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Locked in a dress
I like to be locked in a dress and go outside for a walk.
However it gets boring because the keys are too easily
Accessible at home. ?
(04-15-2018, 03:37 PM)Sfjb Wrote: I like to be locked in a dress and go outside for a walk.
However it gets boring because the keys are too easily
Accessible at home. ?

Something is not quite right here - you are out and about walking in a dress*** that is LOCKED on and the keys are easily accessible at home.
I would not find that boring at all - more like exciting - even more so if the big ole lock was plainly visible.
But your statement the keys are easily accessible at home - so you have to return home to get UNLOCKED from the dress - how is that boring ?
Are you worried about being seen in the dress ?
And that it is LOCKED on from some reason - amusing entertaining humiliating ?
What is this something about this dress that is boring ?
Too short revealing something like a bulky ruffled frilly diaper cover ?
What else are you wearing with this LOCKED dress ?
Mary Janes with frilly ankle sox ?
Something about the color or pattern of this LOCKED dress that draws attention ?
Your walks are they in a rural area or right in the middle of central park downtown ?
And of course middle of the night or in broad daylight ?
The exposure index raises the (boring) ante ?
Are you doing this because you lost a bet or on orders from a dom ?
Perhaps this is an initiation to an exclusive club of SISSYs ?

I can think of more boring aspects to this - like substituting the keyed lock for a combination one
and you don't know or have access to the combination - now that is a challenge.
You are free to roam about town with no keys to be bothered with and a combination lock to solve.

Maybe you want to escalate this to the next level and have the diaper cover also LOCKED on !?!

SUDDENLY the boring aspect of the LOCKED dress becomes something else !
So I walk at late at night in the city. Why? It's the only time that I go without a panic attack.
Why the lock? It's so I cannot modify it in anyway, to make it not stand out as much.
Last night it was a cheerleader uniform. My thing is the keys are too accessible.
And or it can be too easy to back out and go back home. If I had someone holding
The keys that would make it more interesting, because then I get it removed
Whenever they feel like it. Does that make sense?

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