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Brats Turned into Ballerinas
Quote from Girlygirl: There are a great many signs that the much desired freedom and acceptance of sissies is on its way.

Definitely true I hope.
(03-25-2018, 08:13 PM)I don\t see any images - H.H RadicalFeminist Wrote: Here is a perfect example of gender role reversal. School switches roles between girls and boys for ballet recital. The girls are clearly in charge and proudly wearing the pants and spinning the boys around. The best part is the boys had to spend months practicing in pretty tutus and tights, each day surrounded by girls wearing pants and taking the lead “boy” role will have a lasting impact on these little princesses.

[Image: 33425652024_de95deff9a_b.jpg]

[Image: 33425653154_805a70704e_b.jpg]

[Image: 33808085004_b71a888c10_b.jpg]
I think this strikes to the heart of the issue. We’re even guilty of it here to some extent.

“Man up” means to become stronger. “Act girly” means to be silly and weak or frivolous. And we talk about being punished by being made to dress as a girl in frillies and dresses, whereas girls are perfectly happy to wear trousers or shorts.

If we’re really going to address inequality we need to somehow make it okay for girls and boys to wear what they feel comfortable in and adopt whatever role they prefer. Male/female shouldn’t be better/worse, just different and both interesting!
I think it is for want of a better term a lot of the time. Girly and feminine are very often not attributable to the people the claim to represent but it is a question of how else to conceptualise it. Masculine and feminine are associated with the behaviours but also of course the genders that once espoused such behaviours and values in such a binary fashion. 

Maybe terms like tough vs sensitive would help to distance from the unhelpful connotations
Totally agree Ali & Girlygirl, society needs to end both of the stereotypes so people are free to be themselves.

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