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Urinary catheter for induced incontinence
(06-14-2020, 12:09 AM)RonnyRemaled Wrote:
(06-12-2020, 06:20 PM)Girlygirl Wrote:
(06-11-2020, 02:38 AM)RonnyRemaled Wrote: [quote pid='12944' dateline='1520860479']

darn Bill, I did too with a wacky feminist nurse for a sister I also had very creative bladder flushes,  mostly saline but she always added lidocaine liquid to my bladder cleansings to make me totally numb from the inside out. I also was flushed with milk, ice water and water with food coloring just so my sister could make me pee in front of her friends and pee blue.   awful things I was put through. 
that Studbusrter guy waited that long to leave?? jeeze  not me

very odd procedures to alienate me from my penis... which they did, I was numb for hours and when I peed I was numb again as the saline was laced with copious amounts of lidocaine or benzocaine.

I am still upset,  why?

yours in service
Gosh, that sounds really extreme, Ronny - if not entirely safe. You primarily mentioned your mother in your introduction - was it really a family effort? The above aside, what did their regime typically consist of?

well I guess I was not like other boys who quickly gave in to the dresses and such. I fought back as much as a 10/11yr old boy could, 
yes I was a family project, mom wanted to sissfy me and get me out of sports and roughhousing, and my sister loved the idea of a sissy boy brother and the fact that she had nurses courses, she could do many more things than other women could,  the catheterization caused me to quit baseball., ( which they both loved by the way)
when I  came home from school, I had to hang up my school uniform and on my bed was my girl outfit for the evening, I used to object and throw the stuff down the steps, but numerous spankings and outright beatings from my big sister taught me to not fight back. so I put on my girls clothes, which would be like what modern girls wore back in the 70's, a frilly party dress was for special occasions, of course silk pink or purple panties always and sis would check my panties for any tell tale stains, ( but I started wearing a panty liner because I had  leaky bladder.  once dressed I had 3 pills to take and then my  chores and homework. that's if my sister had no weird procedures to do to me. 
also my penis was pulled out by my sister and smothered in a small rubber full of Lidocaine gel from the hospital and taped to me groin, she told me it was to help keep my pee pee under control.  the first time I tried to smack her and say no way that's weird, but a quick slap to the face and a few hard spanks on the butt made me stay still as she got me hard then slid the rubber with lidocaine on my penis and taped in to my groin so no leakage.
I had to take out the garbage dressed as Rhonda and do the dishes, I also had to practice walking in high heels every afternoon. and of course an enema 3 times a week and bladder flushes whenever she wanted to.
what ever pills they gave me made me lazy and slow, and I was a fast boy.
a few really weird things she did with me I'll discuss in private .
but it was a team effort no doubt and they  won for the most part
yours in service

I can certainly sympathise with you on the ‚Äėsissy boy‚Äô front. I myself was a macho boy at that age (albeit being British, my sport of choice was football) and whilst I wasn‚Äôt forced into being a full time female until I was much older, having to occasionally surrender my hard fought masculinity to either skip around in prissy dresses and nappies or to dress as a tarty secretary and spend half the day doing my hair and makeup was something that caused deep consternation.

It would be interesting to hear of your more extreme experiences as your petticoating methods certainly seem to have had an unusual position on the spectrum.

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