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The Talk, was wondering, how many have been told. . .?
With the women in my life that have dominated me once they had learned or discovered who I am and how I shall always be a sissy, there have been moments when at her direction, I have been told we were going to have the talk.
The talk is her telling me how the future was going to be.

An earlier GF in college told me I was acting too proud of my little wee-wee and how I should NEVER be proud of something that small, and how she had a BF before me who was at least twice as big and pleasurable, with mine, it was truly nothing to proud of, and actually, how I should be ashamed of it and work harder to a please woman, like another woman pleasuring a woman, and keep it tucked backwards so women wouldn't mistake me for a man and get disappointed.

With my longer term college GF, I was told to kneel before her while she sat, I was wearing panties and a baby-doll nightie she bought me, and I was told I was obviously not a real man, more like her lez lover, just not man enough for her nor any woman and as her woman, she would need and expect me to support her in regularly finding and enjoying a real man, and sooner or later, she'd want to explore her dating and enjoying women as well, and how my place was to help her dress, groom, and ready herself for her dates and pleasures, to maximize her enjoyment. I was to be like a little sister to her, and to be obedient to her and other females she's sooner or later share who I was with. My best bet for her keeping me in her life was to keep wearing the women's clothes she was buying for me, clothes I belonged in, how I should, think, move, act, behave and pee like a female, pleasure her with fingers, my tongue and vibrators she had me buy her, and never to question nor embarrass her when she was with friends or wanted someone. When I was to be dismissed, I should happily go until she wanted me back. She eventually opted for a traditional marriage.

When I later married someone else, she eventually told me my place was at home, with me adopting a more wife-like role, doing more chores, and never to question her, nor ask her for sex, as that was up to her if and when I had sex or I could play with myself alone as I wanted while she was out, as the thought of that made her smile and laugh at me, as well as others she shared that with. I was to expect her to enjoy her sex life, and other activities like riding motorcycles while for someone like me, it was better for me to never ask her for sex and stay home and how I should learn to enjoy my household chores, and think of myself more feminine, live more and more as a woman and to behave that way, act womanly, live as a housewife with an active husband, never to question her. She had numerous lovers, both male and more often female, and now lives as half of an an out of the closet lez couple.

Another woman who was a friend learned of my sissy side and insisted whenever I was allowed in her home, my clothing would consist of my wearing panties and a woman's full slip, I wasn't allowed the pretense of male clothing in her home as that wasn't who I am.

A GF I had for a short time, learned of my sissy side and had me wiping her when she peed (all of the women I have served that way have enjoyed that, even if it took some initial convincing on my part) and put me into a pleated denim miniskirt, panties and a sanitary napkin, and took my pants, also made me drive home in a skirt. she seemed obsessed about me wanting to be a girl and how I should worry about my pad sliding out from under my skirt like she and other women have to.

All of these women and some others have gotten me to admit my fantasies, my feelings of submission to women and how I would have been better off having been born a girl, which is closer to who I am deep down.

I was wondering who here, has had the talk and how it went. To the women here, what brought you to this and what were your important points and rules you wanted your sissy to follow. To the sissies, what were you told and how did you submit and admit?
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.

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