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Hello :)
Just saw that a forum was added to, I am a frequent visitor there and an admirer of Auntie Helga's collections of sissy things, as well as numerous other sources on the web. I am a sissy, married to a woman who supports my hidden side and also who enjoys needs to join in on the fun.  While she isn't so much into the more prissy-sissy styles that i truly love, she really does need to doll me up in makeup, perfume, and sexy girlie things like thigh highs, panties, bras, cute dresses and wigs.  We love to have our special time with each other, it is our escape, its actually how we fell in love.

I have been into this lifestyle since i was very young. The earliest time i knew that i needed this in my life was when I found a piece of organza fabric in a box full of scrap fabric that my mother had in our attic. Sitting in the attic, feeling the organza between my fingers, the crisp uniform fabric sliding together, the sound that it made -- it was an intense confusing feeling. Why did i like this so much? Why did i feel a sudden urge to pull the rest of it onto my legs and further up the rest of my body? Why was i starting to feel a tightness between my legs? It was only a scrap of fabric, a raw edged, uneven leftover of some project that was probably never finished, and it had such an impact on me. If 10 year old me had access to the full sissy petticoats and dresses, with their huge bows and puffed sleeves, so decadent and created with such attention to detail; I cant even fathom how deeply i would have gone into the sissy space that i so frequently enjoy now. It would have been completely overwhelming.
Welcome to the forum, its always nice to meet a new sissy. To bad 10 year old you never got access to frilly dresses. I work with many moms who use petticoating on their young brats and all those ruffles and lace are to much even for the most macho sports loving brats. Once mommy puts them into petticoats their is no going back.

When did you first put on a dress how did it make you feel?

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