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Urinary catheter for induced incontinence
(06-11-2020, 02:38 AM)RonnyRemaled Wrote:
(03-12-2018, 01:14 PM)Bill Wrote:
(03-12-2018, 12:36 PM)StudBuster Wrote:  about a month or two until you regain your bladder control.
Until then , your money's little leaking Boy.
She powdered my but and taped the diaper in place and pulled out the retaining plug from the catheter and I could feel the warm liquid get absorbed by the diaper , totally humiliating , but 
Very arousing.
Every 3 days  she cleaned and changed the catheter, rinsed my bladder and urethral canal.
Going to work was a pain, but the diapers were thin and no one noticed.
When I'd get home from work, she'd be ready with a new diaper, bladder flush and loads of numbing gel for my excited penis. Jenny uses?
Mine does . Foley catheters Fr10 . and the one shot disposable ones . The bladder washes are the worst though . My mummy is quite inventive with them . I have had everything from saline to urine and breast milk .

darn Bill, I did too with a wacky feminist nurse for a sister I also had very creative bladder flushes,  mostly saline but she always added lidocaine liquid to my bladder cleansings to make me totally numb from the inside out. I also was flushed with milk, ice water and water with food coloring just so my sister could make me pee in front of her friends and pee blue.   awful things I was put through. 
that Studbusrter guy waited that long to leave?? jeeze  not me

very odd procedures to alienate me from my penis... which they did, I was numb for hours and when I peed I was numb again as the saline was laced with copious amounts of lidocaine or benzocaine.

I am still upset,  why?

yours in service
Gosh, that sounds really extreme, Ronny - if not entirely safe. You primarily mentioned your mother in your introduction - was it really a family effort? The above aside, what did their regime typically consist of?

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