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Seeking new Mistress
Good afternoon I am Karen Jane I have not been on here lately
but I am know looking for another Mistress/Mummy/Governess
back in late February I was very fortunate to have a message from
a Lady who became my Mistress Nanny and Governess,who put me
in a proper routine of bot as a sissy little school girl and sissy little baby
girl,with proper school lessons home work and lines,as a sissy baby girl
I was given proper age related bedtimes,a proper diet routine of plain
unseasoned food again age related including bedtime baby formalur
milk a pacifier teddy bear and blankie

Punishments where corner time,mouth soaping and earlier bedtimes
along with self spanking,and my male underwear was taken away from me
along with my male pjamas and was kept in proper little girl knickers and vests
socks and tights 24/7 and was put into chastity along with little girl night dress
and bedtime nappy and plastic pants and the removal of my leg hair and pubic hair
and under arms and chest

But the Lady in question has had to release me from her contract
due to her own personal situation so I am now looking for a Lady
Mistress Nanny Governess to carry on with my routines before
I become a brat again in the post this morning I rescinded the
key to my chastity device so more then willing to post it to hopefully
my new Mistress etc please feel free to ask me any questions
I am serious about this and outside of my work I wish to have
my male status taken away from me well thank you in advance for
any replies please message me or e mail me
      Karen Jane xxxxx little sissy girl

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