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Maid Role Play
(04-04-2018, 03:55 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: Does anybody know the answer, or can anyone throw any light on to the following question.

Why do nearly all of us, base our maid-role plays (real or fantasy) on domestic service from the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries?

Curtsy Maitresse Yvette-Louise
I guess although i do like maid type roleplay, its more the submissive housewife aspect that appeals to me. Being kept happily & obediently domesticated, busy all day at my chores & waiting for my significant & superior other to come home, so i can fetch them a drink in a pretty dress them serve them happily. I do like the maids dresses but the very pretty & impractical ones

(04-14-2018, 01:46 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: Thank you for your replies, especially Mistress Ivy for her very in-depth, and thought provoking answer.

Photographs do exist of housemaids in the Nineteenth century. In them the women are wearing the standard Victorian long dress with full bibbed apron. Most of the photos are normally taken of them wearing their formal serving outfits, but there are a few of maids doing their chores. There are quite a few photos of Hannah Cullwick, which are mainly taken by her employer, Arthur Munby, which clearly show how hard it was for these Ladies who were in service.

There is also a painting by Joseph Caraud called "Taking a Liberty" of a housemaid/Ladies maid cleaning her mistress's dressing table (at least that is what she is supposed to be doing)

The maid uniform is seen as a very submissive piece of clothing, which is why it attracts submissive Men/sissy's. Playing the role of the maid is seen as doing a submissive women's job which I guess is one of the reasons why you want to be maids.

Very few of you would probably want to wear a full Victorian maids outfit, (ankle length dress and petticoat, corset etc.), I would guess even less of you would want to spend an entire day doing housework in it. It really is not very practical. Having said that the French maid uniform is not very practical either.

Curtsy Maitresse Yvette-Louise
I dont think i would want to spend all day & everyday doing housework. But i think its very important that You dont have to do any. And a sissy should be happy and obedient in whatever outfit You choose for her to wear.
(04-14-2018, 01:46 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: The maid uniform is seen as a very submissive piece of clothing, which is why it attracts submissive Men/sissy's. Playing the role of the maid is seen as doing a submissive women's job which I guess is one of the reasons why you want to be maids.

There is no doubt that being a woman's maid is very submissive for a male but it is not the only reason I do it. Household chores are something that should be shared to begin with and any man who feels it is beneath him is archaic and thoughtless whether or not he cross dresses. It just makes sense for those who do dress up to show our gratitude and what better way to do it than to take on the menial household chores and to dress accordingly. It makes doing housework fun and gives our partners plenty of free time to relax knowing that her maid has everything under control. When you think about it what are we supposed to do when we get to dress up, just sit and watch television?

Having said that I wouldn't say that being a maid is doing a submissive woman's job but in generations past it was just about the only work a woman could get and they were often treated badly and as second class citizens. Even today this is true in some places and that is very sad, women aren't maids because they are submissive but rather it is forced upon them to make a living. As you say men and sissies who role play as maids are attracted to being submissive but we will never really experience the hardships female maids have, we just get to wear pretty dresses and have fun even if there is a little embarrassment that goes along with it.
Just finishing reading Maid Jennifer's note which points out some real sober realities.       The so called maid outfit was a plain dress that the girl, some as young as 12, had to buy herself.    The apron was for practical protection, and I believe the only item that, I understand these individuals had to wear and did not like was the "maids cap"
The long dress was a every day reality of the period in time, not something like the confection, of the so called "french maid outfit of today's sissy image.
Chores were often dirty, unhealthy and very demeaning, but necessary.       Basic needs were not dealt with by pushing a toilet handle and see the waste washed away, but reality, for the wealthy , indoor plumbing was often a chamber pot, that required removal, and cleaning manually.     I don't think a chambermaids job was one that any one wished to be given.
Maids were not to be seen, or see, if you have watched documentaries, the old castles and "houses" some of over 100 rooms had separate stairs and narrow halls that the servant staff travelled and lived, so not to be seen.     If encounters did happen, the proper action of the "maid" was to turn, face the wall and wait until "her betters" had passed.
For those who wish to see an idea of the realities of the real life of the 16, 17,to 19th centuries,   there are currently 2 TV channels that are doing authentic re enactment and construction of historic living and construction using the old methods.   In Canada TVO (Ontario) & Knowledge (BC)     Also PBS does a good job.
As for punishment, our current idea is of spankings or maybe a bit of time in a corner.
Reality was more than likely Rape, stocks, or whippings.       The worst could well be "your services are no longer required" that could mean the possible reality of starvation and death.

So why a number of us, love to dress in these ages of servitude.    I truthfully do not know, except that has been my idea outfit I love to wear, though I know it is not reality.    Well I have lived a bit more than most, having to load the ice box with ice, the blocks being 75lb, hauling them out of the ice house that kept the ice cold,  covered with sawdust.   Split wood, being knotty maple and oak, all while in my preteens.     I still split wood, at times in a long dress and apron,use a wood burning wood stove at my island , which requires the ashes be cleaned out each morning.    From the time I was 5, had to hand pump water up to a tank, then make sure the wood box was full.    Yes we no longer use coal oil lamps, having converted to solar, and propane does a great job of keeping things cool.
Now have an enviroment toilet, but still have an out house as a back up.        And used or not , things like spiders and other crawly things can still make a mess.   Thankfully I do not have to worry of being "let go" and such realities that still exist today, most of us sissies do not have to worry about rape, or not having enough to eat.
In summary I am proud to say I am a feminist, women should have equal pay, control of their bodies, and I am not scared to acknowledge in many ways women are truly superior.              Gigi T

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