoz Wrote: So I thought this would be a good of a place then any. 

I have just spent my first two weeks self locked in a chastity cage. Have to say it has been very hard to get used too, but anything to keep me form returning to my masculine ways.  I must admit its hard to say committed to staying locked when I still have access to the keys. Im not proud of this and I have unlocked myself.

my chastity is because my momma knows i need it.  Also you shrink the longer you go without using
I have never been in chastity. We have femdom marriage and  my wife enjoys seeing my little clitty erect when I am feminized. 
She demands the Honor System,which I beleive is far more difficult than chastitiy.
She decides when I can cum,and if I cheat,I am punished.
Most femdom wives are quite capable of determining whether their sissy has masturbated without permission. They can tell nearly immediately be a chanege in the sissy’s mood, can observe shame in the sissy when she is asked directly if she has played with her clitty without permission, and some sissies will be less attentive and even have trouble becoming erect if they have ejaculated. I agree that an honor system can work, although a chastity device is a power exchange and is humiliating for the sissy. Nancy

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