Poll: Which knickers do you choose?
Black skimpies
Lacy silkies
Tennis frillies
Regulation school knickers
Disney Princess
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Forced to choose your knickers
Your mother has told you that you are to be spanked and then put into knickers for the rest of the day. To add to your humiliation, she tells you that you must choose the knickers you are to wear. Which do you choose?

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I would chose the black lacy ones or the 2nd image of pink lacy ones
(04-03-2018, 09:40 PM)inhershoes Wrote: I would chose the black lacy ones or the 2nd image of pink lacy ones

My 1st and 2nd choices exactly!
Mine have to be Tennis fillies cause I love to see London and I love to see France -
NO peeking now I see panties - well knickers if you prefer but it doesn't rhyme as well.
Wearing a tennis skirt it is expected that some exposure will naturally occur - so there !
Love - Game - Set - Match
I chose the pink lacy panties - and easy choice for me. Though I am strangely drawn to the Disney Princess panties. Perhaps I should go shopping today!❤️
School knickers, large. Tucked into white vest and as past Easter into short gingham school sumner dress and white knee socks and Mary Jane school shoes.

Lots bare thighs readily available to spank.

They would be school knickers because daytime is Uniform time.
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Jacket ins

School knickers only all the time even at weekends and holidays.

Your knicker draw should only include school knickers. At the end of each school term you should go through the drawer and discard old worn ones and replace.

Old ones make excellant cleaning rags.

If you go to the gym you wear gym knickers under a pleated pe skirt. Optionally like at my school your initials are sewn onto the front!

If you go swimming you wear a girls one piece swimming costume in navy blue with a pink swimming cap

Such a difficult choice and the question wasn't what you want to wear, it was what you'd tell your mother you wanted to wear.

Obviously if you want to give the message to your mother that you hate the idea of having to wear panties, then it has to be the boring bottle blues. However, if you want to take the risk of letting her know how you really feel about wearing panties and revealing that you're a closet sissy, then it simply has to be either the sexy black ones or the peach (some of you need your monitors adjusting; they're not pink!) satin ones with the gorgeous white lace trim.

Choose the boring bottle blue pants (they hardly qualify as panties or as knickers) and you have the hope that she may put you in girls undies again as punishment and may 'force' you into more feminine styles. Choose the sexy or sensual panties and you run the risk that she'll realise it's not really punishment and will never pantie you again.

Decisions - decisions!
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
School knickers
Looking to be a naughty school girl and maid for strict auntie headmistress 

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