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Embarassing moments
You're really lucky sissy, such a wonderful wife you have.
Nice to read all those stories Smile
Nothing ebarassing like that never happen to me yet. There was once a Domme lady who I met on fetlife.

 We get together and walked around city. Then we talked about my sissy things and she got idea to go to a shop and try some dresses. We went to the shop but I was too afraid to try women clothes. I wish she force me to do it.
For some reason we stop  communicating, she wanted to meet again but things went that way. I just felt that we didn't click but I loved her confidence and dominating personality.
I remember my first ever trip shopping to try on a dress, had no idea what to expect.  Of all places we went to the spot where everyone’s freak flag can for lol. Walmart!  So I was so scared and nervous my wife actually had me call in and ask if males could try on female things.  The lady said well of course they can.  You can’t Buy clothes that aren’t going to fit!

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