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FemDom Therapist, Dom Wife and sissy
A Wife growing in Her dominance, supported by a Female therapist, as the authority figure, helping to clarify thinking for the male-
Therapist - Last week we were discussing your Wife's views on how your marriage would work best, and i whole heartedly agree with Her.
She is a Woman, she is not only smarter and has tested smarter than you, but getting to know Her, she's also wiser than you, wouldn't you agree?
Male: yes, i guess so.
Wife, sitting smiling.
Therapist: So let me ask you some questions so we can reason this out and get you on board with some of the improvements and enhancements in your life and marriage, which will only make things smoother and stronger, OK?
She and I only want what we know will work best.
1st, lets talk about your willingness to participate in this so far, baby steps to be sure, but good for the moment.
you are seated on the floor, and you enthusiastically agreed to wearing your pretty new dress, you wanted this and so here you are, wearing the dress your wife said you liked best, from the choices she laid out for you, and you are as we discussed, keeping your knees and ankles together.
You are dressed from the skin out in what used to be considered Women's clothing, a pretty dress, slip, stockings, corset, bra and panties, right? Great.
Now, since your Wife is the bread-winner, it only makes sense that you look pretty for Her. Of course it does! And She's told me your behavior at home has improved, you are trying your best to be an obedient and good little sissy girl. you are in your sissy belt, respectfully tucked away backwards, nice and safe, only 6 shocks administered since our last session and sitting lady-like to pee properly, the Woman's way, just the right way for someone like you.
Now let's talk about your possessiveness regarding Her desires.
Is your little locked up penis the biggest in the World?
H - No, Ma'am
T - Is it the longest lasting in the World?
H - No, Ma'am
T - Is it the hardest in the World, even before your sissy belt went on?
h - No, Ma'am
T - Is it the best penis in the World?
h - No, Ma'am
T - Is it anywhere close to being the best penis in the World?
h - No, Ma'am
T- Is it a real man's penis, big and strong, something that deserves to and needs to pee standing up, that can swing around in a pair of pants when you walk proudly?
h - no, Ma'am
T - Do you deeply and truly respect and adore your wife, do you love Her and trust Her Unconditionally?
h - Yes, Ma'am
T - Then wouldn't you want Her life to be the very best?
h - Yes, Ma'am
T - Isn't it best being asmarter, that she do the thinking and make the descisions for you both?
h - Yes, Ma'am
T - Then wouldn't you want Her sex life to be the very best?
h - Yes, Ma'am
T - Can you fulfill Her very real needs and aches for a strong manly male with a large studly penis, with the stamina to last and reach places you cannot and never will?
h- Yes Ma'am
T - Or, can you ever suddenly turn into a soft and desirable Woman when she needs a Woman to truly fulfill Her needs for Female to Female sex, the long-lasting and deep pleasure only 2 Females can share and truly understand?
h - no, Ma'am
T - Or is your tiny feminized penis a special prize She treasures so much, she locked it away for Her own needs and from the abuse you used to render upon it? Her very special locked away sissy penis?
h - Yes Ma'am
T - So then I think you have something to say to your wonderful, wonderful Wife, something to ask Her, don't you?
h - Yes, Ma'am
T - Go ahead
h- Please my wonderful Mistress Wife, please go out and enjoy the kind of fulfilling sex life you deserve and i cannot ever provide you with, please, i am begging you!!!
The Women applaud. Wife is laughing and clapping!
T - What a breakthrough you just had!
W - I am so proud of my little sissy! i might even just treat sissy to a few new bras and panties on that way home, would you like that girly,girl? Kiss my shoes now and grovel, thank Me in between kisses!
T - (buzzing Her sissy husband secretary) sissy monique, you may send in the patient's stud boyfriend now. Up onto your knees sissy, time to seal your deal with your Mistress. Start by kissing Her butt, good, now, nothing seals the deal like blowing and then getting banged in front of your Wife and I, remember, this is what you chose!
Over my desk, let's get sissy's skirts up and panties down!
sissy monique, bring in some lubrication for sissy cindy and the video camera, let's get this breakthrough celebration for cindy's full sissy-hood on video!
Wow that is a huge cock, (looks at the Wife), good for you sweetie! Most impressive, open wide on both ends sissy, here he comes!
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.

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