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Panties and desired behavior.
(Yesterday, 11:19 AM)melodie Wrote: I have been wearing dresses since I was 11 years of age.  My mom started dressing me initially because of a medical reason and a Aunt suggested it to her because of the difficulty of changing my clothes (pants).  At the start it was just dresses, then panties were added.  At 13 mom said I need to start wearing a bra or at least a training bra, so it began.
After spending time in dresses I found I preferred them over pants or even shorts.  I would come home from school and immediately change into my dresses.  So I do agree that boys entering puberty should also wear bras, starting with training bras of course.

Melodie, what were your thoughts and feelings when you first started wearing bras? I understand preferring a dress over pants or shorts, the cool breeze around your legs is very nice especially in the hot summer months. A bra isn't something that is truly necessary for a boy who wants to be in a dress as he doesn't have breasts to support, but it certainly adds to the feminizing aspect of things.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have breasts and actually NEED a bra?
Not that you asked me directly, Richard, but my thoughts on wearing a bra involved my acceptance of my femininity as proper.  As you say, panties replace, bras are new (and unnecessary in the usual sense).  Since the title of this thread is "and desired behavior", I attest that my bra is a constant reminder of what my desired behavior is.  Have I wondered what it would be like to have breasts and actually need one?  I've dreamed.

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