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Mommy's Going Out on a Date
(05-20-2018, 08:34 PM)Ali Wrote: Wow, that’s clever. I wish I knew how to do that. Can you post the original so we can see what you did please?

The poor man does look so sweet in his sissyish baby outfit!

Here's the original....not that different, I just changed the diaper and added some text.

[Image: rrcw7pq97c2b93a4g.jpg]

I’m surprised he doesn’t look more embarrassed about his babyish attire. Maybe he’s used to having to wear nappies and a dress.

Funny that he has no baby knickers on though. I always felt very exposed if I had a nappy on but no knickers. Firstly it seemed my bottom and privates (not that they were kept very private during baby punishment) were very easily accessible. And secondly I always worried my nappy would t contain everything when I wet myself.
I totally agree. Look closer at my edit...You'll see I give his diapers the illusion of having plastic panties by eliminating the diagonal line above his thigh.
Adding rows of frilly contrasting color lace across the bum on the plastic panties could highlight the SISSY baby status
especially with the volume of the diaper creating a splendid backfield in motion waddle walk.
Darling do that Rhumba dance will you !

All in all an ***OUTSTANDING*** art production with modification and balloon text - thanks for sharing !

Hope we find out more about this "MATCHEW" (Mathew) guy - maybe he too is a big diaper SISSY !
For those interested, I believe this is the artist you are looking for -  Enjoy![url=][/url]
Wow!! What a fabulous artist! I can't believe we haven't seen more of his work already. Thanks again, Babycakes! Big Grin

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