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Prince George doing ballet
Hello All  

I am a new member here- but just wandering the internet and I found this News  article dated the 10th of September 2017, which says prince George is doing ballet -  

Coming from the world back blocks in Australia, I was unsure if this was new news or old stuff, so I decided to post it here and find out. 
I do think a male member of the royal family doing ballet is breaking new ground for feminine men and female superiority - discuss ?? 

I am wondering how many English boys upon hearing such news may / will decide to take it up ??? Discuss 

From the reading I have done I believe ballet is a great activity for encouraging male femininity and female superiority - discuss ??? Having read the article it would be better if it was traditional ballet - but if a girl or wife finds a boy or young man who has done ballet, the wife can bring up the traditional aspect then and the stigma soon return.   

I am happy to update the board regards where Australia is up to regards encouraging male femininity and female superiority
I believe Prince george doing ballet is great to see anyway.Boys doing such activity here in Oz isn't so accepted yet in my opinion - but I do think its not far away.

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