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Panties and desired behavior.
I remember apart from school my upbringing was almost entirely in panties, usually with a skirt or dress. My mother used to like me to wear frilly rumba panties. I had a huge variety of panties as my mother disliked boys underwear on me. Most of the time I did not mind though sometimes felt awkward in some of my more frilly panties.
My mother never petticoat disciplined me. My fetish for wearing girl's clothes started when i was about 10. I always had a kink about girl's being spanked. For some reason it turned me on to hear about any girl having her panties taken down and spanked. I used to enjoy looking at Iodine and Lulu comics when their character was being spanked.

That led me to wear my mom's panties then sneaking my neighbor girl friends panties from the laundry hamper and wearing them. I would hide them in the back of my desk drawer in my room and then put them on and fantasize about being a bad girl and being spanked.

After I was on my own as an adult I continued wearing panties as much as possible and still do. I am married, but my wife has no idea about my fetish.

I am now 72 and still enjoy the feeling of wearing nylon panties. When my wife is away I put on a skirt and half slip and enjoy the day.
Panties, half slip and skirt- making my dreams come true!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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