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He is wearing a cage at beach as it should be....
but it is easy with a leotard....

a bit more humiliating with the frilly satin sissy panty....a d when you have to lower it...
but he has to obey.

Yes he should shaved...

[Image: IMG_1524764621.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1524764614.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1524764628_2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5789.jpg]

[Image: IMG_5785.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5786.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5787.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5788.jpg]
I have always wondered why it was ok for a woman to wear a swimsuit cover up and not a guy. So my loving wife purchased me a very cute knee length cover up, white crotchet from Layne Bryant for our last beach vacation. Who wants wants to see a hairy guy with his shirt off right! Lol. So I wore my cute cover up had a few stares but overall went prettt smooth! So exciting to be out and wearing feminine articles and even looking quite stylish If I do say so myself!
Hi Lacey!  That is so sweet.  And by the way, welcome to PDQ!  How did you find your way here if I might ask. However it came about, we are thrilled to have you.

Especially with a cute name like Lacey Dawn.

Your wife sounds like a dream come true. I really wish my wife still played.

Perhaps a bikini one day?

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
I’ll probably never get to a bikini but I do have a really cute one piece, I don’t think I could ever wear it out though.  I’ll stick with cute cover ups over my swimming trucks. Sometimes if I’m frisky I have some wedge flip flops I wear, usually no one ever notices though.    And yes my wife is amazing and always helpful and loves it when I dress! She is perfect
Yes Lacey and danicaN, cover ups are the way to go. I have several, and have worn them for a number of years. Just as the name implies, whether you are a modest female, or a sissy attempting to hide certain things, they allow one to be out and about in a swimsuit, without drawing much if any attention. Stopping at a convenience store, or for gas, or perhaps the coffee shop, flirty sandals, a semi sheer cover up, floppy hat and big sunglasses provide the perfect camouflage. So get out there gurls, and show them what you’ve got - through the filter of a coverup! Kiss, kiss!❤️
I agree male swimwear has become ridiculous. As a kid in the late 80s and early 90s, speedos were my main swimwear, and no one thought anything of it. At 10 I was lucky enough to be given a girl's one-piece to wear at a water park (the kind attached to big theme parks). Its worth noting again that in a one-piece, it was VERY obvious I was a boy, if you know what I mean. Even at that age and size, everything was outlined despite the tepid water. So just keep that in mind Wink
Dear Chastemaid,

i so love your gorgeous full swimsuit, a beautiful style. And the colour is so pretty, and quite vivid. It must mean that you stand out a lot amongst others, but you look lovely wearing it.
❤ cynthia sissyfrills ❤
What about the adult diaper full swimwear ? It has rubber bands arout to make it more waterproof. Bulk diaper to insert before swim is recomended.

[Image: detail.jpg]
What a useful garment- I am sure they would make a shedload of sales just from members of this forum alone.  Wink
Yes, its girls swim suit. Smame is the shame. Sweet public punishment.

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