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Historic houses
A few years ago I enjoyed a very enjoyable trip to an historic.

Upon entering the grand hall there was a butler played by an actor.

As you entered he asked your last name and then announced your arrival.

Such countess Downton of Downton Abbey

On the stairs therefore a couple of young actresses in full Victorian maid dresses from tip to toe.

As you went up the stairs they turned and faced the wall head bowed so as not to make eye contact.

It must have been a rule back then that a maid should not make eye contact with a Lady.

I was curious to wonder if the wore the full Victorian underwear of corset and stockings.

They were quite young and wore no makeup

Thank you for sharing this little experience Governessj...The protocol of turning to face the wall with head bowed in the presence of a Superior is delightful...and might well fit into a sissy maid training regime...shows respect and serves as a reminder to the sissy of her place.


sissy jamieanne
(04-14-2018, 01:55 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: It was quite common for maids to have to face the wall when they passed their Superiors in corridors or on staircases. By doing so they became "invisible" to their Superiors.

It was also common for a housemaid to be instantly dismissed if she was ever seen by a member of the family. They really had to go about their business quickly and quietly and hope that one of their Superiors did not come into the room they were working in expectantly.

That is quite harsh, Madame. Why would Superiors refuse to acknowledge the presence of their maids? 


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