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A Welcomed Guest
This is an ongoing story, I'll see what responses I get before I continue. 

Thursday June 4th 1968,

Dear Mabel,

Thank you for your letter, I’m always pleased when I hear from my twin sister. Please pass on my congratulations to Jonathan, I hope he will be very happy in his new post at the British Embassy in Washington.  Wasn’t it sad to hear the news that Bobby Kennedy was shot, nearly five years since his brother John was shot in Dallas, I just hope the same fate doesn’t befall Teddy Kennedy.

Of course, I can understand your concern over Rusty’s education. I know just how patriotic you are and that you wanted him to be taught in a British school rather than an American one. I can further understand your reluctance to send him to boarding school, we had a terrible time at the one father sent us to. It’s nice Jonathan supports you on this, although he would have liked Rusty to have gone to somewhere like Eton or Harrow. It just shows how much he cares for you, he has the sense to know that if Rusty did go to one of those places you’d be worried stiff. Forever wondering if the same thing as happened to us, is also happening to Rusty. Once a thing enters the mind it becomes resistant to modification.   

Victor and I talked this over last night and this is what he suggests. You know how much he dotes on Rusty after all he is his Godfather.  Victor said he would like Rusty to come and stay with us while your away in America.  He’s on the education committee of the local council so he can easily get him fixed up with the school Patrick goes to.  

For all Rusty’s eleven, he’s far more mature than his cousin Patrick.  He looks fifteen yet the way he behaves, you’d think he was more like a nine or ten-year old. That’s not all, when he was twelve he began to have a bed wetting problem. It got to such a stage that Victor went out and came back with a load of nappies. That night I put Patrick to bed in nappies for the first time since he stopped wearing them after he’d been toilet trained. Can you imagine a boy Patrick’s age wearing nappies.  

Victor’s very disappointed, no, that’s not the word, he’s ashamed of Patrick. He won’t do the things other boys his age do, like have a-kick-about with some of the lads around here.  He gave Patrick some money to buy a comic, hoping he’d buy something like The Hotspur or The Eagle.  You know what he came back with, a couple of copies of The Bunty and Mandy.  

He hit the roof when he saw them, “I knew it, I just knew I’d fathered a sissy,”  he chided Patrick, while waving a finger at him as he did so.  He went on and on at how the kids would tease him and call him names. He said if anyone had teased his cousin Rusty as much as those kids have teased Patrick then he would have made sure they went home with bloody noses. 

Please give some thought to our suggestion to having Rusty stay with us, Victor would be so happy if you and Jonathan would agree to our proposal. He’s been quite depressed these last few weeks on account of Patrick and having as he says, “a real boy around the house rather than a sissy of a son,” might just cheer him up a bit and make Patrick feel more of a sissy.

With all my love your devoted sister,


Saturday June 6th 1968

Dearest Edith,

Thank you for your letter. We’re busy getting ready for the trip to Washington, most of our things have gone ahead of us, there’s only some minor things to pack before we go. We’re due to depart Heathrow on August 21, so that gives us a bit of time to spend our final days with Rusty.

Last evening Jonathan, Rusty and I discussed your offer to take him while we’re away. Yes I did say Rusty was in on the discussion. He may be eleven, but we wanted to know his views before we committed ourselves. He took the news with some stoicism when I told him I wanted him to be educated in England and not America. I think underneath he’s pleased, it’s been sometime since he saw his uncle Victor and you for that matter, he thinks the world of you both. 

We also talked with Rusty about Patrick and what you said in your letter about him. I think he had some idea that Patrick’s a bit of a sissy. He told us when he was as young as seven he’d noticed how Patrick would talk about the things girls did rather than what boys did.  Patrick said there were times when they’d let him play with them – so while the boys were off having a-kick-about – Patrick would be happily playing hopscotch or bouncing tennis balls off a wall like we used to do. 

Until I read your letter, I’d forgotten about Julian Stephens. If ever there was a sissy boy, Julian was one. Do you remember the day we stripped him naked and put him in knickers and one of your blue smocked dresses. He pretended not to like it, but I bet underneath that dress and those knickers, he was enjoying every minute of it.

Rusty remembered the day when Patrick had been misbehaving in your garden where he had a tantrum and went about smashing some of his toys with an axe. Victor was livid, he took Patrick to one side, took down his shorts and pants and spanked him in front of us. 

I glanced across at Rusty,  who had a twinkle in his eye, Edith I could swear the little sod was enjoying every minute of it. Jonathan whispered in my ear and said, “Rusty can be a sadistic little bastard when he wants to be.” I can still hear Rusty chanting, “cry-baby, cry-baby,” as Victor led Patrick off to bed, where he stayed for the rest of the day. When Victor returned he said, “that aught to keep the little sissy bastard out of mischief.”

So getting back to Rusty, we’d like nothing more for him to stay with you while we’re away and if it’s okay with you, perhaps we could fly across the pond to be with you at Christmas. Rusty’s so excited he’s already started packing. We’ve got plenty of time yet before we go, as we leave on the 21st, we’ll come up north on the 17th. That gives us a couple of days to say our goodbyes to Rusty. It’s going to be hard on him, but even harder on me, so I guess there’ll be plenty of crying when the time comes for us to go.   

I’ve enclosed some of pictures of Rusty taken at a wedding we were invited to. He looks very handsome and all grown up in is very first suit with long trousers, I think blue suits him. I like the one where he’s dancing with Margery who was one of the bridesmaids, doesn’t she look sweet in her lavender bridesmaid dress. The best one is of them kissing while they were dancing to Secret Love.  No doubt he’ll tell you more when he writes to you as I’ve told him to.

All my love to you, Victor and Patrick, 


Wednesday June 10th, 1968

Dear Aunt Edith,

Thank you for letting me stay with you while mother and father are in America, I’m so looking forward to seeing you and uncle Victor. It seems ages since I was last at your place, I’ve grown another few inches and have put on a little weight. I guess not many boys get to see another bit of the world like I have done, although I’ve only been to Egypt. I’ve seen the pyramids, the sphinx and I’ve ridden on a camel. 

I was disappointed I couldn’t go with mother and father America, I’d love to have gone to Disneyland or to an Indian reservation, but mother wants me to finish my schooling in England. Still if I had gone I wouldn’t be staying with you would I? At least they’re not packing me off to boarding school which is something I suppose. Mother’s often told me how it was for you and her. The constant beatings from the teachers, the cold showers before breakfast and the endless amount of bullying you went through. I could put up with most of that, but I wouldn’t let anyone bully me. 

Father taught me how to take care of myself, he sent me to judo lessons and was pleased when I got my purple belt, its the highest belt a junior can have. Would you or uncle Victor find a judo club for me where you live. I need someone other than a sissy cousin who I can grapple with. It must be awful for you and uncle Victor to have a sissy for a son, when I was little I thought there was something odd about Patrick. I was going to mention it to you, but I thought I’d better not in case I upset you. 

I had this weird dream the other night about a kind of camp for sissies, I was there with a lot of other guys who like me were at the camp to punish kids for being sissies. I shared a room with two of those guys who looked like Myron and Josh who live next door to you. I haven’t seen them since I was last at your house a few years back. Do tell me if they still live next door, I hope they do, they’re such good fun to be with. 

Remember the time when the four of us, Patrick, Myron, Josh and me went to the woods, where we tied Patrick to a tree and then we pulled his short trousers and underpants down and left him there while we went for a walk.  Of course, being the boy he is, he went and told on us.  Father was going to give me a hiding, but uncle Victor persuaded him not to,  he put Patrick to bed for being such a cry-baby, as well as telling on us.  

If you see Myron and Josh, please tell them I miss them and that I’m looking forward to seeing them when I arrive at your place.

Must go, I’ve got some jobs to do around the house before tea and then I’m off to the model railway club after that. I nearly forgot, would it be okay if I can bring my train set with me, it’s not a big one.

Your dearest nephew, 

I hope it will be strong girls and sissy boys in this story. Wink
BTW maybe you mean "June 10th, 1968", not 1964?
(05-16-2018, 09:17 PM)alexvyaz Wrote: I hope it will be strong girls and sissy boys in this story. Wink
BTW maybe you mean "June 10th, 1968", not 1964?

Date corrected, many thanks.

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