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Mummy takes me to the beach
I have a new mummy, she is a professional nanny and loves treating me like a baby.
We drove to Rayong about 3 hours away from Bangkok and a nice area. Quiet and fairly clean beaches.
We left early in the morning but before leaving mummy put on my very thick terry nappy and plastic pants and then a nursery print onesie and my shortalls. 
We were set to go and off we went. Mummy can't drive a manual car so bABy got to drive. When we were almost at the beach mummy said to me that she wanted to shop in Big C supermarket. I was a bit apprehensive but she told me not to worry. So off we went. It had just opened and there were only a few customers. We bought what we wanted and headed to the counter to pay, a girl offered us help and showed us to the counter and kept looking at me and smiling. Now it wasn't hard to tell I was dressed as a baby because I was with 160cmx160 terry nappy's. How could you miss it.
Any way we finished and went the last 20 minutes to the beach and settled down at the beach. Mummy changed me out of my nappy and into my shorts to go swimming. Then she brought down my toys to play in the sand.
I'm bABy Bunnykins and my Mummy is Nanny An. We run Thai Adult bABy Nursery in Bangkok Thailand. http://www.thaiadultbabynursery.com Come and be the baby you have always wanted to be.
Wow! It looks like you two had a wonderful time on the beach.
It must be great to be able to be yourselves so openly.
I'm sure your Mommy understood all of this ahead of time.
I admire your courage for taking that first step outdoors.
I. too, am from the cotton diaper/rubber pants generation.
They still work the best for me.
Who knows? Maybe some of the ladies from that store may want to baby-sit you sometime?

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