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Feminizing Corner Time
There are many corner time suggestions here - I wonder if some of them are feminising, some are not?
Of course, the main purpose is disciplining, correction, etc.  This must not be compromised.  But we can add a bit of feminising as well.  Here is an example:  standing with arms held overhead.  We could insist on a ballet position, as in:
[Image: elbowform-bw.jpg]

There is some detail to this: the pose looks soft, gentle, but requires work.  The fingers are held in standard postion, and the shoulders are bown, not shrugged up to the ears.  The shoulders are held back, and the neck is long.  It works as corner time, but leads the sissy into a more feminine posture.  Any other suggestions?
It certainly looks like it would add an element of difficulty/discomfort to corner time. Unlike being ordered to stand with "hands on head", in this pose there is no place to rest the arms! The way you describe the pose, it also adds a feminine element...
And why at just the arm positions. In ballet the feet also have positions, some of which are both difficult to hold and also require clenching of leg and bottom muscles that would be interesting is the bottom and thighs had received a spanking.
Also you could make them stand in uniform. Nothing more humiliating than a baby pink lycra leotard / tutu / skirted leotard with ballet tights!!

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