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One Summer Day
One Summer Day

It was a day I will never forget for as long as I live.
It had all started so routinely, a warm summer afternoon in which my mom had to go run some errands. Normally she would drop me off with my usual babysitter, old Mrs. Snagworth, but for some reason, she was unavailable today. So instead, she was going to leave me with another woman named Gina.
I hadn't seen Gina for years, but I remembered her being very pretty. If I had to guess, I would've said she was from Norway or Sweden, maybe one of those Scandinavian countries. The last time I saw her, she had had long blonde hair, mostly straight, and it framed her gorgeous face and high cheekbones. In addition, Gina had a very feminine air about her and there was something indefinably magnetic that set her worlds apart from other women.
Having said all that, I think it was her stunning blue eyes that made me unable to hold her gaze.
I had always been a very shy individual, and I found women like Gina incredibly intimidating. The way she carried herself just gave me the shivers.
As for myself, I was unremarkable, being somewhat skinny and plain looking. Inevitably, I found when I received attention from people like Gina that it was simply overwhelming to my youthful sensibilities.
Pulling into the driveway of the suburban home, my mom shut off the engine and we got out of the car. It was a nice neighborhood and somewhere down the street, a dog barked and then was silent.
Wordlessly, I followed my mom up the sidewalk to the front door, my heart beating nervously. I knew I was being silly, for Gina had always been nothing but kind to me. And to be sure, she was a huge improvement on my usual babysitter, Mrs. Snagworth.
The door opened and Gina smiled broadly as she greeted my mom. Quite frankly, I was completely astounded--she was even prettier than I remembered. As she bent down to say hi to me, I blushed hotly and looked away. I just couldn't keep my eyes on her gorgeous face! My mom thought I was being rude and she slapped my arm, telling me to acknowledge Gina's greeting.
"H-hi, Miss G-Gina," I stuttered nervously.
She was wearing short shorts that revealed her long silky legs and a white top so thin that I could see right through it. I swallowed hard as I gaped at the gold swim suit bikini top underneath but it was the way that her big breasts were pushing her top out that had me so flustered.
At the tender age of ten, I was still in the midst of a sexual awakening of sorts, and I was starting to experience feelings I didn't fully understand. Looking at the incredible form of Gina standing before me, I felt a mixture of nervousness, excitement, intimidation, and arousal, all at once.
My heart was beating a million miles an hour as we stepped inside the comfortable house and my mom made small talk with her. I don't recall a word of what they said as I looked around the living room anxiously, wondering what it was going to be like to be alone with this stunning, sexy woman.
All too soon, my mom said her goodbyes and made ready to leave, causing me to grab her wrist in a panic.
"Mommy," I cried, "Can I go with you today?"
"Now Francis, there's absolutely nothing for you to worry about. Gina here is going to take very good care of you. I have a lot of stuff I have to do today and you'll only get in the way," she explained patiently.
I hung my head and shuffled my feet, knowing I was being difficult and immature.
"Francis," Gina said sweetly, "I have a really big backyard and a swing set that you can play on. I think you'll have all kinds of fun while you're here."
"You see? You have nothing to worry about," my mom added, "I'll see you before long and I know you'll have a good time."
With that, she headed out the door and a moment later her car was pulling out of the driveway.
"Francis, make yourself at home," Gina told me, "is there anything I can get for you?"
I shook my head, still unable to look up at her beautiful but intimidating features.
"Okay sweetie," she said cheerfully as she picked up a bottle of suntan lotion, "I'm going to head out to the back yard and work on my tan."
I watched as she sauntered over and opened the sliding glass door, going out onto the stone patio that surrounded her pool. There were a number of lawn chairs and she sat down on one, peeling her top off in an incredibly delicious display that had me staring dumbfounded at her. At my age, I had never spent a lot of time looking at the adult female form, but hers seemed to be the epitome of perfection. With a super slim waist, it only seemed to emphasize her wonderful, big round breasts, and her shiny gold bikini top seemed unequal to the task of containing them.
Staring at her, I felt an electric buzz ripple through me and I licked my dry lips as I gaped hungrily at this incredible woman.
"Francis!" she suddenly called to me, "Can you bring me my cell phone, please?"
I swallowed hard and looked around the room before seeing the phone on the table. Scooping it up, I went out, opening the sliding glass door and handing it over to her.
I felt so incredibly awed by her, and as my eyes glanced over her flawless body, my heart was beating wildly.
"Thank you, sweetie," she said as she accepted the phone from me with a smile.
I didn't want her to catch me staring at her, so I hastily withdrew to the inside of the house, but once there, I turned back around to gaze at her again. With her back turned obliquely to me, I knew she couldn't see me, and unconsciously, I reached down and began fondling the front of my pants as I took in the sexy scene.
She was doing something with her phone and looked oblivious to her surroundings so I knew I was free to indulge myself.
Masturbation was an entirely new sensation for me, as was my exposure to such a fantastic woman, and I wasn't about to let this opportunity be missed.
She was talking on her phone now, and with the other hand applying suntan lotion to her smooth, perfect skin. I shook my head in amazement as the sun reflected off of her shiny curves, the lotion giving her a sensually erotic sheen.
I bit my lip and stroked myself, my eyes glued to this beautiful babe. All I could think was, what an incredible woman!
After several minutes of self indulgence, I began to get nervous, afraid she might suddenly turn around and see me playing with myself. Reluctantly, I turned and walked down the hallway, figuring I would explore her house a little bit.
Walking past the bathroom which didn't interest me, I came to what I assumed was her bedroom. Everything about it was oh-so feminine and just breathing in the faint scent of her perfume filled me with contentment. A four poster bed with pink and lavender sheets was neatly made up and her large dresser had numerous pictures of her and her girl friends, all of who seemed similarly attractive. I picked up a few to admire before putting them back, trying carefully to return them to their original positions.
Next, I began opening drawers until I found the one containing her lingerie. Oh, the sights and sensations that were overwhelming to a youthful boy like me! Picking up one of her big-cupped bras like it was the Holy Grail, I gazed at it in wonder. Each cup was the size of my head!
God, she was incredible.
Finally, I sighed and walked out of the room.
The next room seem to be devoted to storage, which I walked past, but the next one instantly piqued my interest.
Surprised and intrigued, I stepped into what looked like a baby's nursery. In one corner stood a crib with pink baby blankets, a mobile, and a teddy bear waiting patiently alongside the pillow. A vinyl floored playpen stood across from the crib, and a low chest of drawers was nearby it.
My heart quickly began beating faster.
The room smelled gloriously, like baby powder, and something else, maybe plastic, but it had that distinctively unique scent that brought me instantly back to my early childhood. Unfortunately for my mom, it had taken her forever to potty train me, and it wasn't until kindergarten that I finally graduated to trainers. But even then, it was still a couple years before I could go to bed without wearing thick diapers and plastic pants every night.
Dropping to my knees, I knelt before a low changing table covered in waterproof plastic. My hands slowly stroked the playful nursery print characters decorating the surface before settling on a tall stack of cloth diapers. They were incredibly soft and thick, and without thinking, I quickly picked one up and held it to my face. My heartbeat quickened as I deeply inhaled the special, babyish scent. I blushed at the thought of being pinned into them.
I couldn't explain or understand my feelings, but I felt like I was a cauldron of swirling sensations; excitement, arousal, and shame, all inextricably mixed together. What would Gina think if she were to catch me here? The idea filled me with both trepidation and a certain naughty excitement, but I was sure that she wasn't due to come back in for quite some time.
On a whim, I opened one of the drawers nearby and sure enough, a large selection of colorful plastic panties were to be found. They looked so cute and babyish, so much fancier than the plain white ones my mom used to dress me in.
I picked out a pink pair with nursery print and held it in my trembling hands. What would it feel like to wear waterproof panties again? For some strange reason, these excited me like nothing else. My little wiener had become stiff in my pants and a wet spot was forming in my underwear.
"So! You like to play with diapers, do you?" I suddenly heard from behind me.
In an instant, I tried to hide the panties behind me and I jerked around to face Gina, who was standing in the doorway, still wearing her sexy gold swim suit. There was a mischievous smile on her pretty face and her slim hands were casually resting on her curvy hips as she looked down upon me. Her big breasts looked like two enormous melons, threatening to burst out of her much too small top.
"N-n-no, M-Miss Gina," I quaked in a panic, "I-I w-was just, um, looking."
My cheeks burned with guilty shame.
Silently, Gina crossed the threshold and came over to me, and as she bent down, her big, sexy bosom was only a foot from my gaping face.
I gulped hard and a trickle of sweat appeared on my forehead.
"It's okay baby," she smiled warmly at me, "some little boys still need to wear diapers and plastic panties, it's perfectly all right."
Totally at a loss for words, I swallowed hard and looked around the room nervously, my cheeks burning.
"I've been watching you for several minutes now, so there's no point in trying to deny it," she explained calmly, "I think you'd like me to pin you into some diapers of your own."
The redness in my cheeks spread to my chest and ears and I felt my hands trembling.
Without another word, she began slowly untying my shoes and removing them but when she reached for the button of my jeans, I put my hands up in panicked protest.
"No--wait, I-I was just--just exploring," I lamely whimpered, almost on the verge of tears.
As over-the-top sexy as she was, I was crushed with humiliation to be caught red-handed in here. If it had been Mrs. Snagworth, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, but being confronted by a gorgeous babe like Gina made it ten times worse.
Ignoring my whining, she briskly and authoritatively undid my pants, unzipped them, and pulled them down off my skinny legs, making me squeal with angst.
"I've got just the thing for a little boy who likes to wear pampers," she said in a soft, sultry voice, her gorgeous smile washing over me like a warm bath.
My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. What was I to do?
Taking three of the bunny soft diapers I had been fondling just moments before, Gina put a thick soaker pad down the center and then slid the white cotton stack under my rump.
"You won't be needing these anymore," she said with a grin as she snaked my Batman underwear down my legs and off of my feet. I squealed again and blushed with embarrassment as my bald little pee-pee came into view. Other than myself, no one had seen it except for maybe my mom, and that was only during bath times. Being limp with fear, it was no larger than either of my two little balls on either side.
Squeezing a generous portion of diaper rash cream on her buttery smooth hands, Gina smeared it gently across my youthful cheeks, covering the surface of my sensitive bottom with the cool, sticky substance. After lowering my legs back down, she began powdering me with Johnson's, and unconsciously, I breathed it in deeply.
For so long, I had wondered what it would be like to wear diapers again. And now, here was this stunning woman lovingly pinning me into a set just like I was her own little baby. Gazing up at her, I felt our age difference very acutely, even though she was only in her mid-twenties.
"Looks like someone likes to wear diapers," she grinned as she powdered over my now stiff, throbbing little member.
I blushed again and looked away but not for long. The view of her luscious bosom was getting me so hot, along with her wonderful ministrations that I was on the verge of having an explosive orgasm right here!
"I'll bet my little baby likes the pink bunny pins," she said as she held one of the safety pins before me. It looked like something an infant girl would have pinning her diapers together and shamelessly, I nodded my head.
"Mm-hm," she said smiling as she slipped them through the corners of the soft cotton cloth, "I thought so...I think there's a bit of a sissy in you, Francis."
Biting my lip, my cheeks burned hotly with embarrassment but I was too worked up to argue with her.
Humming to herself, Gina pulled the other side tightly and pinned it closed as well.
"And since you've already picked out your baby panties, I'll just put them on for you," she continued in her warm, yet teasing tone.
My head was swimming with the magnitude of feelings sweeping through me. Deep humiliation mixed with intense arousal--it was like nothing I'd ever experienced.
Gathering the delicate panties in her beautifully manicured hands, she guided my feet through them and began working them up my slender legs.
"Look at me, Francis," she said sweetly as she slowly pulled them past my knees.
Blushing a deep red, I gingerly looked up at her dazzling blue eyes. They were glittering playfully and I swooned with emotion.
"I want you to remember this moment--the first time you were put back into diapers and plastic panties. It's a moment little boys never forget."
I didn't doubt her for a moment. I would never forget this for as long as I lived!
Nevertheless, my cheeks burned hotly as I gazed up at her pretty face. I felt so helpless being pinned into my first diapers in years--like a toddler who couldn't control his wetting.
Pulling the cute vinyl panties up over the huge diaper swaddled around my hips, Gina used her fingers to work all the cloth inside until it was fully contained. Then she pulled my t-shirt off and over my head, setting it aside.
"I think I have something that will fit you here," she said as she went over to the closet and rummaged around for a moment.
Looking down at the shiny pink plastic covering my diapers in its snug embrace, I breathed in the babyish scent around me, reveling in the powerful sensations.
"Here we are," she said brightly, bringing over a frilly short top with puffy sleeves.
Raising my arms to her, she dropped the short top over my head and helped fit it around my torso. Kneeling down again, she removed my striped socks and replaced them with some shorter, fuzzy baby socks, following them with a pair of pink Ked's sneakers.
Taking my hand, she helped me to stand and she led me over to a full length mirror on the far wall.
"Take a look at yourself, Francis--or should I say, Baby Francis," she giggled.
My cheeks were a bright, blazing red as I beheld my babyish reflection. I was deeply ashamed, having submitted to being dressed like a diapered toddler but then Gina's seeming acceptance of my appearance helped me to cope with my conflicted feelings.
Bending down slightly behind me, Gina patted me gently on my fat, plastic covered bottom, beaming back at me in the mirror. Reaching over to the top of the dresser, she picked up a pink and white pacifier and eased it between my lips.
"There, you just suck on that for a bit--I'll be back in a couple of minutes."
After she strode out of the nursery, I continued to gaze at my reflection in  the mirror. I couldn't believe I was dressed as a baby! I looked just like a little diapered toddler girl.
Turning around, I twirled slightly to see my reflection in back. The diapers were so thick and round, so curvy and fat across my bottom, it made me feel very babyish.
When I had first entered the room a half hour ago, I'd felt like an outsider but now I felt like I belonged here.
My eyes gazed around, taking in all the sights when Gina came back in, carrying a pair of baby bottles filled with milk.
"If you're going to act like a baby--I might as well treat you like one," she said with her pretty smile.
Taking my hand, she led me into the crib and then sat on the edge so she could cradle me in her lap. With her left arm, she supported my head and brought me up close to her mouthwatering breasts, putting my face mere inches from them. I mewled with intense feelings of intimidation, mixed with white-hot arousal. Her skin was so soft and velvety, and her cleavage close enough I could kiss it. My heart was pounding wildly in my chest.
Before I could ponder any further, she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and pushed the warm rubber nipple of the bottle between my lips. I squealed helplessly but soon began nursing submissively.
"That's my baby..." she cooed softly as she rocked my head in her arm, "That's my little baby."
I drank and drank, occasionally stealing glances up into her dancing blue eyes. God, she was beautiful.
I think I was falling in love.
Even though I didn't particularly like milk, especially warm milk, I emptied the bottle fairly quickly and tried to get up, only to have her hold me in place. Removing the first bottle, she put it aside and quickly replaced it with the second full bottle. I squirmed and whimpered in protest but she held it firmly, forcing me to nurse like a helpless infant.
I didn't want to drink it but still--I couldn't really complain. Her big breasts were so close to my face, I could smell her alluring skin and the view of her deep cleavage, inches in front of my nose, was fabulous.
Nevertheless, by the time I finished the second bottle, I was well and truly full.
"I know--why don't we go outside and you can play on the swing set?" she asked enthusiastically.
The thought of going outside like this sent me into a wild panic--the last thing I wanted was to be seen by anyone else on this planet while dressed like a baby girl.
"B-but...won't people be able know...see me?" I asked uncertainly.
"Oh no--don't worry, baby," she reassured me, "The walls around my yard are high enough so no one can see in. It's very private."
Not entirely convinced, but not wanting to oppose her on anything, I gave my reluctant consent. Leading me by the hand back out of the house, I waddled awkwardly and soon felt the warm summer sunshine upon me as we stepped outside. The soft diapers felt wonderful between my thighs and the plastic vinyl panties swished pleasantly. Still, I felt extremely naked and exposed with these fat babyish underwear so humiliatingly displayed.
I glanced around the yard, my eyes everywhere, fearful of discovering a way that someone might see me.
Taking me over to the swing set, Gina helped me get into the seat, which proved somewhat difficult, due to the bulky width around my hips. She had to practically wedge me in but once settled, she positioned herself behind me and began pulling me back to release me. I pulled on the chains and began swinging higher and higher, the wind tickling my bare legs. I couldn't believe I was outside and dressed like a baby wearing diapers and pink plastic panties! I felt exhilarated and free!
She pushed me every time I swung back and I cried out with joy.
Sometimes, I would swing so high that I could catch a glimpse of the yard next door, and I blushed again to think that they might be able to see me too. Nevertheless, I continued swinging happily until I felt Gina stop pushing me.
"You keep playing, Francis, I think I hear my phone ringing," she said from behind me.
I didn't mind at all and I kept swinging while she went inside.
It seemed like she hadn't been gone for more then ten minutes when I started to feel a pressure building in my lower area. Slowing my pace, the swing went forwards and back, the momentum decreasing as I realized I hadn't peed all morning and the milk was starting to take effect on my bladder.
Reluctant to stop playing, I held it in and continued swinging, until a particularly strong pang hit me.
With a sigh of resignation, I brought the swing to a halt and tried to stand up but the swing seat was gripping the fat bulk of my diapers and wouldn't let go. Wrestling with it, I finally managed to extricate myself and just in time. Another really strong wave of need rippled through me and I just barely managed to stop it. I had to go!
Waddling as quick as I could, I made my way to the sliding glass door and pulled on the handle only to find that it was stuck. Now in a panic, I jerked it wildly, trying to open the jammed door. I yanked it again and began pounding on the glass, trying to get Gina's attention. Where was she??
Suddenly--to my horror, the floodgates opened and an overpowering, strong surge of hot, urgent pee streamed into my waiting diapers.
Oh no!!!
The thick cloth between my legs quickly grew heavy and warm with pee and I sobbed with despair. If I didn't feel like a complete baby before--I certainly did now!
Finally, I saw Gina striding quickly across the room inside, as she hurried to open the door for me. Her cell phone was still in her hand as she yanked the door open and looked down at me with genuine concern across her pretty face.
"Oh baby--I'm sorry, sometimes that door locks itself when you close it--is everything okay?"
Tears spilled down my face as I stared at the ground between us.
"I-I-I w-wet my diapers," I sobbed miserably. I felt so ashamed and  incredibly childish.
"Aww baby," she said as she gathered me in her arms, mashing my face against her big soft breasts, "That's okay, sweetie. Don't you worry about a thing--I'll get you all fixed up in a jiffy."
My cheeks were red with embarrassment and as I swallowed my tears, I let her take my hand and lead me inside. While it was mortifying, wetting my diapers like a little baby, I was relieved that she wasn't angry with me. Grabbing another baby bottle out of the warmer in the kitchen, Gina led me down the hallway and back into the nursery.
"I'll just change your diapers and then it'll be naptime for you," she said cheerfully.
"N-naptime?" I quailed, "I don't take naps anymore."
"Little babies that wet their pampers need to take naps in the afternoon, Francis," she explained patiently.
Although I didn't like the idea, I was reluctant to argue with Gina. I didn't want to do or say anything to make her not like me.
Sitting me down on the changing table, I felt the warm, wet cloth squish humiliatingly against my bottom. I was about to launch into a spirited defense as to how it happened and why it wasn't my fault when Gina pushed the rubber nipple of the baby bottle between my lips.
"Drink that up, sweetie," she said as she began peeling my clinging wet plastic panties down off my sodden diaper, "Babies need their milk."
I blushed and did as I was told while she unpinned my diapers and removed the wet cloth beneath me. The air around me smelled like pee and I blushed again, sure that Gina had determined that I was incapable of controlling my wetting.
Taking a pair of baby wipes, she began carefully cleaning my bottom and groin, paying close attention to my little penis. Looking up at her prominent bosom that was swaying slightly within her bikini top, I felt myself stiffening immediately.
"Well Francis, are you a big boy? Can you be trusted not to wet the bed or do I need to put you back in diapers again?" she asked as I lay there getting more worked up by the second.
I swallowed hard, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Clearly, she thought I was still so immature that I very much needed diapers. And yet, I was so incredibly turned on, looking up into her pretty blue eyes that the thought of her pinning me back into diapers was overwhelming.
"Y-yes Miss Gina," I stammered nervously.
"Yes what?" she replied.
I swallowed hard as I gazed at her big pendulous breasts.
"I um...need d-diapers," I admitted shamefully, my cheeks again burning hotly.
"Then ask me properly, baby boy," she told me.
I cleared my throat, unable to look her in the eye.
"P-please...will you, um...p-put me back in d-diapers, Miss Gina?"
I couldn't believe I was saying those words--I was so humiliated! I was basically admitting that I wasn't potty trained yet.
"--And plastic panties--say it all together," she corrected me.
I gulped back my crushing humiliation.
"Um, will you, p-put me back in diapers and p-plastic panties, Miss Gina?"
"I'll be happy to," she said with a smile that could melt ice, "A baby bedwetter like you needs all the protection he can get."
Her words stung me to the core but I was too turned on to care.
After another coating of Desitin, Gina slid another tall stack of soft, fluffy white diapers beneath my bottom and powdered me generously. Pulling the pillowy bulk between my legs, Gina beamed down at me.
"This will keep baby's crib dry during naptime."
Pinning the diapers around my slim hips snugly, she picked out a white pair of nursery print plastic panties and gathered them in her hands. Nursing from the bottle, I whimpered a little as I watched her slide the babyish panties up my hairless legs, taking her time to fit them around my voluminous diapers.
With that, I felt once more, like I had been returned to babyhood.
"There--all safe and secure again," she said with satisfaction and she began removing my Ked's sneakers.
I finished the milk and after taking back the bottle, Gina guided me into the pink crib. I sighed as she pulled back the soft baby blankets and helped me in, tucking the diapered teddy bear under my arm.
"Here you are, baby Francis," she said as she pushed a rubber pacifier in between my lips again.
I returned her smile as she lifted the side rail and clicked it in place, starting the mobile above my head.
"Sweet dreams, little one," she said as she left the room, turning out the light as she went.
Lying on my back and listening to the nursery rhyme, my hands immediately went down beneath the blankets and I began aggressively rubbing the front of my diapers. It felt absolutely wonderful and I had never been so aroused in all my life. I masturbated furiously, rubbing the cushiony soft cloth of my diapers and enjoying the buttery feel of the plastic panties as I re-lived Gina's humiliating words to me;
"Well Francis, are you a big boy? Can you be trusted not to wet the bed or do I need to put you back in diapers again?"
I blushed again as I heard her words in my head and in moments, I exploded in the most powerful orgasm I'd ever experienced. My eyes crossed and a low moan escaped my lips.
Gasping for air, my head was spinning as I slowly came down from the intense rush of my climax. My chest was heaving and finally, I had been able to satiate the tremendous, consuming need that had had me in its grip since I first arrived at Gina's house.
With the release of all that tension, I was finally able to relax and in the peaceful quiet of the nursery, I slowly drifted off to sleep.
Slowly and gradually, I felt myself coming out of the clutches of slumber, as I hazily became aware of the sound of indistinct voices somewhere else in the house. Feeling groggy, I sleepily opened my eyes and was momentarily disoriented as to where I was. Surrounding me were the reassuring pink bars of the baby's crib and looking through them, I could see the familiar infantile furnishings of Gina's nursery.
Yawning, I pleasantly recalled the wonderful orgasm I had enjoyed before falling asleep. My big diapers had felt so comforting, so bunny soft and wonderful.
It was only then that I felt the warm but clammy wet embrace of the Birdseye cloth surrounding me.
In a panic, my hand shot down to confirm my worst fears--my diapers were soaking wet!!
How had that happened? I remembered drifting off to sleep after playing with myself but nothing after that until now. I hadn't wet the bed in years and I was at a total loss to understand what had happened--what would Gina think?
Suddenly, I heard voices from down the hall and I realized belatedly someone else was in the house.
"He's sleeping in this room?"
"Yes, it seemed more appropriate for him, since the mattress is protected by a waterproof sheet."
I bit my lip in fear as I instantly recognized my mom's voice and it filled me with utter panic. Before I could think of what to do, the door to the nursery opened abruptly.
Gina strode into the room, now fully dressed, followed by my mom. Strong waves of shame washed over me and I blushed furiously as they came over to the crib and looked down over the rail at my cringing form.
"Well it's true--looks like someone wanted to play baby today," my mom remarked sardonically.
Gina smiled down on me warmly--she was wearing a pink, snug fitting button top that clung tightly to her mouthwatering breasts and she lowered the crib rail, taking my hand and helping me to sit up. Without thinking, I clutched the teddy bear in my arms for comfort as I struggled to think of some sort of explanation for my mom, who was crossing her arms over her chest, shaking her head in disapproval as she looked down on me.
Gina took a seat on the edge of the crib mattress and she pulled me over her lap, cradling me in her arm again as she produced another baby bottle of milk.
"No-no!" I cried, putting my hands up in protest. Now that my mom was present, playing baby for her had lost all of its appeal.
Ignoring my pleas, Gina pulled me down on my back and over her lap so I was once again facing her and her enormous bosom. Unfortunately, this had the effect of pulling me out of the cover of the blankets, fully exposing my baby outfit and fat, shiny diapers for my mom. I watched as her jaw dropped in shock and she beheld her sissy son, looking like an over-sized baby girl.
I tried to say something by way of explanation but Gina pushed the bottle in between my lips and my words were muffled by the wet rubber nipple. Warm milk dribbled down my chin and dripped onto my chest. I squealed and whined, the panic causing a fresh stream of hot pee to flow into my already wet diapers.
As if reading my mind, Gina reached down and slipped a finger inside the elastic leg hole of my plastic panties, feeling the soggy wetness inside.
"Looks like baby Francis wet his diapers during his nap," she announced with a maternal smile.
My cheeks blazed with shame and I sucked desperately on the bottle, the humiliation crushing me.
"Francis--what has gotten into you?" my mom demanded angrily.
I gulped hard and struggled in Gina's arm, trying to get up but she held me in place.
"Not yet baby, finish your bottle first," she chided me.
"Francis--I don't know what's gotten into you but when we get home, you can count on taking a trip over my lap. Remember what happens to bedwetters?" my mom scolded me.
I whimpered as my eyes brimmed with tears. I hadn't been spanked in years but the last time, her paddle had left my crying like a baby.
"Would you like me to change his diapers before you go?" Gina offered helpfully, "Its no trouble."
She sounded so casual, she made it sound like it was my usual clothing.
"No," my mom replied, her expression dark, "Since he wants to dress and act like a baby, he can just wear his wet diapers home. After that, he's got an appointment with the paddle."
Gina giggled as she held the bottle to my lips.
"These plastic panties should be able to handle his wetting until then--and I can give you a fresh change to take with you for his beddie-bye if you like," she suggested.
"Yes," my mom said conspiratorially, "My little baby will be wearing his diapers to bed after his bottom's been warmed."
Finally, the bottle was empty and Gina helped me up. She quickly gathered several thick, fluffy diapers, plastic panties and some baby powder, handing them over to my mom.
"Well Francis, it was fun having you over. I hope you had a good time," Gina said as she bent down and hugged me closely. I sniffled, wondering how things could have gone so wrong for me today. Seeing my sad face, Gina popped the pink pacifier in my mouth and beamed down at me.
"You can keep that sweetie, I'm sure it will make you feel better on the ride home."
I blushed hotly, wishing now that I'd never come over here.
"Come along, Francis, the paddle's waiting for you," my mom told me as she took my hand and led me to the door.
Wonderful story!
i have had similar fantasies.
A lovely story, and wonderfully well written!

Imagine being put back into nappies, forced to wet them, and being spanked all on one day!

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