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With a grunt, I gripped the top of Tonya’s desk and swung my body upright, out from the cavity where her legs went when she sat down to work. Smirking, I placed a box on her chair so it projected about 8 inches from the front of her seat. I slid the chair under her desk and crossed the aisle to mine.
Seated in my chair, I saw the motion-activated light I’d attached to the underside of her desk lit up as expected. I fit the tiny telephoto lens onto my phone and focused on the magnifying mirror strategically placed against Tonya’s modesty panel. I focused on the reflected lettering on the box. A tap of my finger and the perfectly focused, magnified image of everything under her desk appeared on my screen.
I fist-pumped the air!
Tonya! Classic dream girl. A busty American broad with red-gold hair, depending on the light (or perhaps different rinses), large brown eyes, a wide smile, a wider bust, and skull crusher thighs, she was one of the most beautiful and sexy women I’d ever seen. She favored short, tight skirts, and formfitting, sometimes low-cut tops. I’d surreptitiously ogled the young beauty since she’d come on board.
As vice president of the marketing department, I arranged the seating in our office. I placed Tonya in front of me and a bit to my right. I’d seen Tonya strutting through the office, leaning on desks, sitting with her legs crossed, but I’d never seen all the way up. I was desperate! I know she usually wore pantyhose like everyone else, but every now and again, often a Friday afternoons, I noticed what I hoped were the bumps of garter clips under her skirt. Did she really where such sexy undies? Despite my many attempts, I’d never seen the welt of her hose, let alone her panties. That was about to change.
My work performance slipped during the next five business days. I contrived to be at my desk every time she was in hers. The light, shaded towards the outside of the desk, nevertheless lit up her legs, and the mirror provided a sharp reflection to my lens 12 feet away.
Tonya did indeed wear pretty and sexy panties, barely covered by sheer pantyhose, but before her Friday night dates, she wore garters and stockings. I soon collected dozens of photos. I intended to remove everything on Friday night after two weeks, but I didn’t. I hadn’t been caught, smelled no whiff of suspicion and the views were incredible.
Each Friday, I told myself to call my wife Elaine and tell her I had to work an hour late so I could remove the mirror and light and be safe. Fascination and curiosity always one out.
Once my collection of upskirt photos reached about 50, I had many views I considered award winning. I told myself this Friday was the night to quit.
After the first week, my productivity rose again and I had no qualms about my performance. I felt confident late Wednesday afternoon when Madeline, the company president, asked me to join her in her office.
When I arrived, to my surprise Elaine and Tonya, her legs oddly covered by a blanket, sat one on each side of Madeleine’s desk, facing me. Madeleine indicated I should sit in a chair directly facing her. Relaxed, I sprawled, legs spread, resting my wrists on my thighs.
“Thank you for coming so promptly,” said Madeline, eyeing me with a mysterious smile. Tall and matronly, twin streaks of gray swept back from above her temples contrasted with her light brown hair, giving her a disconcertingly devilish air.
Puzzled, I wondered why this particular trio faced me.
Madeleine continued, “Malcolm, I’m very pleased with your leadership of the marketing department. Sales are up, there are new customers, and the customers all report satisfaction. In this regard, you are an exemplary employee and would be very hard to replace.” She paused.
I grinned. This sounded good! Promotion or raise? Both?
Elaine brushed her black hair from the left side of her face and spoke in her most syrupy, sarcastic tones, those I dreaded most. “Fortunately for you, Madeleine wishes to retain your services. If you meet certain conditions, she will forgo a lawsuit and criminal charges. Tonya, however, feels differently.”
Blanching, a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I stammered, “W… What are you talking about?”
With a triumphant, gloating smile, Madeleine turned her computer monitor to face me. Tonya and Elaine glared daggers.
The screen displayed a fast-paced slideshow of my many upskirt pictures of the gorgeous and sexy Tonya. They’d copped my phone!         
“You’re very fortunate that Madeleine values your contribution to the corporation,” Elaine intoned emotionlessly. “Neither Tonya’s nor my feelings are so easily relieved. I want to avoid a lawsuit because it would affect my economic prospects for the rest of my life. Are you aware that a woman named Ashley Ash won a $95 million judgment against the corporation that sexually harassed her? My inheritance, on which you depend, could not stand such a judgment. Furthermore, I barely prefer that you not go to jail. Both a crippling financial judgment and incarceration are possible in your case. Would you like to hear the conditions under which you can avoid these consequences?”
By the end of her speech, cold sweat bathed my brow and dampened my shirt under the shoulders. My eyes darted from one feminine basilisk stare to another, all devoid of mercy, let alone empathy. Breathing audibly, eyes wide, I crossed my arms and drew my legs under the chair. My mouth felt too dry to speak. I gulped. “Yes,” I croaked.
“Madeleine?” Elaine invited my boss to speak.
“You will continue your good service to this company without complaint, with maximum effort, and the corporation will compensate Tonya with $50,000 in stock options and substantial annual raises over the next five years. Your salary will immediately be reduced by $10,000 a year and you will be considered for no raises or promotions. Legally, to accomplish this reduction in pay, we need to change your job title and sign a new contract. Your responsibilities will remain the same. Your title will be Office Under Assistant. I will Instruct the staff to address you as ‘Under.’ Tonya?”
Tonya’s unwavering stare held my eyes. “I will, from time to time, participate in certain penances your wife will acquaint you with. At such times, I will wear loose fitting army fatigues. I require an immediate $25,000 investment in an index fund from you to me. At the end of this meeting, all staff will have a meeting in the marketing department. You will explain how you placed the mirror and the light and your purpose in doing so. You will place both items on a sheet, smash them to bits by jumping on them, wrap the fragments in the sheet and discard them. You will apologize to the staff, discard the evidence, and return to your work.” She smiled smugly. “I’ll probably retire at 35. If I didn’t detest you, I’d… Let’s just leave it that I detest you.” Her eyes shifted to Elaine, who spoke next.
“Stand up.”
Financial ruin and jail? I obeyed.
“On your knees, hands clasped in earnest prayer, face Madeleine first, Tonya second and in tone your insincere apologies and ask for forgiveness. Now!” The last word sounded like the crack of a whip.
I dropped to my knees and intertwined my fingers. “Madeleine, I’m sorry I did such a thing. I was out of control. Tonya’s great beauty and sexiness drove me beyond distraction. I couldn’t help myself. Please forgive me.”
“Pfui.” She tilted her head toward Tonya.
I shuffled around on my knees to face the beautiful woman, whose flinty eyes regarded me with disdain.
“Tonya, I am truly sorry that I spied on you in the way that I did. You are so beautiful and sexy that it drives men to distraction, especially me. I hope that eventually you can forgive me.”
She tilted her head back and sniffed contemptuously.
Elaine spoke derisively. “If you expected those so-called apologies to assuage our anger or lessen your punishment, you are a bigger fool than I thought. None of us accept your hypocritical, insincere speeches, which, in common with most male excuses, attempt to blame the victim. Do not even attempt to apologize to me; it’s not possible. Eventually, I’m sure you will give a more sincere apology to these women.
“The figurative whips Tonya and Madeleine wield remain legally active for seven years. Mine expire upon our divorce, if you want one. You may insist upon a divorce any time you want. During the next seven years a divorce will likely send you to jail. All your reduced paychecks will be direct-deposited to my account. You will receive a small allowance. You will account for every penny.
“From time to time, I’ve indulged your penchant for tightly stretched nylon stockings and taut garters. These garments enhance your sexual performance, so it’s moderately worth it to me to indulge you. No more.” She stood, turned her back and lifted her dress to her waist. Her seamless stockings rose from the backs of her spike-heeled pumps rose without a welt to disappear under a thick, formidable, undecorated panty girdle.
Dropping her hemline, she resumed her seat. “You like to look at the girls, now the girls will look at you. Strip!”
I gulped. My eyes darted from one expectant stare to another. I didn’t even think of refusing — the threat was too strong. I discarded my jacket and tie placing them on the chair behind me. My shirt soon joined them. I kicked off my shoes. Better just get it over with, I told myself. I pulled off my pants and boxers with one motion.
My darn cock stood at attention. All three women pointed and laughed. “The big strong man wants to come out and play,” laughed Elaine. “Let’s play with them, girls.”
Still giggling and laughing, they surrounded me. Madeleine held my wrist behind my back. Elaine slapped my cock, making it wave back and forth. “Want to punish him, Tonya?” she invited.
“You bet I do!” Tonya slapped me quite vigorously for perhaps a minute. Elaine switched places with Madeleine, who took her turn to pummel my penis.
To my surprise, I didn’t wilt. Though the slaps hurt, the net effect was stimulating despite my fear and embarrassment.
After Madeleine tired of slapping me around, Elaine stood in front of me again. “I’ll not have you waving an erection at your superiors.” As she spoke, she pulled a latex glove from behind her blouse and snapped it on to her right hand. She quickly gripped my erection and twisted it painfully. My knees buckled. Elaine’s hand slid beneath me . Fingers curled around my scrotum and squeezed.
“YOW!” Shocked and hurt, I fell to the ground.
“Get up, you!” snarled my wife. “Hands on the desk, legs spread, butt out.”
Slowly, I regained my feet and staggered up a couple of steps to Madeleine’s desk, taking up the position required. As I expected, they took turns spanking me — while one held my balls at all times, terrifying me. . Would they squeeze me again?
They said very little during the hand spanking, just smacked away. After increasingly painful few minutes, Elaine said, “He’s warmed up enough now.”
“Good,” said Madeleine. Going behind her desk, she pulled open a drawer and emerged with a thick rectangular paddle with holes drilled in it.
I blanched and trembled. I didn’t dare move because whichever woman held my scrotum for the moment exerted a tiny bit of pressure if I even shifted my feet. The paddle crashed onto my inflamed buttocks 12 times from each of my punishers. By the end, I howled, certain all other employees heard me.
When they were finally done, Elaine sat in my chair. “Turn around and come over to me. Madeleine, would you please hand me my purse?” She glared at me and took the purse from Madeleine. First, she put on a second latex glove.
I bit my lip in trepidation, having no idea what she had in store.
“Hold still, Malcolm. This will be unpleasant for you, but movement will make it much more painful.” She palmed something I couldn’t see in one hand and graphs my penis with the other.
She pushed something cold and sharp, with many tiny points against the underside of my flaccid penis. With a deliberate motion, she closed a metal band around my shaft! Josh open, I stared down in uncomprehending. Two small posts with tiny holes projected from the jaws of this collar. With her other hand, she produced a tiny lock in quickly twisted it through both posts.
With a self-satisfied smirk, she looked into my eyes as she pushed the lock closed. Click!
“You’ll settle into your chastity device and it will hurt less and less as time goes on. Since you’re sexually incapacitated, I no longer consider myself bound by the vows of marital fidelity. I will take as many lovers as I wish.”
My eyes filled with tears. “Elaine…”
“Shut up!” She reached back into that gaping handbag.
Terrified, I watch through misty eyes. What next?
“You like ladies panties so much you’re going to wear them from now on.” She pulled out a pair of black lace bikinis. She stretched them open and leaned forward to put them down near the floor. “Step into them, Malcolm.”

[Image: Kali_panties.jpg]
Sobbing, I obeyed. What could I do? She drew them up and snapped the waistband into place. Tonya and Madeleine looked on, satisfied grins on their faces.
Elaine stood. “Let’s smack him a few more times, girls.”
My buns stung again as they smacked me some more. It hurt quite a bit after the paddling.
“Get dressed. You have a little construction project to undo.”
Trembling, unable to meet their gaze I climbed back into my clothes, not bothering with the tie and jacket. Elaine pointed to the door and, with the three women following me, I turned the knob.
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