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Sissy's and baby's humiliations
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Sissy and baby - a story

Sorry, had to report this so that it is readable

This is a story I wrote some years ago and which can still be found on the Sissykiss site. The first five chapters were originally written by CreamyPants which I found to be something I would like to continue. I acknowledge my debt to CreamyPants for the inspiration to take the story forward.
Chapter 1
Julie Symms looked into the next room at her sissified husband. He was busy playing with his dollies and glancing now and again at Little Mermaid on the TV. Even from the next room she could see the reflection of a trickle of drool on his chin. She began to wonder if he had wet himself yet. The constant hypnosis had worked wonders and he barely noticed wetting anymore. She remembered a time when it wouldn't have been possible to take him downstairs. Even with his muscles weakened from all the time locked in his crib he would have still attempted to run, not that there was anywhere he could have gone. With the extra thick diapers she kept him in constantly it was hard for him to stand and even if he could manage to get to the door any one of his embarrassing outfits would make him think twice about opening it. After all this time, though, her little husband was a perfect sissy angel.
It had taken a lot of work to get him to this point: all the clothes she had to buy to keep him in, all the attention she had to shower on him, not to mention the constant spankings to get him to accept his new life. Not that there hadn't been some fun along the way she thought to herself. She still remembered how bright red he had blushed when she took him in front of a mirror for the first time. With the booties, the bonnet, the layers and layers of petticoats, and the silky pink party dress he was an absolute vision. She chuckled when she thought about how he had wet himself out of sheer terror (the diapering started after that). She recalled fondly how he had squirmed when she invited her ladyfriends to the house to fuss over him. Her absolute favourite, however, were the little sissy tears he had cried when she brought one of her lovers into his nursery to tickle him under the chin. By time she was done having sex in his nursery the tears were almost dry; more than could be said for his diapers.
Now she had finished mixing his special bottle. That had been one of her best ideas. Warm milk, mixed with hormones, and the creamy got from him every morning. Since she had to get it every morning to keep him from stroking his diapered clitty anyway, she figured why not put it to good use? Of course he had resisted at first but she was always able to convince him. Just like his little fits over not getting to be milked until he admitted he was a complete sissy. She wondered if he had known how ridiculous his protests had sounded with his new sissy lisp. In each case he had given up after one spanking and now they were his favourite times of the day (except for dress up of course). Of course he had become much more docile after she told him that all of his old things had been sold to pay for his transformation. Dressies and diapees and your baby furniture aren't free she had cooed to him.
She watched his face light up as she brought his bottle over to him. He bounced and squirmed in his playpen at the sight of her. The ruffling of petticoats almost kept her from hearing him wetting his diaper. She handed him his bottle. He held it in both hands and began sucking ravenously. She smiled and decided to spank him today for old times sake.
Chapter 2
Mommy sat down next to the playpen and watched as her baby finished his bottle. His mouth kept sucking as she took it from him and he whimpered and kicked when he saw that it was gone. With time his little tantrums had less frequent but more and more babyish, but she knew how to stop them. She pulled out his pacifier and he was sucking rhythmically before she tied its ribbons around his head. Did babys special bottle get her excited, and does she need a diapee change?┬Ł she cooed, stressing the female pronouns. He blushed and she heard him wet his diaper again. She wondered whether he was more embarrassed about the diaper or about being referred to as she. Ok baby mommy will change you and let you make poopies.┬Ł He bounced up and down excited and she could hear the squish of his wet diapers. She opened his playpen and he crawled over to his changing mat.
Before it had been so hard removing all the layers and layer of baby clothes for him to use the potty seat. First the plastic panties, then all the diapers, then the petticoats and skirts, and in the end he would end up sitting on his pink little potty chair in nothing but a bonnet and training bra. While this was quite a sight to behold she didnt want him poking and playing with his little breasts. He had been overwhelmed when they first started to really appear and had spent the entire day in his crib fondling his little budding nipples. Now she made the bottoms of all his outfits detachable so he wouldnt have to go without his precious sissy clothes.
Now mommy had all of her babys bottoms off. Once she had his diapers off she always made sure to tie a few ribbons around his little clitty. She remembered how he had made squirties the first few times she had wiped off his diaper area. After she had wiped him off she turned his over on his stomach. She pulled out the plug she sometimes kept in him in the mornings to keep him from messing his diapers before potty-time. It was pink and said ╦ťMommys helper and the startled look on his face when she first showed it to him was almost the same as his shocked expression the first time she inserted it. She loved that it kept her from having to deal with dirty diapers, and she enjoyed the way he would giggle and smile whenever she would insert or remove it now.
Having him use the potty chair was one of her favourite sites. He always looked ridiculous when he sat his pert sissy butt on top of the little pink chair. She chuckled as she saw him sitting and sucking intently on his pacifier. He heard her laugh and blushed furiously causing him to loosen his bowls and her to laugh harder. When he finished and she was wiping his bottom she praised him with her most sugary-sweet voice, Whos mommys big girl?┬Ł She knew the answer when she flipped him back over and his little clitty was bulging against its ribbons. She could smell baby powder and oil coming off of him before she even began to powder him. He's been so heavily powdered and oiled for so long now that it must be in his skin she mused as she grabbed three more diapers. After that she diapered him up and put all of his frillies back on. Now he was finally ready for his big day.
Chapter 3
She had been waiting for today for quite some time and had been trying her hardest to go about the normal routine and not drop any hints. She remembered the last time she had been this apprehensive. It was the day her husband cemented his own sissy fate.
When she first started his training he had fought her fought her every step of the way. Once the hypnosis started to take effect his struggling turned more and more to crying and pouting, but even once his new life had become routine she could still sense a glare of defiance in his eyes. Thats when she realized he would never fully accept his fate unless he chose it himself, and so she came up with her plan.
He was shocked when one day instead of waking up in his crib and diapers he woke up in bed next to her in shorts and t-shirt. Fortunately she had made sure his bladder was empty or he would have wet the bed out of fright. Then when she turned to him and apologized for everything she had put him through he was dumbstruck. When she told him she would never force him to go back he feigned a smile, but she could see the faint glimmer of fear in his eyes; everything was going just as she had hoped. You wont have to wear diapers, or dresses, or bonnets, or petticoats, or drink bottles, or play with dolls ever again┬Ł she had said to him. She was delighted by the pangs on his face at the idea of forfeiting each item. He was barely listening when she told him things could go back to the way they were before. Let me try to make it up it up to you honey┬Ł she said as she curled up next to him leaned in to kiss him. He had yelped and rolled away. She (rather insincerely) asked what was wrong pretending not to notice he had now had made creamy in his shorts. She almost laughed and broke the act when he asked if that meant he wouldnt get his bottle today. After a second she had looked at him and said, I guess if you WANT to be my sissy baby its alright, but we cant keep going back and forth. This time it will have to be permanent┬Ł. This hit him like a pound of bricks. Ill give you the day to think about it" she said as she kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Despite all of her coaxing he was back in diapers before the end of the day.
Today was another big day for him she thought. Just then she heard the doorbell ring. It was time for his play date.
Chapter 4
Mommy saw her baby squirm and squeeze his dolly tight as she went to go answer the door. It was funny how afraid he still was of being seen even after everything that had happened. She wondered how he would react if he knew that she had shown all of her friends the albums full of pictures she had taken of her new baby. The albums had been such a hit that Mommys neighbour Mrs. Stevens had decided to try the same thing on her naughty little husband. They had both chuckled when they agreed that a play-date would be in order once Mrs. Stevens had sufficiently sissified her husband. When Mommy answered the door to see him in full dress shyly clinging to his Mommys hand she knew that day had come. She wasnt sure how it was possible but he looked even more ridiculous than her baby.
Every part of him was covered in bubble gum pink. His long blond hair had been curled and tied with pink ribbon into pigtails. He was wearing pink mary-janes with matching pink laced topped ankle socks. His nails and lips had been painted glittery pink. He was wearing a short pink dress with layers of cream coloured petticoats. As a finishing touch his extra thick diapers (Mrs. Stevens used four at a time hoping this would sissify him more quickly) were covered with little pink hearts.
Well doesnt someone look cute today?┬Ł Mommy cooed. The baby minced and blushed even pinker. Then his Mommy gave him an icy look causing him to quickly curtsey exposing even more of his diapers. She looked down at him again and he lisped, Hewo, my name is Thithy. Tank you fow letting me come ovow and pway┬Ł. Sissy, mommy thought, not very original but certainly appropriate. Even though this little speech was obviously rehearsed Mommy could hear the humiliation in it. Then the two mommies started chatting about techniques they used with their babies. Mrs. Stevens absolutely loved Mommys ╦ťspecial bottle idea and vowed to start doing the same tomorrow. She had just been letting him make creamies in his diapers and then spanking him for it. As the two mommies were chatting, Sissy started to tug at his mommys hand trying to enter the house, but she ignored him and held on tightly. After they finished chatting (and half the neighborhood had seen Sissys diapered bottom) then entered the house.
Mommy saw her babys eyes light up when he saw Sissy. He dropped his doll and reached though the bars of the playpen. She wasnt surprised. She wondered if her baby saw Sissy like a new doll, a playmate, or as something more. Not only had she enveloped him in sissyness but she also directed all of his sexual desires towards it. All this time she had made him look at nothing but frilly sissy clothing whenever she had milked him. From the smile on her face she knew Mrs. Stevens was thinking the same thing. When they made the play-date had hoped the two would really ╦ťhit it off. Mommy also saw the mixed expression of terror, intrigue, and embarrassment hit Sissy at her babys reaction. I think these two are going to be good friends,┬Ł Mrs. Stevens said as she opened the playpen.
Chapter 5
Mommy and Mrs. Stevens smiled to one another as they watched Sissy crawl nervously into the playpen. Mommy was sure her babys pacifier would have fallen right out of his mouth if the ribbons werent tied around back of his head. She also noticed how Sissy slowly swung his little diapered butt as he crawled; it looked like someone was trying to get attention after all! She also noticed how her babys eyes followed Sissys sashaying hips and that he was sucking his dummy in rhythm with the movement. She remembered that the nipple on her babys pacifier was shaped like a tiny penis and wondered if her baby was slowly running his tongue over it as he suckled.
Mommys thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Stevens as she asked, You know Julie youve never told me what you call your sweet little baby now?┬Ł Mommy looked up and said, You know Dianne I never really picked a name, but what about Baby?┬Ł Mrs. Stevens smiled and said, Sissy and Baby? That sounds like a perfect match.┬Ł Then, as if on cue, Baby flung his arms around Sissy who proceeded to giggle and blush. Once his cheeks had cooled Sissy looked apprehensively at the two mommies and started playing nervously with his skirt. When Mrs. Stevens gave him a slight nod, his eyes lit up and he turned and gave Baby a kiss on the cheek. Right then Mommy and Mrs. Stevens could see a bulge even through Babys three diapers. Sissy saw it too and his Mommy smacked his hand away right before he could touch. Both mommies were very angry: Sissy knew she shouldnt touch there (yet┬Ž) and Baby had already been milked once today! I think were going to have to spank both of these naughty babies,┬Ł Mommy said crossing her arms. You mean youw gunna take off ow diapies,┬Ł said Sissy shyly. He might sound timid, Mommy though but both she and Mrs. Stevens noticed how hungrily he stared at Babys crotch when he was speaking and how he began slowly sucking his thumb once he finished. Both mommies had expected the two to be fast friends, but looking at one another they were amazed at how quickly things were developing. Yes Sissy,┬Ł his mommy cooed, were going to spank you and Babys naked bottoms┬Ł. Mommy could tell it took al of Sissys restraint not to cheer as she knelt down to take out Babys pacifier. She leaned far over exposing tops of her massive breasts as she began to untie the ribbons and to pull out the pacifier. She was pleased that the babies eyes remained glued to one another. Mommy did notice, however, that Mrs. Stevens leaned in to eye her figure and for the first time Mommy began to blush slightly. She could feel Babys lips cling to the pacifiers tip as she slowly removed it, allowing Sissy to clearly see it.
The two babies shivered with anticipation as their mommies announced it was spanking time and if their mommies hadnt immediately swooped them up they probably would have begun making sloppy baby kisses right there. The two mommies set up rocking chairs next to one another, pulled their babies over their laps, and undid the back of their many diapers. Baby and Sissy were lying face to face and their mommies pretended not to notice when they started kissing. The sound of deep baby kisses was only interrupted by synchronized yelps as the two babies were spanked. Only once Baby and Sissys bottoms were bright red were they put back into their playpen, this time with no diapers. Lets see what mischief our little girls get into together said Mrs. Stevens,┬Ł looking down at the two. Frankly,┬Ł Mommy whispered into Dianne Stevens ear as she pressed her body against Diannes, Im more concerned with making some mischief of my own┬Ł. What a wonderful play date, Mommy thought as she felt the warm caress of Diannes tongue.
Chapter 6.
Six months later Baby's Mommy Julie and Sissy's Mommy Diane have moved together into a new spacious house with Sissy and Baby. The mommies are fortunate in being wealthy enough, both through inheritance and their own work, to be able to afford a grand house and keep their two sissies at home constantly under their discipline. While Julie was the one to first sissify her hubby and introduce Diane to the delights of having a sissy hubby, Diane is now even more keen and inventive on carrying on with their sissification. She is perhaps the harsher martinet of the two, but all in all they have found their thoughts, wishes and ideas for their hubbies discipline to be very much in unison.
Sissy and Baby have a fully equipped nursery. There is a large locking crib covered with a plastic sheet where they are put together for the night and their day-time naps, a big playpen with a soft rubber-covered carpet, lots of dollies and toys, two big-sissy sized rocking horses, a big changing table, two pink potty-chairs and two special highchairs, the seats of which have holes for plastic potties. On the wall hang their leather leading reins and an array of instruments for punishing the sissies. There are two paddles, one with eight holes, and the other of solid wood. There is a hard-backed hairbrush, a stiff leather strap and a martinet with ten short tails. While all of these are very efficient instruments for imposing strict nursery discipline, the one instrument which the sissies dread most of all is the birch-rod, which lies soaking in a tub of brine-water in one corner. There is a little wood near-by and the sissies squirmed when on Dianes initiative their mommies took them there one day and instructed them to make two nice birch-rods for their own discipline. Three or even four weeks might go by without Sissy and Baby tasting the birch, but when they do their botties will certainly smart for several days afterwards.
They are spanked with the other instruments much more frequently. If a whole day passes without a single smacking the next might bring them two or three separate spankings in one day. Dianne and Julia are in full agreement about the necessity of regular spankings for their sissies. Of course Sissy and Baby are most obedient and very docile, but their mummies will always find some reason for giving them a red bottom whenever they feel it is needed.
Their spankings are always on the bare bottom, except that for instant discipline the strap may be used on their extended hands for smaller misdemeanours, or when it is inconvenient to take down their diapers and plastic pants. Sometimes their hands are also strapped in addition to a bare-bottom spanking. After six smacks on each hand their palms will be tingling hotly for some hours afterwards! The sissies share all their punishments, and even if only one of them has misbehaved both will get the same punishment. All spankings are followed by a corner-time for up to two hours.
On the wall are also two plastic-covered skipping ropes. Now that the sissies are totally broken in their mommies do not need to keep them weak. While Julie and Diane like to see the sissies accumulating some baby fat and enjoy the slightly flabby look this gives them - and which the two formerly rather athletic men are ashamed of - they dont want them to become so obese as to present a serious health-risk. That is why each morning after their pottying and feeding they let out into the garden where they will skip with their ropes for 45 minutes. For this exercise period they are dressed only in pull-up diapers and rubber training bras as they will be soaking with sweat after they have done their exercises. They also have a leather cuff with little bells locked on one of their ankles, ensuring that they will not stop when their mommies are not looking. Furthermore they also have nice fat butt plugs shoved up their bottom-holes for the workout! They do their daily exercise come in all types of weather, but they are given transparent plastic macs if it rains. As it has rained rarely they have been mostly able to skip in the warm sun and they have a nice bikini tan as a consequence.
Each morning Sissy and Baby are put into their high-chairs where they will remain locked in for an hour, two give them ample time to do their poopies in their potties. Although the sissies are hopelessly incontinent and will have wet their diapers usually within an hour after a diaper-change, they are expected to do all their poopies in the potty and they will be punished strictly if they mess in their diapers. That is why they have an hour of potty time both in the morning and in the evening, before being locked into their crib for the night. Should Sissy or Baby need to poo during the day, she has to ask mummy nicely for the potty. When this happens both of them will be put on their potties on which they will squat for half-an-hour, before they are allowed to get up and have their bottoms wiped. Even if only one of them has asked to be relieved, they are both expected to perform when on the potty. The one that has not done so will be punished, as will also the other in accordance with the shared punishment principle. The sissies have thus learned to try and coordinate their poopies so as to avoid being spanked. This is not easy as their dildoing has weakened their sphincters and they have to hurry when they feel the urge, even when the other cannot produce a turd. But being spanked for constipation entails a lesser spanking than messing their diaper, which would be corrected with the birch. It took only one occasion for them to learn that particular lesson.
Their healthy diet of mashed vegetables, staple and bran and their hour on the potty each morning ensures the regular working of their bowels, but sometimes their mommies will have a bit of fun and slip a laxative into the bottle of one of the sissies, but not of the other. This provides the mommies amusing entertainment and usually an opportunity for spanking the sissies. For them it is a humiliating experience, all the more so if there are visitors coming or if they are taken out.
On the day their new baby reins were delivered to the house their mommies decided to take them next day to their hairdresser. After their exercise and bath they were dressed in their training bras, cream-colored blouses with ruffled cuffs and collar and pink velveteen sissy shorts over their diapers and plastic pants. Pink dresses with petticoats would have also quite appropriate, but sometimes their mommies feel that these femmy sissy-boy clothes are just as good for their dress discipline. The legs of the shorts were short enough to allow everyone to see that they were wearing pink plastic pants under them. Sissy and Baby were then fastened in their new leather baby harnesses, their pacifiers were pushed into their mouths and they were led out to the van and taken to the hairdresser. For the trip they were supplied with their special formula baby bottles and told they had to finish them before they arrived at their destination.
Janets salon was run by a good friend of their mommies who with her teenage young assistant Tracy greeted them warmly. Janet knew all about the sissies having visited them on several occasions, but for Tracy this was her first view of them and she couldn't stop smirking. The sissies did not know it, but they were going to be treated to a very special haircut. Sissy was first fastened into a barber-chair, but before Janet could begin his coiffure Baby, whose bottle had been laced, urgently tugged Julies arm and whispered that she needed the potty, quick! Julie told her to speak up and the mortified Baby had almost to shout for the potty before Julie relented and took out the pink plastic potty which had been packed in the sissies diaper bag along with clean diapers and their paddle. Baby erupted immediately after her shorts, plastic pants and diaper had been taken down and she made contact with the potty. Soon the women were wrinkling their noses and Janet asked Tracy to open the window and let in some fresh air!
Baby was told she should continue squatting while Janet proceeded with Sissys haircut. The special haircut turned out to be a complete head shave! It was carried out with scissors and clippers and finished off with a lathering and close razor shave, with baby oil rubbed on the smooth head to complete the procedure! After this it was time for the sissies to change places. Baby had her bottom wiped and diaper pulled back on and took Sissys place in the barber-chair, while Sissy emptied the potty in the adjoining toilet and returned to squat on it at the barber-chairs feet.
Once Baby was in the chair Janet asked Tracy is she would like to do the honours this time. Tracy was more than ready and remarked that the sissies new sissybaby haircut was just adorable. While Babys head was given the same treatment Sissy strained in vain to produce something into the potty, but only managed a trickle of pee. After the fifteen minute meticulous shave was over the mommies looked at Sissy, shook their heads and Diane said it looks like you must have the paddle. As usual he cried already after the first swats and was sniffing profusely by the time he was allowed to get up from Dianes knees. The paddle passed on to Julie to do its work on Babys bottom. While Sissy was being spanked the terrified Baby had wet herself and was awarded with a fresh diaper after her spanking. Mercifully there were no other people apart from Janet and Tracy in the salon, which had been closed for the sissies visit, but any passer-by on the sidewalk who had happened to look in the windows would have been treated to the full scene, even if the sound-track with the smacks and cries had been muffled. When the party left the salon the sissies were again fully dressed and fastened into their reins, but they had also gained a new piece of clothing, diaphanous baby bonnets showing their newly shaved heads at their best!
Both sissies are now always locked in pink plastic chastity devices, after Julie was able to find "baby-sized" little cages for their clitties. Their mommies found that this was necessary because otherwise they would be sucking each other whenever left alone. Of course they cannot provide the cream for their special bottles, but with their hormone treatment advancing they could produce very little anyway. But their mommies have been able to secure a supply of cummycream for the sissies through their network of lady friends, whose husbands, boyfriends and sissies regularly contribute the cream the two have become dependent on.
The sissies have a weekly session when their CB's are removed so they can do their little squirties in each others mouths, usually this takes place on Saturday afternoon when a party of their mommies lady friends is present cheering them on while enjoying their afternoon tea. The sissies also have a special visitor who comes to see them twice a week. She is Lucy, a big black woman with very big lactating breasts, who treats Sissy and Baby to a breast-feeding. When the sissies were introduced to her tits for the first time Sissy was silly enough to make a fuss about it and refuse to take the proffered nipple in her mouth, but a session with the paddle across Diane's knee but a stop that foolishness, earning Baby a paddling as well. Lucy also expects them to thank her after their feed by going down between her legs and giving her a satisfactory sucking and licking. She likes to rub their shaved heads while they are at it. Lucy has also teased them by telling them that their mommies should take them to the dentist to have their teeth removed, as her pleasure would be increased with their toothless gums caressing her pussy.
Their mommies have yet to take up Lucy on her suggestion, but they have taken their wards fastened in their baby reins on another humiliating expedition to a tattooing salon, where the top of their necks were tattooed with the identification SISSY and BABY respectively.
Charter 7. The Birthday Party
Diane and Julie, the sissies mommies, had early on come to the conclusion that while Sissy and Baby were quite adequate names for their sissyhubbies at home, they really ought to give them more personal names as well. As the sissies birthdays, which happened to be within a week of each other, were approaching in a few weeks time they decided they would arrange a very special birthday party for them on the same day as they were to be given their new names. This entailed some planning and preparations as they wanted the occasion to be a very memorable one and leave an undeletable mark on their hubbies. Some dozen friends were to be invited and all of them were asked to bring a special present for the sissies, which they would coordinate and prepare carefully.
Sissy and Baby were of course not told any details about these plans in advance. They were only told two weeks earlier that they were going to have a very special birthday party given for them, leading them to speculate somewhat apprehensively in their sissy-minds what this would mean.
On the big day the sissies were put through their normal morning chores, i.e. potty-time in the high-chairs where they were given their baby bottles and fed their breakfast of porridge with mashed veggies, then their exercises with the skipping ropes, and their bath. The little stubble on their heads was carefully shaved and their heads rubbed with sweet-smelling baby oil, after which they were put in their playpen. As they played with their dollies and exchanged occasional sloppy sissykisses they could hear that there was a lot of coming and going downstairs with the ongoing party preparations.
At noon their mommies came to let them out of their pen. To their surprise they were not put into their party frocks. Instead they were stripped down to their diapers and a little undervest with no other clothing or even a bonnet and lead downstairs sucking their pacifiers and holding each others hands. When they entered the big living room adorned with balloons and jolly ribbons they were greeted by a chorus of about a dozen people singing Happy Birthday To You. It was a warm day and the doors were open to the garden where a barbecue was sizzling. Sissy and Baby recognized all the guests, who were all female except for Sir Richard, a.k.a. Sir Prickhard - that was anyway how he had been introduced to them when he visited their nursery and gave them his generous cum-donation -, but they were surprised to see two maids in immaculate pale blue maid uniforms and frilly aprons standing unobtrusively at the kitchen door with their hands clasped in front of them in the submissive maid position. A young girl, who the sissies recognized as Tracy from the hairdressers, was busy videoing the whole scene.
A playpen with thick plastic-covered carpet in it had been put on the floor for the sissies. They were led into it and allowed to sit down. After the singing was finished Julie took the floor.
- Welcome all to this very special party for Sissy and Baby. It is their joint birthday party but it is also the event where they will be given their new names. We are still expecting two more guests who should arrive any time now if their plane is on time. All of you are familiar with Sissys and Babys status and Dianne and I are very grateful that you have wanted to present and have also kindly agreed to contribute to their sissybaby life with some very nice presents for Sissy and Baby. Now if Jeanne and Marcia are so good to be the first ones to give their presents.┬Ł
Jeanne and Marcia were two young women who were obviously a couple. Jeanne popped out to the hall and returned carrying a bundle of shine soft material. She and Marcia proceeded to open them and lay out the contents. It was a complete set of pretty baby wear for the two sissies, all in the same pinkish semitransparent babysoft plastic adorned with little red spots! There were two short dresses flaring out at the waist and with puffed sleeves, two baby doll tops, two rompers with short arms, two bonnets, two halter and two almost longline bras, and three different kinds of pants, two almost bikini sized small ones, two with short legs with ruffles at the openings and two snap-on pants. There were also two hooded plastic raincoats.
Afte the sissies had been allowed to look and feel all of the items they were dressed in their new dresses, ruffled pants and bonnets, but not with bras which surprised and disappointed the sissies as they were used to wearing training bras to keep their budding titties in place.
-Thank you Jeanne and Marcia for this wonderful wardrobe, Dianne said. This plastic material is just precious and Sissy and Baby will soon get even more plastic clothes, it is just the right material for our two drooling and messy sissies and save a lot of washing. And we know they love plastic it as they are always very upset if they are not dressed in their plastic pants, and when they are, they love to touch and fondle their plastic thingies.┬Ł
This certainly was true as the sissies were already engrossed with each other and caressing the soft plastic which covered their bums. Dianne had to call them to order.
-Where are your manners? You should curtsey and thank Jeanne and Marcia and give them a sissykiss in appreciation for your new clothes. After that I think its Auntie Doctors turn to give her presents.┬Ł
The doctor was Lisbeth, the family doctor for all of them and close personal friend of Dianne and Trish who had contributed with advice, medication and hormone prescriptions to the sissification of the two hubbies. She was just getting out her presents from her bag when the doorbell rang.
-That must be the last of our guests┬Ł, Julie said.
She went to the hall and opened the door. In came an elderly woman with a younger one.
-Hello Julie┬Ł, the older one said to Mummy, I am so glad to be able to finally make it here. I have been so excited by our correspondence on Baby that Im dieing to see him after all these years. And this is my daughter Patty┬Ł, she said, introducing the younger woman to Mummy. I believe you did meet at the wedding, but that was already, what, almost ten years ago.┬Ł
- Im so happy you two could make it to this party. It will mean the world for Baby. We haave only just begun and you wont be missing any of the fun.┬Ł
The women entered the living room and were introduced. Only one of those present did not need an introduction. This was Baby who gaped in astonishment as the women entered, for the elder Marilyn was actually his Mum - his real mother - and the younger Patty his sister.
- No need to be abashed Baby┬Ł, Mummy Julie said to him. Your mother and I have been corresponding all the time and she knows all about your new sissybaby status, and I know all about your sissy habits which you already had when still under her control. In fact she has greatly encouraged me and Dianne in continuing with your sissification. We all owe a lot to her.┬Ł
- Thank you Julie, Marilyn said. Actually it is true what they say, once a sissy, always a sissy. Isnt it so my precious Baby┬Ł she said to her son, not expecting an answer. I have brought you a present from your old days at home. Remember this Baby?┬Ł she said, shaking out a leather object in her hand. Its your old temper tantrum hood which I put on you whenever you were cranky to calm you! Remember the time you took your sisters panties from the laundry-basket and I caught you sniffing them, and how you spent the next nights with the panties on your head under this hood? A wonderful instrument of discipline, wasnt it? I hope Trish will also find it useful, so here it is.┬Ł
The black leather hood had openings only for the mouth and nose and had a lock which could be fastened after the zipper had been closed at the back of the head. She gave it to her son who took it with trepidation. Sissy beside him looked a bit left out, so Marilyn turned to him and said Dont cry Sissy, we havent forgotten you. Look, heres a similar discipline hood for you too. But I dont expect them to need them today on your big day, so lets put them aside until your mummies have to resort to them.┬Ł
Dr Lisbeth now spoke up.
-That was certainly a very useful present. I hope my presents too are as welcome, and anyway they can be put into use immediately. From her bag she now took out two pink objects. They were collars in dayglow shocking pink plastic, one centimetre thick and three centimetres high. She gave the other one to Marilyn.
- Perhaps you might want to put this on Baby while Ill fix the other one around Sissys neck. Its been made to measure and the special locking mechanism will close itself if you just push the ends together a bit, no key is needed and once it is in place it cannot be removed. The plastic is of especially tough material and is as secure as steel,┬Ł Lisbeth said as she fitted the collar around Sissys neck and snapped it shut with a loud and very final sounding click. Marilyn did the same with Babys collar.
The collars had several steel rings for tethering and other purposes. They fitted snugly, but not too tightly to be uncomfortable. They werent as high as a discipline collar, but they were meant to be seen and noticed and to be a permanent and constant reminder to the sissies of their status.
After the guests had admired and commented on the collars for a while Lucy was ready to come in with her presents. They were two small boxes she invited the sissies to open. They did so to discover a shiny steel barbell in each of them.
-I do admit that I had some selfish thoughts too, when I chose these to be fitted on your tongues next time you visit the tattoo parlour┬Ł, Lucy said with a huge smile. The sissies curtsied and thanked her, and adding, after some prodding from Diane, how thrilled they were to have them inserted so they could give Auntie Lucy even more pleasure. -Youre most welcome┬Ł, Lucy said, and added with a sly wink, And if you need the dentist just ask me and Ill get you one.┬Ł
Diane then turned to another of the lady guests, Trish, and invited her to present her gift.
-With pleasure┬Ł, Trish responded. I will call my Maid Helen from the kitchen first.┬Ł
- Get my Maid Alice as well┬Ł, Lucy chimed in. He is still an apprentice maid andi t will be an educational experience for him too to watch this┬Ł.
The thus summoned maids curtsied on entering and remained standing their eyes downcast, their hands clasped demurely in front of them.
-Go and fetch our present Helen┬Ł, Trish commanded the maid, who was in fact her long-suffering sissyhubby and had served as her maid for almost ten years now. The maid left and returned a moment later, curtsied at the door and went forward to present Judy with a long object. Judy took it and showed it to everyone.
-This is a high-quality, custom-made riding crop. Helen and I will demonstrate its use and effectiveness, before we leave it to Dianne and Julie and their sissies. Helen, take down your panties and bend over the back of this chair here┬Ł, Judy said, pointing to a straight backed chair that she had placed in the middle of the room.
The maid did as instructed, lifted her short maids dress and petticoat and then took down her pretty flowered pink panties. As they were lowered everyone saw that she was locked in a shiny steel chastity belt.
- Three years now is it since your chastity last came off?┬Ł Judy asked with a wink to the audience as the maid bended over the back of the chair to grasp its front legs. As she presented her bare backside to the room did so everyone could see, that the back chain of the chastity belt was fitted with a plug which rested firmly in the pert ass off the sissymaid. Her bum also showed some fading marks indicating, that she had been disciplined not too long ago.
- Eight was it we agreed on┬Ł asked Trish, and Helen replied almost inaudibly something which sounded like Yes Maam.┬Ł
The first THWACK was followed by a loud gasp from the sissy, and then a meek One, thank you Maam┬Ł. Although the maids breathing became heavier and her thank you after each stroke more contorted, she remained in place and did not cry out through the remaining seven lashes, which Judy delivered at a leisurely pace. At the end the maid bottom was covered with eight clear bright red welts.
Maid Helen remained in place, for she knew better than to rise before receiving explicit permission from her mistress to do so. Trish now turned to Sissy and Baby, who had been watching the spectacle with open drooling mouths, the pacifiers they had dropped dangling on the ribbons round their necks and knowing, that their bottoms would sooner or later have a taste of this new instrument.
- Would you like to step forward to have a closer look?┬Ł The awed sissies seemed less then enthusiastic as Trish put their pacifiers back in their mouths, opened the pen gate and took their hands and guided them closer. Helen shivered slightly but remained quite as Trish placed the sissies hands on the maids bottom so the sissies could feel the welts and the warm glow of the freshly cropped bum. The sissies felt an uncomfortable tinge in their bottoms in anticipation of the day when they would bear similar marks.
- Why dont you take the crop upstairs to your room and hang it on the well next to your paddles and straps, while Sir Richard prepares his present for your┬Ł. Sissy took the proffered crop gingerly as if it was a snake which could bite her any moment and carried it upstairs, accompanied by Baby and Tracy who wanted to take some video shots of their nursery as well.
When they descended five minutes later the sissies saw their next present waiting for them in the playpen. It was a life-size inflatable rubber dolly with some special features which Sir Richard proceeded to explain. The dolly was dressed in plastic bikini pants in the same material as the sissies dresses. There was no hair on the dollys head which was also covered in the same kind of plastic bonnet as the sissies shaven heads. In its mouth it had a penis gag. The dolly was also dressed in a huge rubber bra which was actually a special breast feeding bra, which could be filled with milk or formula and be sucked like a baby bottle. And when Sir Richard lowered the dollys panties they saw that it had a real-looking sissy clitty which was encased in exactly the same kind of pink plastic chastity cage as they were wearing! Sir Richard also turned the dolly on its face to show them the tattoo-like text SISSY BABY on its bottom cheeks, and that the dolly also had a butt plug. The dolly was then turned back again and Sir Richard took a key to remove the chastity cage on the dolly, giving the key to Julie. The dolly had a two-and-a-half-inch sissy clit - certainly longer than what Sissy and Baby could come up with nowadays - and it had a teat at the tip for sucking, for it was in effect a kind of baby bottle which could be taken out and refilled.
- Well sissies, I believe your lunch is now served!┬Ł
The sissies went down on their dolly and started sucking. They were kept at it for almost half-an-hour before the contents had been consumed, alternating with each other ever five minutes between the clitty and the titties. The latter was filled with their usual milky formula, while the clitty had been filled with the special yummy-cummy which was part of their staple diet.
- It is true that even unappetizing meals taste better when they are served in a nice package┬Ł Dianne commented when they had finished, wiping some of the dribble from their dresses with a rag. -And now is the time for your penultimate present. Bring them down now┬Ł she said to the two sissy-maids who had been summoned to stand-by. They obviously had been given their instructions earlier as they scurried upstairs and returned immediately carrying the rocking horses from the nursery. Now it was time for Janet to step forward with her presents.
These were saddles for the rocking horses, once again of a special custom-made kind. As they were fitted tightly over the horses and fastened in place with a belt what caught everyones attention were the six-inch long and 1 ┬Ż inch-thick dildos in pink plastic that were protruding from the middle of the seat. Janet proceeded to coat the dildos with a generous dose of Vaseline as she explained to the sissies, that they were now going for a nice ride while the adults would be enjoying their birthday meal.
The rocking horses were placed beside each other at the wide door to the dining room so that the sissies could look at the guests eating and they could enjoy the sight of the sissies riding. Julie and Dianne came to help, first removing the sissies plastic pants and soaked diapers and then helping them to sit down on the saddles. Once they were impaled on them their legs were bent and their ankles fastened to the cuffs at the end of the short stirrup straps. As the stirrups were placed slightly behind them they had immediately after having been thus secured to lean a bit forward and grab hold of the short grips on the sides of the horses head to keep their balance. Now they only needed to be bridled, as Julie and Dianne pointed out before taking their pacifiers from their mouths and putting on a head-harness with a bit that
was placed between their teeth.

-Oh, there is still one more thing they need┬Ł Julie said, and took out two small soaking pads to be placed snugly under the chastity cages into which their clitties were locked. Mustnt have them wet their precious new saddles. Now enjoy your ride and keep them horses rocking all the time while we celebrate your birthday with our meal!┬Ł
It was a long, leisurely four course meal that took almost to hours to finish with the two sissymaids taking care of the service. Although Lucys Maid Alice may have been a novice maid she was also an excellent professional cook, as everyone around the table could agree on.
As everyone finally arose from the table Julie and Diane took a small lump of sugar each from the table and went to the sissies, who had all the time kept the horses in silent movement, took off their bridles, patted their heads and fed them the lump saying good girl┬Ł.
The mummies undid the cuffs at their ankles allowing them to put their feet on the floor and gingerly lift themselves up from the saddles. The pads under their clitties had been a necessary precaution as they were both wet.
- Now it is time for you to have a bit of sissy fun together┬Ł, Diane cooed, but before that you will have to clean your saddles first. Get your heads down on them. They have to be as shiny as they were before you can have your fun┬Ł.
The sissies were appalled as they looked at the dildos covered now with brown streaks after their ride. When they stalled Trish chimed in: - It seems that they cant wait to have their new crop put to use on them┬Ł. Hearing this Baby immediately went down on his saddle and started using his tongue. Sissy hesitated only a second longer before doing the same. A chorus of laughter rang around the room.
After a few minutes the sissies task was completed to their mummies satisfaction. Julie popped out of the room and returned quickly with a small bowl of water where a bar of soap was resting. -Now lets wash your mouths┬Ł she said picking up the bar and shoving it into Babys mouth. Mouth-soapings were not new to the sissies and baby accepted the soap without fuss.
- Now go to Aunt Janet and thank her for the wonderful saddles she has given you.┬Ł Baby shuffled over to her and, with the bar of soap in her mouth and lisped something which sounded like Wan uu elly mush fow ow nuu thalles┬Ł. This was amusing enough but what almost brought the house down were the soap bubbles that sprang from Babys mouth as she said her bit!
-Good. Now give the soap to Sissy who will then also thank Auntie in the same way. Oh no, no hands allowed, you have to give Sissy a real soapy kiss to transfer the bar.┬Ł Baby and Sissy completed the handover as instructed and as Sissy thanked Aunt Janet she also blew some nice bubbles, after which she was allowed to push the soap out of her mouth into the bowl.
And now for your fun, and ours as well of course┬Ł Julie said, as she guided the sissies back into the play pen and took out a key to release Babys clitty from its chastity while Dianne did the same with Sissys. --Aw, how cute, look at their little stiffies!┬Ł Patty mocked. But the sissies were oblivious to this as they went down on each other right away taking their stiff little clitties in each others mouths. It didnt take them long to produce their tiny squirties, but they lingered on in the same position savouring every moment of their play time. They exchanged soapy kisses and caressed each others bottoms and soon their sissy fingers were inching into their sissy cunties as they squirmed with delight.
After twenty minutes of this their mummies took over again, saying that their playtime was now over and it was time for them to receive their last presents of the day. The sissies had been so engrossed with each other that they had not noticed how meanwhile the sissy maids had carried their rocking horses back to their nursery and brought down their highchairs. They were now gently disentangled and made to stand up and their mommies locked them back into their chastities.
- Now we will proceed with the highlight of our party. For this we need the sissies to be first firmly secured. Their highchairs are perfect for this purpose and it is also helpful that they are potty-chairs at the same time as they might lose control during the ceremony.┬Ł Seeing the sissies consternation at this Julie added, that they neednt worry, everyone would be understanding and as they were to be seated on their potties there wouldnt be any consequences for them.
The sissies were again stripped save for the bonnets on their heads before they were locked into the highchairs. Just in time too, for Baby, who must have had an army of butterflies flittering in her tummy in fear of what the unknown next event could entail, let out a loud fart and a trickle of brown liquid from her bowels as her bottom made contact with the potty. No-one minded, but Lisbeth took out two tablets for the sissies to take explaining to their mummies that it would calm them down.
The sissies swallowed their tablets before they were fully secured into their chairs. This was done with cuffs and straps which fastened their hands to the arms of their highchairs, another pair of cuffs that fastened their ankles to legs, with two short links which immobilized their necks and tethered them to the back of the chairs and, finally, two more straps that secured their waists and their chests just below their tits firmly to the chairs. Again Lisbeth came forward and examined their modest, but nicely developing tits and swabbed them clean and dry with an antiseptic little towel. Now they only needed their thick penis gags inserted to be ready.
- Dear friends, now is the time for Sissy and Baby to have their new names bestowed on then┬Ł, Dianne declared as the glowing barbecue which had sizzling quietly in the garden was carefully carried inside by the two maids. From the glowing charcoal embers Dianne and Julie each now took out a branding iron which had been resting in the fire without those not in the know paying any notice, just thinking they were grill-irons for grilling meat.
Diane and Julie positioned themselves besides their sissies and on cue from Lisbeth plunged the glowing red tip of their irons exactly free centimetres above the right-hand nipple of their sissies. Lisbeth counted to three while the immobilised sissies would have jumped in the air had they not been securely tethered as they frantically squirmed and made muffled noises in their gagged mouths and an aroma of burning flesh filled the air. As Lisbeth said three the irons were lifted and displayed the new names in two-and-a.half centimetre burning scarlet which now permanently adorned the sissies titties, LULU on Sissy and BABS on Baby.
Maid Helen was ready with a tray passing glasses of champagne to everyone for a toast to Lulu and Babs. The sissies gags were removed, but they were still left restrained in their high-chairs for a cooling down period, as Lisbeth said, applying some soothing and healing salve to the brands. And when everyone lifted their glasses of champagne the two maids approached Lulu and Babs with baby bottles and pressed them to the sissies lips. The bottles were full of yellow liquid, a personal gift from their mummies for their toast.
After an hour Lulu and Babs were bandaged and let out of their highchairs. They were put in clean diapers and plastic panties and dressed in light soft nighties. They were then taken to their nursery were they were put in their crib and their arms and feet buckled down with straps for safety, so that they couldnt tamper with their bandages and endanger the healing process.
While this was done Tracy was still hovering around with her video camera, which had recorded all the events of the evening. Now the young girl wished the sissies good night and added, -the highlights of your party will be on Youtube tomorrow and the the full version will be posted on the new Lulu and Babs sissybaby┬Ł website which will be ready in a few days. I have promised your mummies I will be your babysitter when needed and then we can enjoy watching them together.┬Ł
The sissies brands healed nicely and soon they did not need the bandages that Dr Lisbeth had covered the marks with. Julie and Dianne were originally a bit unsure as to how Lulu and Babs would adapt themselves to their new names and their markings. They had even discussed whether they should introduce a special disciplinary regime to help this, such as forbidding them to refer to themselves as I┬Ł instead of always using Lulu and Babs to identify themselves, but this had proved unnecessary. Already next day they were pleasantly surprised when Lulu needing to poop first intoned Lulu want potty!┬Ł and Babs chimed in with Babsie needs potty too!┬Ł
Lulu and Babs also seemed to be fascinated with their brands toying with them and flashing their tits whenever they could. Julie and Dianne then came up with the idea of having some special dresses and blouses made for them with a big oval area in front made of see-through plastic, and as the bras they sported were also transparent plastic this meant their permanent name tags would be displayed for everyone even when they were fully-clothed. The first time they were taken out dressed in their new blouses and shorts was to the tattoo parlour where the barbells were inserted on their tongues. It didnt take them long to get used to their new attachments and take pride in them, particularly as Lucy purred in appreciation when she first felt them caressing her pussy.
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