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Might check on Ebay for seasonal thermal FLEECE tights cavet remember about Asian sizing but the XL or XXL should fit most.
Chance a Search for cable knit tights (leggings ?) - when you come to the end of the internet let me know !  No digital chip left unturned !
Possible to wear doubled up diapers and a diaper cover underneath - make sure the tights are the high waist type.
These are cheap enough that with care you can get a dozen or so wearings before they sag out of shape - cold water wash recommended.
They come in more than the color of white. Might not be suitable for summer time wear as they could be quite warm but then nylon pantyhose
is sometimes not user friendly in the summer either - but if the wearer protests slap a paci in the mouth and baby up to it !

And YES I am in favor of wearing ankle sox with frilly lacy detailing sans tights pantyhose or leg gear. Too much fabric in the toe box of MJs.
I have mixed views on tights, the first time I wore them was at an adult nursery when the nanny put them on me, I loved the pictures she took I looked like a little baby girl but when she took them off and left them off me during my diaper change I loved the breeze around my naked legs! Still torn to this day as to what I prefer!
(08-11-2016, 10:07 PM)Ali Wrote: I love wearing tights over my nappies and baby pants. I love the feeling of the tights rubbing across my waterproofs, and holding my nappies in place. A pair of frilly baby knickers, or perhaps a little snap-crotch onesie makes me feel utterly babyish.

100% with you here Ali,
I love the the feel of tights over my nappies, for me there is something special in the way that they hug everything legs and bottom (Hope that makes sense) When I wear tights over my nappies I cannot stop from rubbing my hands up and down my bottie, like wise when wearing frilly tights or panties.
The most babyish I've felt is when I've been in extra thick doubles cloth nappies, plastic pants, ribbed tights, onesie and bib shorts.

Not only couldn't I walk because of the thickness, but the tights made me slip on wooden floors so I was stuck with crawling on our rug.

The embarrassment of how I looked in the mirror with my big dummy in and clipped to my top made me so ashamed too.
I suppose in that context they would be especially effective and have something of a unique purpose, Wailer. 

I guess if there’s an upside it is that you would be away from the view of any windows, though.  Wink
While my apartment window faces a brick wall, there are both balconies below and windows nearby where people might see in. What you can't see in those pics is that I had a large dummy in my mouth and a sore bottom underneath the nappies.

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I can well imagine, though. Imagine how much more hidden your nappies (and your sore bottom) would be under tights, though.

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