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School boys in Skirts (little history)
Both Kelly with Schoolboys wear skirts to school  and dipper with Very Hot spell in England reveals a suprise have recently brought the protest by some school boys in the UK to our attention, they're both basically about the boys not being allowed to wear shorts but being forced to wear long trousers during the hot summer months. So in an act of rebellion they wore skirts instead, this produced some great pictures of boys looking like they were undergoing PD and the idea took hold that this would be a step in the right direction to taking any perceived power away from the boys and making the playing field more equal, also allowing Girls to indulge in some ‘revenge’ skirt flips and so on, lol.

I looked into it a little more and this wasn’t the first case of boys rebelling and donning skirts in the UK, here are a couple of other cases of boys wearing skirts to school and making themselves (and their underwear) more vulnerable in order to protest:

ISCA academy in Exeter: 2017, approximately 50 boys pulled on skirts.

[Image: 1k9Xj5Sm.jpg]

Longhill High School in Brighton: 2016, 4 boys donned skirts after 20 boys were punished for wearing shorts.

[Image: uB3kZRjm.jpg]

Whitechurch High School in Cardiff: 2013, approximately 17 boys donned skirts.

[Image: Wb7vgdfm.jpg]

Impington Village College in Cambridgeshire: 2011, finally it’s only fair to mention the single schoolboy rebel Chris Whitehead.

[Image: yXrQZo2m.jpg]
Let’s hope the future sees more rebellions  Tongue

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Can't help wondering if they'd have been so keen to wear Russian school uniforms.

[Image: cute-russian-girls-in-sexy-school-uniforms-63.jpg]
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
Just found this video from one of the protest of a Female reporter from Devon Live (there is no way a male reporter could have followed a group of schoolboys and Girls filming them, lol).

It shows a really interesting insight into the protest and you can see how the boys react differently to wearing skirts and to be honest they look natural.


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