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Going Shopping
We keep our chosen lifestyle secret from the public but when it is time to add to my collection of uniforms, my wife likes to embarrass me in front of other people.  She will drive to another town and select shops to purchase my overalls, tabards and aprons out she will make me try them on in the shops and ask the opinion of the shop assistants.

I can't stand this humiliation but my wife points out that we are in a town where no one knows us and we won't be coming back (unless I have to get a refund or exchange- even more terrible for me) so why not have a bit of fun?  She likes to see me try on all the items and once she decides what to buy, she will make me keep on a pinny or tabard as we go to the next shop.

Obviously, once at home and I get to put on a full uniform with the new bits I am enormously turned on, but I do dread these trips before we set off.

How do you get your play things?  In person, over the internet (which we do too) or another way?
Always in strict uniform
There are some things I find I can only get on the internet - baby dresses and some of my more sissyish clothes, for example.

But generally I always buy in person if I can. So bras, panties and tights or stockings I buy in M&S. Dresses and skirts also. And nappies I buy in Boots.

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